Woop woop! I’ve just released The Tudor Puzzle Book 2!

I’ve had a rather busy time recently, with bringing out On This Day in Tudor History II last month and now The Tudor Puzzle Book 2! Life has been rather manic. Thank you for bearing with me and for your continued encouragement and support.

Here is the blurb for The Tudor Puzzle Book 2:

Get those little grey cells working with these fun and fiendishly tricky word search puzzles and crosswords, testing your knowledge of Tudor history.

  • How many ingredients did the Christmas minced pie contain?
  • This secretary to Mary, Queen of Scots, was stabbed to death by men led by Lord Darnley in March 1566.
  • Elizabeth I called this man her “mouton”.
  • This poor Tudor man’s ghost has to cross 12 bridges before cockcrow once a year.
  • This God-sent weather was said to have helped save England from the Spanish Armada in 1588.
  • According to the Prince Tudor Theory, Elizabeth I had an illegitimate son, Henry Wriothesley, with this man.
  • This woman was rumoured to have given birth to Henry VIII’s baby in 1541.

The Tudor Puzzle Book 2 has sixty word searches and crossword puzzles, so more than enough Tudor questions to keep any history buff happy.

Whether you’re new to Tudor history or have studied it for decades, this book will challenge your knowledge. It’s also a great resource for quizzing friends, family and students.

Find it on your country’s Amazon site at https://mybook.to/tudorpuzzlebook2

Publisher: MadeGlobal Publishing (October 12, 2022)
Paperback: 160 pages
ISBN-10:‎ 8412595327
ISBN-13: 978-8412595321

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