24 June 1509 – A joint coronation

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On this day in history, 24th June 1509, Midsummer’s Day and the Feast of St John the Baptist, King Henry VIII and his queen consort, Catherine of Aragon, were crowned at Westminster Abbey, in London, by William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury.

Henry VIII had become king on the death of his father, Henry VII, on 21st April 1509, and he had married Catherine of Aragon, daughter of Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon, on 11th June 1509. Catherine was the widow of Henry’s brother, Arthur, Prince of Wales, who had died in April 1502.

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23 June 1509 – The coronation procession of King Henry VIII and Queen Catherine

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On this day in history, Saturday 23rd June, the eve of their joint coronation, King Henry VIII and his queen consort, Catherine of Aragon, processed through the streets of London, from the Tower of London to Westminster in preparation for the coronation at Westminster Abbey.

Chronicler Edward Hall gives the following account of the procession (I have modernised the spelling):

“And the morrow following, being Saturday, the 23rd day of the said month, his grace with the Queen, departed from the Tower, through the City of London, against whose coming, the streets where his grace should pass, were hanged with tapestry, and cloth of arras. And the great part of the south side of Cheap, with cloth of gold, and some part of Cornhill also. And the streets railed and barred, on the one side, from over against Gracechurch, unto Bread Street, in Cheapside, where every occupation stood, in their liveries in order, beginning with base and mean occupations, and so ascending to the worshipful crafts: highest and lastly stood the mayor with the aldermen. The goldsmiths’ stalls, unto the end of the Old Change, being replenished with Virgins in white, with branches of white wax: the priests and clerks, in rich copes, with crosses and censers of silver, with censing his grace and the queen also as they passed.


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