Henry VIII is Alive – Comedy

Well, he's not really, but the BBC have done some brilliant comedy sketches with the wonderful Brian Blessed playing the part of Henry VIII. The BBC say of these sketches:- "The Tudor king is alive & well, and living in a suburban semi with his long-suffering sixth wife Catherine Parr. He has embraced modern technology and lives his life online - insulting the King of France on Facebook, surfing for honeys, and blocking the Pope on Twitter. Very much the modern man - he likes Top Gear, Kings of Leon & Sunday roasts, he dislikes Michael Buble, I.T. helpdesks & Lily Allen's manager. These clips offer an insight into what happens when a 16th century king meets 21st century suburbia. Eat your heart out David Starkey here's the real thing!" Update 2016: The BBC have removed these clips from their website now but here are two from YouTube: https://youtu.be/D2T_7wS-8Wc https://youtu.be/1eLeSIhs5sE