Well, he’s not really, but the BBC have done some brilliant comedy sketches with the wonderful Brian Blessed playing the part of Henry VIII.

The BBC say of these sketches:-

“The Tudor king is alive & well, and living in a suburban semi with his long-suffering sixth wife Catherine Parr. He has embraced modern technology and lives his life online – insulting the King of France on Facebook, surfing for honeys, and blocking the Pope on Twitter. Very much the modern man – he likes Top Gear, Kings of Leon & Sunday roasts, he dislikes Michael Buble, I.T. helpdesks & Lily Allen’s manager. These clips offer an insight into what happens when a 16th century king meets 21st century suburbia. Eat your heart out David Starkey here’s the real thing!”

Update 2016: The BBC have removed these clips from their website now but here are two from YouTube: