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Here are the questions people have already asked:

1. When was Anne Boleyn born?

2. What was written on the sword? - Shirley

3. Did Anne Boleyn truly love Henry VIII?

4. What was Anne's relationship with Elizabeth like?

5. Why did Anne Boleyn choose the motto "The Most Happy"? - Brittany

6. Did Anne and George commit incest? - Loueezee

7. Did Henry ever speak of Anne after her death, or miss her in any way?

8. How could Henry go from love to hate?

9. Was Anne Boleyn really the most influential queen consort? - Bec

10. Did Henry VIII father Mary Boleyn's children? - Marie

11. What was the age difference between Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII?

12. Any records of where the court stayed during Anne's time?

13. Where did Anne Boleyn's B necklace go?

14. What are the best Anne Boleyn books?

15. Did Anne Boleyn have another motto or just "The Most Happy"?

16. Did Elizabeth ever mention Anne and what she thought of her? GA

17. Why didn't Mary and Elizabeth upgrade their mothers' final resting places? GA

18. Elizabeth and Mary's feelings towards each each other? GA

19. Did Jane Rochford admit to lying? Lourdes

20. Was Jane Rochford insane when she was executed? Lourdes

21. Are there any drawings left of Jane and George Boleyn? Lourdes

22. Was Jane Rochford forced to lie? Lourdes

23. Possible reasons for Anne Boleyn's miscarriages?

24. Did Anne Boleyn marry Henry Percy in secret?

25. Was Anne nice? Julia

26. Did Anne's family push her into the marriage?

27. What was sweating sickness? Su

28. What did Catherine of Aragon die of? Su

29. what colour were Henry's eyes?

30. Where can I find more info on Henry VII on this site?

31. Did Anne Boleyn really want to breastfeed her daughter?

32. Why was the swordsman ordered before Anne's trial?

33. What is the most accurate portrait of Anne Boleyn?

34. Did Anne and Lady Rochford get on? Nicki

35. What sort of accent did Anne Boleyn have?

36. Did Anne boleyn really have six fingers?

37. Did Anne Boleyn wear a farthingale?

38. How old was Catherine Howard when she married Henry VIII?

39. Did Anne love Henry?

40. What would have become of Anne if she had given birth to a son?

41. How could henry not want anything to do with Elizabeth?

42. What about the allegation by the writer of The Other Boleyn Girl, Philippa Gregory, that Anne Boleyn was definitely guilty of at least one murder?

43. I just want to tell you that I absolutely love your website! I wanted to ask about the lover's knot necklace. Is it something Henry gave to Anne or is it a representation of something?

44. Do you feel that Catherine of Aragon would have taken the same actions as Mary I did and kill the protestants?

45. Ich habe vor kurzem gelesen das Elisabeth Howard, die mutter anne boleyns, eine Hofdame bei elisabeth von York und später bei Katharina von Aragon gewesen sein soll. Es wurde auch spekuliert ob sie mit Heinrich dem VIII. eine Affaire hatte und Anne Boleyn möglicherweise vielleicht sogar eine uneheliche Tochter von Heinrich VIII. gewesen sei. Ich wollte jetzt mal nachfragen ob da was dran ist, da ich das zum ersten mal so gelesen habe?

46. was geschah mit Anne Boleyns B-Halskette? Ich habe bei Tudor-Wiki gelesen das sie wohl an ELisabeth I weitergegeben worden sein muss und sie sie in umgearbeiteter Form in dem Portrait als junges Mädchen trägt? Gibt es dazu irgendwelche Quellen?

47. I read somewhere that Queen Mary dug up and burned her fathers bones saying to the priest "tonight father we are burning a heretic". Does anyone know if this is just a myth or if it actually happened? Where is Henry VIII resting place today?

48. Was Mary Boleyn ever allowed to visit Elizabeth after Anne was executed?

49. Why was Catherine Howard not beheaded with a sword, like Anne Boleyn ?

50. What movie or TV series do you believe most accurately portrays Elizabeth I ? Anne Boleyn ?

51. Why was Anne Boleyn so mean?

52. If Henry the 8th had syphilis, why didn't Mary Boleyn have the same problem?

53. Was Henry Percy ever divorced on the grounds that he was pre-contracted with Anne?

54. Does anyone know where I can get a reproduction of the painting in Weir's new book by Gustaff Wappers entitled "Anne Boleyn says a final farewell to her daughter, Princess Elizabeth"?

55. Is there a painting or drawing of Anne from the time she was alive?

56. Why was Anne so cold to her sister Mary?I've heard all over that she was always mean to her sister but nice to her brother. I don't get it.

57. Were Anne Boleyn and Mary Boleyn close friends/sisters?

58. Do you think the Boleyns forced both Mary and Anne to be with the King?

59. Why do you think that Henry VIII had an immediate dislike for Anne of Cleves?

60. More to do with one of the mother's of The Tudor Dynasty, I was always curious what Elizabeth Woodville's motto was?

61. What were Anne's religious beliefs? How would they be classified today?

62. Don't you wish you could time travel so you could meet Anne, Henry, Mary and Elizabeth? I sure do.

63. Did Anne Boleyn have dark brown, light brown, or black hair?

64. Are there any surviving relatives of Anne Boleyn today or has her bloodline ended? Rich Jones

65. Who leaves the flowers on Anne's grave every May 19th and when did this start? Obviously a huge Anne Boleyn fan!! Rich Jones

66. Was King Henry really Anne's father?

67. Wouldn't it of been weird for Catherine of Aragon to marry her husband's brother?

68. What was the problem Henry's leg?

69. Is it known if Anne Boleyn ever met her cousin Katherine Howard?

70. why did anne get the title,"marquis of pembroke" from king henry the 8th?

71. Do you know what Anne Boleyn's favorite color was? Thank you.

72. Allegedly, Annes heart was torn out after execution & Henry secretly kept it in a heart-shaped casket in a church alcove in Suffolk. Is this true?

73. Why do we hear so little about Anne Boleyn's mother? What happened to her mother and father (Thomas Boleyn) after Anne was executed? Is it true that Thomas Boleyn tried to save his own life by betraying Anne (by agreeing to her execution)?

74. Who was the lady Boleyn in the Tower with Anne whom she did not like?

75. Where is Mary Boleyn buried? Are there any of the Tudors graves that you can visit today? What about Henry's burial place and the rest of his wives? Also are there any of Anne's family buried at Hever? Thanks, I love your site!

76. Is there any truth in the scenes of execution of Catherine Howard and Thomas Cromwell from "The Tudors", namely with regard to Catherine "losing it" and wetting herself and Cromwell being beheaded by a drunk executioner with many chops? Thanks! - Laura (a big fan from Bulgaria of your website, Anne Boleyn and English history).

77. I've always wondered, do you think Henry the VIII would be proud of Elizabeth if he knew how great of a ruler she became? Or do you believe he would be infuriated that she refused to marry and therefore ended the tudor dynasty?

78. What was really said between Henry and Anne (who was carrying Elizabeth) in the very end?

79. Does Anyone know if there are any portraits or paintings of Thomas Culpepper? I've search and havent found one on him or his brother.

80. I'd like to know the names of the people in the Jury that judged Anne Boleyn, apart from Percy and her own uncle, Howard. Thank you. Mariella Moretti, from Italy

81. Why do you think that Jane Rochford would assist Catherine Howard in committing adultery? She knew Henry's wrath and that she might be implicated.

82. Is there any way to know Mary Boleyn's hair color/eye color? In the other boleyn girl book phillipa describes it as golden brown and grey eyes...

83. Why did Anne take guardianship of her sister's son, said to be fathered by Henry and was Mary happy with it?

84. Did Anne Boleyn ever live or stay in Suffolk, England?

85. What kind of relationship did Anne Boleyn have with her mother?

86. Does anyone agree with me that the very best book on Anne was written by Marie Louise Bruce. In my opinion it's better than anything even by Alison Weir !

87. Could someone who speaks Latin please give my the translation of Anne's motto, 'The Most Happy'? Thank you

88. Claire, I recently read that the present Queen Elizabeth II was once asked to have the bones of Henry VIII examined to find out the "real" cause of his death, but she refused. Why do you think that is? Wouldn't it help put to rest that he died of blood poisoning or syphilis, which some historians can't seem to agree to? (Maybe she just wants the big tyrant to "rest in peace"?)

89. Is there any known reasoning why Henry did not arrange a marriage for his daughter, Mary?

90. I noticed a post about elizabeth wearing an "a" necklace in the "family" mural,I think the picture of elizabeth in the pink dress where she holds a book may also be an "a" what do you think? have you seen this one in person?

91. In "The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn" Eric Ives mentions that Queen Claude's appearance "bordered on deformity". I couldn't find any mention of her appearance being odd online and the portrait of her by Jean Clouet appears normal to me. Can anyone explain? Thanks!

92. What was Anne Boleyn's relationship like with her ladies in waiting? Was she strict and mean with them or was she more like friends with them?

93. In reading about the exhumation of Anne Boleyn's remains from the area of the chancel that needed restoration, I am left to wonder if there was any indication of her beheading to be found among the bones of her head and neck? It would seem to me to aid immensely in identifying the remains.

94. Why did Mary Tudor (King Henry the 8ths daughter) have her cousin Lady/Queen Jane Grey executed? Why did she not let her go for Lady Jane Grey was said to say that she never wanted the crown in the first place, so why did Mary do it?

95. Was Anne Boleyn the first queen who was publicly executed?

96. Anne locked horns with Cromwell over the dissolution of the monasteries and this became a very public battle. Her almoner, John Skip, gave a disapproving sermon in the King's chapel ('Which among you accuses me of sin?'), followed by another critical sermon, instigated by Anne, by Hugh Latimer. However, according to her gaoler in the Tower, Sir William Kingston, Anne is said to have blamed Chapuys, or else credited her own bad treatment of Mary, for her fate. She doesn't appear to have mentioned Cromwell, let alone cite him as the chief cause of her downfall. Does anybody have an opinion, or further information, about this?

97. Once I read that King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn engraved their initials into a tree somewhere near Greenwich, so my question is if you believe there to be any truth about this?

98. Did Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard ever meet?

99. I'm a firm believer that Anne Boleyn was beautiful woman, i can't imagine her being ugly. Do you think Anne could've been very beautiful?

100. Did Queen Anne Boleyn have really over 60 maids-of-honour ?

101. How did Thomas Boleyn live after the death of Anne since the King took away his titles and purse? He lived 3 more years after Anne but how did he survive? Where did he live, with his daughter Mary and did he see her again?

102. HI, I would like to know more about sex in Tudor times, I have read that women were to lie still and were not supposed to have pleasure. I have also read that men were encourged to bring their wives to orgasm because it was thought that it was important because it made conception an easier task. Also no sex during preganancy? Were the men expected to take a mistress because making love with their wives was only to concieve a child? I really enjoy this site!

103. Claire, 1)Do you think that Anne Boleyn would have been "Most Happy" if she had married Henry Percy? 2)Even if she had married Henry Percy and was frequent at Henry's court; do you think Henry Tudor would have chased her to be his mistress?

104. Did Anne Boleyn read Tarot cards as portrayed in "The Other Boleyn Girl" film?

105. Is is true that Mary Boleyn never saw or went to visit her sister and brother while they were held in the tower? And is it also true that Anne's niece Catherine witnessed her execution?

106. Was Anne Boleyn's father a very mean man and by that I mean did he do things that led people to their deaths besides his son and daughter (or at least contributing to their deaths in some way)?

107. What do you think about the wax figure of Anne Boleyn at Madame Tussaud's in London?

108. Why Cromwell has he not simply left divorced Henri VIII of Anne Boleyn instead of accusing her of adultery?

109. Hi Claire, Just like you I remain endlessly fascinated by Anne Boleyn. I often wonder what it is about this woman that keeps women like you and me so interested in her almost 500 years after her death. I check your site almost daily and most of my questions have been answered here. A little while back I was making sugarwax and then I started wondering if women had any way of hair removal during tudor times. Would Anne have waxed her legs and other parts of her body? Also, I was wondering if women used any form of make-up back then. Love your site! Silvija

110. What are the best (and complex) questions to ask about anne boleyn or her effect on England?

111. Hi guys, this is my first time posting but I have loved this site for ages!!! I have a couple of questions actually, the first two pertaining to DNA. No, this isn't the question of should we or shouldn't we remove the body of Anne and yada yada. Instead it's a what IF senerio on a couple of things ... First, IF the body (or what we think is the body) was removed and tested what would we compare it with? There are no direct decendents of Anne so would we compare it to direct decendents of her sister Mary? Or is that so "watered down" now that it wouldn't show anything? And if it showed something how accurate would it be compared to the direct DNA testing they do today? I just don't get the science portion of it. Also on the DNA note, Mary's Carey children of course are often thought of to be Henry's children. Is there a way to test this (like above) with living decendents of the Carey children and living decendents of Henry's sisters? Lastly, why on earth can't there be a royal pardon on Anne's behalf? I was reading the actualy Royal Government site the other day and right on there is says she was falsely accused/charged!! Why state it but not back it up with what she deserves, justice?!!?

112. In your opinion, why Anne of Cleves never re-married after the annulment of her marriage to Henry VIII? Is it true that as former wife to the king she was not allowed to marry? Or is the truth the fact that by re-marrying she would loose the pension Henry VIII had bestowed on her?

113. Are there any reports respecting William Askew and his daughter, Anne (ie family relations, religious disputes)?

114. What was the duke of suffolks view of anne boleyn? Are there any letters from him that talk about her?

115. Are there any surviving Tudor gowns or men's clothing? For Italian Renaissance Fashion, Elenor of Toledo's burial gown and one of her red dresses are in museums, but I have seen nothing else.

116. Did Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn ever make a visit to west country as far as Pendennis/St. Mawes Castles for inspection and discuss a Castle for Gillingvase to the west of Pendennis?

117. did anne ever vist the north east of england ?? x

118. Everyone acknowledges that Anne had foreign allure, could play instruments and sing. She had all the requisite accomplishments to be fascinating. Yet, although she returned to England in 1524, Henry did not "notice" her till 1526. Is it possible that Anne returned from France to be a maid to Mary Tudor, the French Queen? She had all the trappings of a Queen, although her marriage to Charles Brandon lowered her, she kept maids and a court. (Anne, fresh from France would have all the latest gossip.) Mary lived at the Brandon Estates, but came to court often. When Anne was noticed by Henry, she must have been new to the English court to make such an impression. How else could Anne have escaped earlier notice?

119. Hi. Do we know the name of Anne's executioner? If so which source does it come from. Thank you!

120. There are theories that in order to give King Henry VIII a child, Anne practiced witchcraft and/or slept with her brother George. Is there any proof of this? There are also theories that George and a few others at court were homosexual but were not allowed to show it because of what would happen to them. Is there any proof of that either, or are these just vaguely imagined scandals?

121. Why didn't they use Henry VIII's real life best friend and confidant Sir Anthony Denny in the show? He was best man at most of his weddings, Anthony's son Edward was named after Henry's son Edward who was also Edward Denny's godfather. Sir Anthony was given the use of the Windsor crest in the 1st and 4th quadrants of his crest. He was also given full rights to rule as Henry was on his death bed. Sir Edward Denny wasn't even noted in the Elizabeth movies. He was best friends with Sir Walter Raleigh and they pirated together. Edward married a cousin of Anne's. (They are my ancestors)

122. Do you think that Anne Boleyn was Henry's true love rather then Jane Seymour? Of course he loved her because she gave him the son he wanted but do you think he only loved Jane because of this? Thanks, Rianne

123. I just love toying with ideas of what if, but what do you think would have happened if Anne had indeed produced a son? What may he have looked like? How would the whole course of history change? And what of Jane Seymour, just another mistress? Thanks for listening!

124. hi i have three questions ! Q1.After annes death , henry totally denied that Elizabeth was his daughter and wouldnt even pay to look after her , so how come Jane Seymore managed to get her back to court and into favour and more importantly back in line for the throne ? Q.2 I have read many books on anne boleyn and all of them tell different stories , which author in your opinon is closest to what actually happen? Q.3 Is it true that Elizabeth was left some of Anne Boleyns things eg dresses , shoes ,keepsakes?

125. My ancestor, Captain Sylvester Salisbury, brought to New York colony about 1675, a portrait said to be a Holbein of Anne Boleyn. The painting is known to have hung in the Salisbury family home until at least the early 1900s. Do you know anything about this painting and/or its authenticity?

126. In the tudors season 1 (don't remember which episode) Anne,Henry and wolsey are eating together and Anne mouths something to henry and i wasn't able to tell what it was. Do you know?

127. What did a typical day for Anne Boleyn look like when she queen? What were her responsibilities? What did she do with her time? Did she go to mass, hunt, read, dance, have meetings, attend banquets?

128. What is your opinion of Mary I altogether? Please answer A.S.A.P if you can!

129. In the Tudors it is suggested to Catherine of Aragon to join the nunnery so that she can "choose" to annul the marriage for the Church. Why did Anne not choose this as a way to avoid execution?

130. Do you think the Tudors Anne is an exceptional Anne? Like do'ya think they presented and showed her right. I want a resource that has Anne as right as can be. Do you understand what i'm saying?

131. Is the helmet that hangs above the grave of Sir Charles Brandon really his helmet that he wore during his lifetime?

132. Claire, In watching "The Tudors" once again it is stated in the series that Mary Tudor married the king of I wrong in thinking that Mary married King Louis XII of France on March 18, 1495. It was while she was in France after the king's death that she secretly married Charles Brandon. Could you help me with this.....

133. Firstly, I absolutely love the site and find it profoundly useful in satisfying the hunger for historical knowledge, well done! Where could I find a good quality, but reasonably priced replica of the "B" necklace of Anne Boleyn and why do you think she is the most celebrated of all of Henry's wives?

134. You once wrote that you enjoyed the Tudor espisodes on HBO. I have only watched two shows but will watch it in its entirity soon. It seems that Henry VIII never ages in the series and when he is with Anne Howard he isn't the discusting man with the sour smell and bad leg. In reading Phillipe's books and watching the series the six wives of Henry the VIII it was a wonderful job as Henry aged in proportion to his wives. I love your website and look forward to getting a new stories to read...thank you for all your time and commitment.

135. I couldn't imagine being Anne and someone telling you your accused of adultery with friends and then your brother. How did you think Anne would've reacted? Oh!& i love your site the most out of all the Anne Fansites. -Mya

136. If Anne boleyn was born in 1509, she would still have a few more years of childbearing before she was considered infertile. What i'm getting at is why would Henry execute her even if she had committed a treason that was never proved, if maybe, just maybe, she could eventually give birth to the son Henry yearned for?

137. Hi, love the site. Okay, Would anyone seem to know, why Anne is the most celebrated wife? Why not for a change they focus on one of the other wives. It seems to me that Anne Boleyn, Kathryn Howard and Katherine Parr are the most celebrated. So why aren't Jane Seymour, Catherine of Aragon and Anna of Cleves celebrated enough. Sure Anne was known as the infamous second wife, but would it kill the Historians to change veiw every once in a while?

138. Was Anne Boleyn blindfolded or not? And did the executioner really try and distract her by saying " Boy! where is my sword?"

139. I'm doing some projects on the six wives and i was wondering if there was really any signifigance to why Henry VIII married Katherine Parr. I mean he was an old man by then, so what was it about her that made him want to marry her?

140. What was the season of lent exactly? And why couldn't the queen and king be intimate?

141. Claire, Have you ever read A Lady Raised High: A Novel of Anne Boleyn by: Laurien Gardner? If so, is it good or worth reading?

142. I don't know if this has been asked or not but I am curious to find out if anyone knew what Anne Boleyn wore on the day of her Execution. And if you have any evidence (writings,drawings,etc) of it? Thanks very much for any input.

143. My question regards George Boleyn. In the series, The Tudors, they touch on the possibility that Anne's brother was gay.....Is there any proof that this was the case...I have found nothing to back up this indication....?? Although, the Boleyn's were a highly disfunctional family and nothing would surprise me.

144. My many great Grandmother was Anne of Denmark, wife of King James I of England....would this, do you think link me with Mary, Queen of Scots and maybe even related to the Tudors through King Henry's sister Margaret....??

145. Did King Henry the 8th, Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Charles Brandon & and everybody else have any pets such as dogs or cats?

146. Which portrait is most probably Anne Boleyn? I heard that the only definite one was on a coin made in honour of her. But that picture is half scratched and looks nothing like the usual portrait of her. Also there is a picture of her in a gable hood. But I personally think that it looks more like Mary Boleyn than Anne. So which is actually her?

147. I love your website. I could every minute of everyday on it. 🙂 I'm very interested in how tudor woman would wear their hair?

148. I'm doing a project about the Famous women in History and Anne is among one of those I'm going to portray...But to actually show that she is Queen Of England,I would like her to have a crown but there is no representation of Anne with a crown (at least to me knowledge ),she is always portrayed with her French Hood or English Hood . So,is there any crown that Anne might have worn,a description of a crown she wore or a Crown worn by Natalie Dormer in The Tudors that would be close to what Anne would have worn ? Thank you in advance,Claire 🙂

149. For some reason i've always imagined Anne Boleyn looking like this :,r:17,s:73&tx=84&ty=94

150. I've watched the Tudors, on disc. I wanted to know wether or not Jane Seymour was able to place Princess Mary back in line to the throne? Everything i've read does not give me enough to figure it out.

151. what is the name the book in which anne boleyn becomes a vampire where can you buy it?

152. In "Anne of the Thousand Days" Henry goes to visit Anne at the Tower. I know that is not documented however is there the possibility that it could have happened?

153. Why did Elizabeth 1 begin to wear wigs and when did she start wearing them?

154. Did Henry VIII either have his own horse or a favourite?

155. Do we know anything about Anne Boleyn's Ladies in Waiting? Were any of them with her throughout i.e. from Hever Castle until her last day in the Tower of London? I need to know as I am thinking of trying to write a short story. Thanks.

156. Hello Claire, Your website is very interesting, I could spend months on all this information. I liked the biographies of Mary & Margaret Tudor in particular. But my question is, since I ain't sure about this, did Sir Francis (with the eyepatch as portrayed in the Tudors season 3) really existed? Was it his idea to bring Catherine Howard to court to interest the king? And was he a spy? Thank you.

157. I absolutly love this website and am on it nearly every day, I too am very interested in the tudors and mostly anne boleyn, I was wondering if you knew how often they bathed and what with? Also did they have there clothes washed and use perfume? Cause without the luxuries we have today I could imagine that they were all quite smelly.

158. I have had many people tell me that Anne Boleyn stayed for a very short period at Tresungers Farm, please can someone confirm this.

159. When Anne Boleyn was crowned Queen was she seated in the "Coronation Chair"? I saw the chair at the abbey but when you read the names of people who have been seated there, she is not included. Neither is Catherine of Aragon who I also believe was crowned Queen by Henry.

160. I read somewhere that the Victorians were obssessed with the Tudors and that their views of the six wives have strongly influenced what we believe about them today. Do you know where I can get more information on what the Victorians thought of Elizabeth and Anne Boleyn in particular?

161. How did Anne Boleyn treat Jane Seymour? I've read that she wanted Jane out of court but are there any known accounts of her being cruel to and/or confronting Jane?

162. What do you think of the book "Royal Intrigue" by Jean Plaidy?

163. Hi Everyone, I've been looking for more information about Queen Jane Seymour. I know that she died at Hampton Court Palace on October 24, 1537 in the same room she gave birth to Prince Edward in. Does anyone know if this room is still in existence at the Palace and if so is it open to the public?

164. Most historical fiction novels seem to portray George as hating Jane Parker, is there any real evidence that he detested his wife so much? Did his affections belong to another woman? Or did he just lose interest in her (assuming he had any to begin with)?

165. I need some help. I've been trying to put a hold on some of the Tudor History books that i've found online. But i'm not able to borrow them or put a hold on them through the state library of tasmania. is there another place or way i can get them so i can continue my studies

166. Could we blame Anne for the reformation of England?

167. Hello Claire, I am here to ask another what if question. I was wondering recently (after reading Weir's Children of Henry VIII) how do you imagine England would have faired had Edward not died so young, or if he had married and had children. Or even if he had died after Mary had, would the crown still have gone to Jane or would he have agreed to make Elizabeth his heir. Also, in your opinion, what are the best books to look at for more on Edward? thanks again!

168. Well, I most think of it the whole time: How is it possible that after Jane Seymour no Queen was pregnant again?. I think that Cath.Howard was young enough to get a child and Cath.Parr was almost immediately pregnant from Seymour so did Henry have sex with them or was it the truth what Anne Boleyn said about him that he could not setisfy a woman?

169. Would anyone be willing to tell me which specific debts George Boleyn was preoccupied with during his time in prison?

170. What is the direct relationship betwee anne boleyn and politics issues?

171. Did Henry ever really hit Cromwell?

172. I just finished reading "The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn" by Eric Ives and there's a sentence that annoys me a little,p359: "There the clothes were removed-the Tower claimed its perquisites even from a queen" . I don't really understand why Anne's clothes were removed ? But also if the Tower claimed them as "perquisites",what did they do of Anne's clothes,did they keep them or destroyed them ? Sorry if my questions appears quite trivial and morbid but I can't imagine a Queen being buried without clothes but also without proper burial,it's just so disrespectful !

173. Was Anne's relationship with her sister Mary built on rivalry as it is clearly stated in books about their lives? Thanks a heap!

174. Hi! does anoyone know where I can get the sheet music to "Jane Seymours theme"?

175. This question is a bit strange, is there any information about women's menstrual hygiene during Tudors times? Were they considered "unclean" during their menstual cycle?

176. Which is the influence of anne boleyn in literature?

177. I think i know the answer to this already but isn't it wrong that Henry could cheat all he wanted and when rumors of Anne cheating started...she ended up beheaded? I understand things were different then but it's very unfair.

178. Why didn't Henry spend more time and effort solidifying marriages for Mary & Elizabeth? Also, why did Henry exclude his sister Margaret's heirs for succession? and why didn't Elizabeth follow his wishes?

179. what would maids of honor and ladies in waiting have worn? did they have a "uniform" of sorts?

180. Did Elizabeth I ever visit her mother`s grave?

181. What is actualy known of anne boleyn`s parents after the execution of george and anne?

182. thanks for such a wonderful site! do you happen to know if the quote "god provided for her corpse sacred a place even as it were consecrate to innocence" comes from wyatt the elder, or his grandson george? i think it's in norah lofts book, where she suggests the possibility that the burial at salle church might actually be true.

183. How come Lady Rochford never told Katherine Howard some of the consequences of being in an affair? Did she want to see Katherine fall?

184. Hi all. I'm trying to make a replica dress from the famouse Anne Boleyn portrait, but wondered if anyone could help me figure out what the red/black decoration is aaround the neckline of her dress?

185. Is every historian absolutely sure that Anne of Cleves death is unknown?

186. Hello ! I have to tell you how much I enjoy your website. I have been fascinated and obsessed with the Tudor Dynasty, and life in the 15th/16th centuries, for years now. Your site has answered so many wonderful questions that I have aways had. I do have a few more to ask you, though...first one is this...Did Elizabeth have any bitterness towards Henry for the cruel and unfair death of her mother?--or did she believe her mother was guilty as charged. Second...I am very curious about Tudor hygiene. I am wondering how they cared for there teeth. I am assuming that their breath must have been horrible in those times....and who wants to smooch with a King who must have had an frowzy mouth? LOL

187. If I am fascinated with the Tudor dynasty and planning a trip to England, what are some "must-sees" on put on my itinerary?

188. Do you believe Henry really had an unclear conscience over his marriage to Catherine of Aragon or was that just an excuse to marry Anne and obtain a male heir?

189. Claire, have you read all the "Letters and Papers" of Henry's era that can be found online? If not, there could be something we miss.. I am hoping for a birthday present for Anne listed there, so that we can learn when she was born. Thank you for your answer!!

190. I am curious about the reaction of the people when Jane Seymour was declared a queen. Did anyone dispute her right to the throne or she was instantly given a great amount of respect? It looks like Jane had it easy (except for the part of her dying at childbirth). Anne had to wait so long, accept the fact that the present majority at the court regarded her as an intruder, and after only 3 years of marriage, everything fell apart for her and her family.

191. What are good books about Anne's time on the Continent ? Factual books

192. hi a little while back you posted a website link of what happened to tudor costumes and where else they have been used i was wondering if you could repost the link as i would love to have another look also i think i spotted lady rochfords tiara from series 4 of the tudors on the chewitts advert!! thanks

193. Is it true that Anne gave alms to the people when she was headed to the scaffold?

194. Did Annes (wolseys) dog really bite the pope when wolse visited the vatican?

195. Do you find Natalie Dormer to be an accurate representation of Anne Boleyn in "The Tudors"?

196. When was Mary Boleyn born?

197. Is it true that King Henry the eighth was a sociopath and narcissistic?

198. Hey again! Thanks for answering my question about Henry. I read some where that Thomas Culpepper was a sociopath-is that true? Sorry with all the sociopath questions!

199. Is Elizabeth Norton's novel about Anne (Anne Boleyn : Henry VIII's obsession,i believe) any good? Truth and engaging wise?

200. Is it true there is a 1956 series called the White Falcon, that is about Anne Boleyn?

201. This may sound odd, but what does Anne's Quote about her "Little neck" mean? I've gone over it many times and tried to laugh at a joke i don't understand but i want to understand it. Help?...

202. Can you please specify (country, city) where is the court of Margaret of Austria where Anne served as a Maid of Honour?

203. It breaks my heart to think that Elizabeth knew so little about her mother. Is there any evidence that Anne left a letter for her daughter before she was executed? I know she asked Cranmer and one of her ladies (Kat) to watch over the child. Thanks for the Anne Boleyn Files. I just joined!

204. How many children did Henry VIII have including both legitimate and bastard children?

205. What did the wedding gowns of Anne Boleyn and the other wives look like?

206. Is it known if Henry VIII had sexual relationships with other women during the period 1527-1532? I know he was totally in love with Anne, but I guess he had to satisfy his needs with someone, right?

207. Lady Anne Elizabeth Boleyn (Nan Bullen)VISCOUNTESS ROCHFORD MARQUESS CONSORT ENGLAND, was my 10th Great Grand Aunt, her Brother, George Viscount Boleyn Earl of Rochford, was my 10th Great Grandfather, But i would like to know why did some of the "Bullen" Family change there name to "Boleyn" then back again to "Bullen" after the Tudor Age.

208. In your opinion how have perceptions and images of Anne Boleyn( and significant moments in her life) changed throughout history?

209. I found a picture of what is said to be a lock of Mary Tudor Brandon's hair in the Moyses' Hall Museum in Bury St. Edmond, Suffolk. Have you ever seen it or know of it? Is there evidence to prove it is actually a lock of her hair. If you like I can send you the photograph via email. Just let me know!

210. How do you believe Anne's 'historical image' has changed throughout history (both during her own time and throughout history) due to the personal bias of those who write about her?

211. In 'The Lady in the Tower', Alison Weir mentions that Anne 'had spoken rashly, even treasonously, overstepping the conventional bounds of courtly banter between queen and servant' (pg 8) - do you know who she had spoken to/what she said?

212. I just love your website & am so grateful to you for creating & maintaining it! My question is...given the fact that Henry annulled his marriage to Anne anyway, why didn't he just banish her to a nunnery instead of the horrible way in which she was treated?

213. Did Catherine of Aragon lie about her virginity? I mean theres records that say Arthur said he was in the 'midst of spain' etc etc. Maybe she didn't expect Henry to divorce her for that reason and because the lie was so great...maybe she convinced herself to keep lieing. Just a theroy.

214. Anne Boleyns wedding dress? Hi, I'm currently rewatching The Tudors (probably for the gazillionth time). I am currently on the first episode of the third season in which Henry has just married Jane and I noticed the dress she's wearing is a white dress, I know the costume in the show isn't factual but does anyone know what colour Anne Boleyns dress was? From what I know it was Queen Victoria who started the tradition of wearing a white dress on her wedding day?

215. I am currently reading up on Tudor times, I cannot find much on hygiene. I have only found (so far) that they would not bathe much due to the fact that it was a difficult and long process, and that they were scared of getting ill. Also that they used perfumes and oils to mask body odor. Getting to my question, what did they use to brush their teeth with and what did women use during their menstrual cycle (no undies)? Hope you can help:P Thank you Claire!

216. Is it possible that Anne Boleyn was secretly in love with Henry Norris? I am thinking of infidelity in mind, not body. Greetings from Viktoria, Denmark

217. Hello, Claire. These are my questions: 1) What is actually known of Anne Boleyn`s burial? How many stories are there related to this topic? Who gave the permission for her body to be buried in St. Peter ad Vincula, even after she was stripped of all her titles? Did her parents ever visit the final resting place of their children? 2) How come there are no reliable portraits of Anne Boleyn? We have Catherine Howard`s portrait, a queen also charged with treason and infidelity. Henry was really depressed after Catherine's death, but still I kind of think that he made more effort to remove traces of Anne's presence from court and his life.

218. Hello,Claire !I have two questions.1.Can you tell me what stones were mostly on Anne Boleyn's jewelery other than pearl ?2.What was Mary I's relationship like with Elizabeth I?Did Mary I hated her?

219. I cannot recall where I heard/read it, but I was curious about the statement saying that after Phillip had left England, Mary I would dream about his "bedroom skills" and often moan in her sleep. I was wondering if this was a fact or possibly a rumor started.

220. What do we actually know about Anne and George Boleyn's relationship? Full question: It is known that they were very close. But what did that closeness consist of? What did they do together and did they really spend so much time in each other's company? Did it really border on the inapropriate for that time and did Anne and George really looked suspicious to some people - and why? (just so everybody knows, I don't believe they commited incest and I admire them both greatly). Thank you for the wonderful website, huge fan!

221. Was Anne liked by the Frenchs ? I mean,as a Queen,she had pro-French politics and is known to have introduced French Fashion in England,but was she liked by the French and François Ier for example ? Also,was she mourned after her death in Europe ? Thanks in advance Claire 🙂

222. I am fascinated by your sight and from an early age have always had a deep interest and fascination with the tudors and history so your website is so stimmulating to read. I just wondered if there was any set type of beauty as there is in society today, and whether there were any recordings of the court having any self inflicted ilnisses such as eating disorders?

223. Was Anne Boleyns mother (Lady Elizabeth Howard) related to Catherine Howard(Henry VIII's 4th wife) or any of her family from Howard Castle in Yorkshire???

224. In which language did Anne Boleyn write letters to Henry? (Some of them seemed to be in French, but, did Henry know French?

225. Did Anne Boleyn breast-feed Elizabeth?

226. What are the facts about Anne Boleyn`s constitution (her height, shoe size, weight . . .)?

227. Where did Anne and Henry get married?

228. What was Anne Boleyns favourite book?

229. In my copy of Alison Weir's "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" it says Elizabeth of York and Margaret Beaufort "suggested that Katherine accustom herself to drink wine, as the water of England was not drinkable." My previous understanding was that everyone back then drank wine and beer because water was undrinkable... but did the royal family of Spain drink water?

230. Are there any stories about the burial ground of Anne Boleyn`s second and third child?

231. What would Anne Boleyn's attitude toward exploration have been ? Florida was discovered in 1513, opening up the North American continent. Also, how would it have affected her? I know it wouldn't really have directly affected her in England, but what about her years in France and her time in Mechelen ??? Thanks, your site rocks !!!

232. Hi claire! Another question! I know henry had an ulcer on his leg. I've read from difference accounts, that henrys leg never fully closed, staying open and infected. How did henry go so long with out getting ceptic?

233. What was the real relation of Edward VI and Lady Jane Gray? In fiction, they're often depicted as being in love or something of the sor, is there any truth in this?

234. Hi claire! I had a question not really pertaining to anne, but the tudor dynasty. My question is : Is it a safe assumption to think the seymour faction was snuffed out by henry and mary? Thomas, edward, jane ect?

235. I was wondering about a passage I found about Anne Boleyn and Henry, I found it in Spanish but nothing about it in English. Basically it speaks about how Henry sent a chair to be made that said, "the owner of this chair has right to a kiss of the lady that sits down here." It goes along to state, "He sat her down there and kissed her. Everyone stared shocked. What happened Next changed the course of England's history." the original quote is there. just scroll down a little! Thanks for your help!

236. Regarding the Victorian Team’s investigation, were there any photographs taken of the remains which were found – in particular the skeleton believed to be Anne’s and the fragments of the arrow chest?

237. Hi claire! I was just wondering, what did you work as before you started the files?

238. How far did Anne let Henry go before marriage?? I mean, I know they didn't have sex, but they must have been pretty intimate, with the" pretty dukkys" comment in Henry's letter.

239. Hello Claire! This question probably sounds silly, but do you think there will ever be the possibility that Anne and Catherine Howard's skulls could be carefully exhumed to perform a 3D scan in order to create a virtual reproduction of what they may have truly looked like? I think I read somewhere that they are very fragile and I was wondering if it would ever be a possibility, because it would be amazing to see what they truly looked like! Thank you for your time!

240. I first have to say I love this site. Anne has been a fascination for mine for many years. I am starting on my Masters in History and have tons of research papers to write. I am trying to spread my attention to other subjects, but Anne or Elizabeth always return. I read your latest post regarding the factual authors of these subjects. I am now worried about the information I am finding. How do I qualify a source? I am unable to travel to England and verify information, though I would dearly love to go. Where and how do I find the most reliable and helpful sources? Thank you for your site and your help. Peggy

241. What do you think would've happened if Catherine of Aragon had lived longer? As if to see (not literally) Anne's execution? Do you think she would have been happy? Do you think she would've expected Henry to return to her? Do you think things would've turned out differenly with his other wives, for example, would Jane seymour have become his next wife?

242. Why did you decide to study about Anne Boleyn and create this website about her? Why Anne Boleyn and not the other 5 wives?

243. I read somewhere that Anne somewhat knew her fate if she was to continue the path she was taking, do you think she knew she was going to be executed, and if so, was she ok with it, because she had changed england so much for the better and had supplied one heir to the throne? Do you think she felt like her work was complete? (Despite giving henry a child)

244. I'm sorry for all the questions, but just one more! When Anne was pregnant, Henry put a great deal of pressure for it to be a boy, did he do the same thing when Catherine of Aragon was pregnant? Did he write things before the child was born stating prince like he did Elizabeth? Thank you so much I love the site!! :):)

245. Who specifically were the ladies-in waiting who would have prepared Anne’s corpse? What happened to each of these ladies after Anne’s execution? Do we know who suggested / found the arrow chest? Was the use of the arrow chest as a coffin decided before or after Anne’s death? Would Anne have known prior to her death that there would be no coffin? Who would have been responsible for actually removing Anne’s head and body from the scaffold? Where would her body have been disrobed and prepared for interment? Also how would Anne have gone about choosing a dress for her execution which would equal correct worth as partial payment for the swordsman? Where were Elizabeth and Kat Ashley at the time of Anne’s execution?

246. Why didn't people like Anne?

247. Which inaccuracies did The Tudors have?

248. Do you think that Elizabeth Woodvylle(being a commoner and not royalty and marrying King Edward IV) was an inspiration to Anne Boleyn? Is there any known statements that Anne Boleyn made pertaining to Queen Elizabeth Woodvylle?

249. is this really a poem written by Anne Boleyn? And what do you think about this article:

250. Hi! What was the working situation of a girl/maid etc. in the tudor court?

251. I've found that many people don't consider Henry's reign to be a part of the renaissance, even though it occurred at the time. Why do you think that is?

252. What are the facts surrounding Queen Victoria and her devotion for the Tudors period? What was her opinion concerning Anne Boleyn?

253. Do you think Henry really believed Anne cheated on him and had her executed mainly because of blinding jealousy?

254. Does the ignorance of Henry viii and his wives bother you? It seems everyone is so quick to jump to conclusions. Just today, I read an article stating Annes's body was identified by her sixth finger, which we know is false. I've also read an article, stating Jane Seymour was accused of adultery and executed! Do you feel the need to correct these people or do you just let it roll off your back?

255. When Catherine his first wife pass away wad Henry n Anne upset. I read thhey wore yellow. In Spain that's what they did when a loved one passes away. Do you think or know that Henry felt agreat lost from her death? Jessica,

256. How fat was Henry the viii

257. I have recently read on a website about "Alternative Anne Boleyn"....a link from a post on this website.....that states "Ives also poignantly reports that King Henry kept, until his death, a tablet of gold bearing the monogram ‘HA’, set with small emeralds, pearls and one diamond." Is this confirmed? Or becuase it is Ives it is taken as well researched and fact? Becuase if it is fact I believe that says alot about how Henry truly felt about Anne...

258. Having read many letters and quotes from the Tudor period, I have been left wondering if people spoke in a very different way to us. Did they pronounce words that are spelt differently (to how we spell them) more like the way THEY spelt them? In films they are often 'well spoken' but in truth, would we acutally be able to understand someone from the Tudor period?

259. Hi Claire! Is it true that Henry VIII was the first king to make valentines day a holiday? Love your site with love//Ruth

260. What are the best fictional books about Anne?

261. Why is the plaque marking Anne's execution in the wrong spot?And where is the real spot?

262. This may be a silly question but did anyone know the swordsman of calais' true identity? I'm guessing not- since he was an executioner...

263. What was done with all of Henry's wive's belonging's ? Were they discarded or given away ?

264. did anne boleyn wear an engagement or wedding ring?

265. What was the principal residence and office of the British monarchs during Tudor dynasty?

266. why is anne boleyn not considered queen anne 1? was she queen when she died? just wondering because i was researching the monarchs of england and wondered why queen anne (sucessor of william & mary) is not considered queen anne ii? or is that only for kings?

267. What other languages along with French did Anne Boleyn speak? Did she knew Spanish?

268. What Tudor palaces did Anne stay at? Did she ever return to Hever Castle after her childhood, and was she fond of it?

269. Do you know what Anne's favourite Tudor palace was?

270. Do you think that history of England would be different today if Henry and Anne had stayed together and Anne hadn't been executed? How do you think Anne would have changed the history and culture if she had lived longer? I think if they had ruled togehter they could have done great things together for the country.

271. Hi! I was just wondering, which where the charges against Anne Boleyn (location, with whom Thx, love your website! // Joanna

272. Why didn't Henry just divorce Anne instead of executing her?

273. What was the age difference between Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn?

274. How long did the love affair between Henry and Mary Boleyn last?

275. Did Anne Boleyn and Bessie Blount ever meet? Why didn't Henry marry Bessie since it seems he was in love with her his whole life? And what do you presonally think, who was Henry's true love: Anne, Mary Boleyn or Bessie?

276. About what time would Anne wake up and go to bed on an average day? Did she ever see Henry during the day, and if so, when?

277. Is there any truth in the account of a live birth of a son Henry Duke of Cornwall in November 1534 to Anne Boleyn and that he lived for a few hours? I have read this on a few sites, but I was not aware that she had a son who was born alive? I thought all her babies were stillborn.

278. What kind of make up or cosmetics did the tudor women use?

279. Is it known if Henry kept any of Anne's (or his other wive's) belongings?

280. Did Henry cheat on Jane Seymour?

281. Did King Henry feel that he had failed as a king since all his marriages were rather short and ill-fatedand and because he had only one male heir?

282. Could you perhaps consider organizing these questions from old ones to new ones so it would be easier to see if your question has been answered? Thank you for your amazing website!

283. How was Jane Seymours fashion different from Anne's? Could you perhaps do an article about the fashion of that era?

284. What does the white falcon with the tudor rose symbolize?

285. What did Anne wear to her execution? Did she wear something red as I believe it was common for people who died as marthyrs to wear red?

286. Is there anything that Anne could have done to save her life? What do you think was Anne's biggest mistake?

287. How did Henry react to the letter (Titeld "To King from The Lady in Tower") he recieved from Anne Boleyn before her execution? Did the letter ever found it's way to Henry?

288. Greetings; Perhaps this is the wrong website to ask, but to anyone's knowledge is there a surviving signature of Henry VIII I might see...and if so where might it be found? Thank you, in advance Jeffrey Los Angeles

289. What is "Team Anne" and "Team Katherine" all about?

290. What do you think about Helena Bonham Carter as Anne Boleyn? I know the film "Henry VIII" made up a lot of scenes, but... Do you think the actress did a good job? Did she capture something of Anne's personality?

291. Hello! Do you have any information on Lady Salsbury? She was the last Tudor to bebeheaded by King Henry VIII. It seems that not only was she the last Tudor but she was in her eighties when she died. This mysterious person seems to have disappeared from Plantaganant history and I would like to know why. With warmest regards, Bradford Roberts

292. How long was Mary Boleyn Henry's mistress? Did the queen discovered it? Was Mary expulsed from Katherine's household after that?

293. How long did Anne stay in Tower before her execution?

294. Edmund Sheffield was George Boleyn's ward for a short period of time. Because George was constantly at court or on diplomatic missions, I assume the two interacted infrequently, perhaps not at all. Is it possible that the two were somewhat familiar with one another? Do we know anything about their relationship...if it even existed?

295. Which is the best Katherine Parr biography?

296. In The Boleyn Inheritance Philippa gregory says that Henry VIII was so desperate for divorce from Anne of Cleves that was proposed to accuse her of witchcraft but in the end he didn't need to do it and Anna was accused of nothing. The writer says that it's true and well documented. Is it true?

297. I have noticed that there are several biographies on Jane Grey: Alison Plowden's "Nine days a queen", Leanda de Lisle's "Sisters who would be Queen", Eric Ives's "Lady Jane Grey: a Tudor mistery" and Alison Weir's "Children of England". Which one would you recommend to someone who hasn't read anything on Jane and has a good level of English although is not mother tongue?

298. Which is the best biography on Kathryn Howard? Joanna Denny's or Lacey Baldwin Smith's?

299. Is it true that Anne Boleyn wanted to use the monasteries money to do charity and education? Thanks, Claire!

300. I bet Anne knew many powerful people from France and was liked by the French people. So my question is, why didn't anyone from France act to save Anne from being executed?

301. Was Anne aware that Mary Shelton was King Henry's mistress during their marriage?

302. Hi Claire, Did Anne Boleyn really find a book of prophecy in her room with Henry, Catherine, and Anne depicted with her head cut off? How creepy! Thanks!

303. Did William Tyndale have any influence in Anne's life?

304. Hi, I absolutely love your site, I'm on here every day! I hope you don't think my question is odd- but the dream you had about Anne Boleyn several years ago- what was it like? How did it feel? Was it very vivid? How did Anne speak? What was the vibe? Sorry for asking so many questions, I'm very curious to know!

305. What kind of impact did it have on Anne that King Henry and Mary Boleyn were madly in love before he met Anne? Do you think it bothered Anne? Or what about Mary? I mean it must have been strange that your former lover marries you sister. Why did the relationship of Henry and Mary come to an end in the first place? And do you think Mary and Henry shared any feelings of love after the break up?

306. Couldn't the mystery of Anne Boleyn's appearance be solved by studying her facial features from the paintings that are said to portrait her and by comparing those to her facial skeleton? I saw this documentary where they did the same thing to some Queen of Egypt.

307. Hey Claire... My question has to do with your books congrats on that wonderful job!!!! You stated that all Henry8th wives were r desended from Edward3rd. We know Anne n Catherine Howard are first cousins. I know you did research n believe it possible like I told you how me n my brother are searching our roots what we found pretty amazing. Can you explain in a way how they came from him I find it very interesting. Amazing how our bloodline really are. I'm American English so I don't get your type of info as quick. Two of his wives came from to different countries. So if u gotta way that's easy to explain it cause I know it would long to explain. I didn't read it all yet I just got it downloaded from kindle. So if u explain n ur book to make it easier. I high respect your work n I also like how you look at the picture in more then one way. So could them all be basic descent cousins? Thank you Claire.. P.S. I will send you n a private email the finding of my history.., bye QueenFletch82

308. I have always wanted to know more of Spain's perspective through Papal negotiations for divorce. They did very little to help Catherine and Mary afterall. Are their any good resources on this side of the equation?.

309. Which are the best fiction and non-fiction books about Jane Grey

310. Was Anne pregnant when she was beheaded?

311. Hi, love the site! I day dream about what i would have to do to prepare myself to go to tudor times if it was possible. If i would even last 10 mins in court. Society, including the king would find me very odd. What do you personally think one would have to learn/ dress to blend into tudor times/ court unoticed. I know i have my ideas. One i find humorus is i might have to dumb myslef down, you think? Thanks, and sorry for going on n on.

312. Was Anne of Cleves ugly?

313. Was Anne Boleyn ever married to a John Shelton or was there another Anne Boleyn that was? We have traced our background and believe that there is a connection with Anne, Just not so sure as how yet.

314. I recently watched an interestin document about the meeting of England's James I and Pocahontas. What do you think Anne would have tought about Pocahontas, who has been descibed to be an confident and smart woman who was well beyond their time just like Anne?

315. Were there crowds present at Anne Boleyn's trial and did they cheer and support her? I thought that she was generally unpopular with the common people but read that somewhere. Thanks!

316. Claire, your web site is wonderful. I check it daily for anything new and just recently purchased your book, The Fall of Anne Boleyn. It is fascinating! After Anne was executed, what became of her beautiful gowns and jewelry (i.e. personal effects)? Were they given away to ladies of the court or destroyed? This has puzzled me since she must have had exquisite gowns and jewels. I would love to know. Thank you.

317. Hi Claire, I was just searching for the Tudor Female costumes and cannot find them anymore on the site? Is there no longer an option of getting a custom made dress? Thanks

318. What is your opinion of the movie, "Anne of the Thousand Days?"

319. Who was present at Anne's execution? Was she executed within tower walls or outside? would common people have been allowed to watch?

320. where is the b necklace tthe one that anne boleyn actually wore

321. In the book, The other Boleyn girl, there is a scene where Anne gives Jane Seymour's father a stool as a gift so Jane will have her own seat (other than King Henry's lap) Did that really happen? huge fan of your website!

322. Did Jane Parker had something to do with Anne of Cleves' divorce?

323. Why was Anne barefoot at her coronation?

324. When Tudor queens and ladies were wearing caps/bonnets... Did she wear her hair down or in a net/coif?

325. Who was Mrs. Orchard? I read in Suzanna Dunn's "Queen of Subtleties" that she was with Anne Boleyn during her arrest. Is she a real character?

326. Did Mary of Scots try to kill Elizabeth I?

327. Can you please describe what sort of shoes Anne Boleyn and the ladies of her time would have worn,and if Anne dressed in the "French Fashion" then does that mean her shoes were different from the English type? Also could they(her shoes)have been jewel encrusted like her hoods and dress?

328. Is it known exactly why the tomb where Henry VIII and Jane Seymour were buried was deemed a good resting place for Charles I as well? I see no connection between the three that would lead me to believe there was a good reason why he was buried with them.

329. Why are some biographers claiming that the letter found in Cromwell`s possession, the one where Anne is pleading for her life, and the ones who were also accused for treason, is actually fake?

330. You didn't talk yet about the new wax figure of Anne at Hever Castle: what do you think of? It looks great, I think it may be a very close representation of the real Anne, maybe even closer than Tussaud's, with the exception of the legend of the sixth finger.

331. What was Anne's last meal? Thx / Hannah

332. Why Ausecret roses are also called Anne Boleyn roses?

333. How did Anne's political views different from Catherine's?

334. I have read something about Anne of Cleves wearing a wig when she met Henry... Is it true? Why she wore it? Thanks Claire, and congratulations for the website and the books!

335. Hello Claire. Is it known if Queen Anne Boleyn had her own fool? Thanks.

336. Good books on Elizabeth's youth before becoming queen?

337. I am wondering when Sarah Morris' next book will be out. "The Temps Viendre" was most outstanding!!

338. Is there any truth to the claim that the people witnessing Anne Boleyn's execution kneeled, with the exception of the Duke of Richmond and the Duke of Suffolk?

339. Alison Weir says "The executioner, I now know ... was sent for before Anne's trial, thus preempting the verdict". Is it true? Thanks, Claire!

340. Did Elizabeth I inherit the title of Marquess of Pembroke from Anne?

341. I have a couple of questions, but first I have to say THANK YOU for creating this website. I have been the odd kid and still to this day-grownup) fascinated with Tudor times and especially Anne. My first question: I know a lot of the movies don't show a lot of credence, but in "The Other Boleyn Girl", Mary pleads for Anne's life. She also takes Elizabeth and it is intimated that she raised Elizabeth. Is any of this true? Who did raise Elizabeth. My other question: In "The Six Wives of Henry VIII", there is a scene where Jane Seymour states that she knows Anne is innocent and that what Anne has been accused of is totally fabricated by Henry's men. Could this be true? Thank you again for giving me my Tudor fix Lori

342. Best Elizabeth Woodville fiction and nonfiction books? Thanks Claire, u rock!

343. Was it common for women to wear all black in the tudor times? Anne seems to be waering all black in most of her portraits.

344. Just wondering about your opinions on Elizabeth Norton's "Anne Boleyn - In Her Own Words'. Contemporary quotes of her are often cited in things I read about Anne, and I was just wondering if this book contains all or many existing records of her, and if you would recommend it? Thank you!!

345. Hello Claire. I'm a Tudor obsessed and I want desperately to read about Mary Boleyn. There are 2 books about her: Josephine Wilkinson's biography and Alison Weir's. Which one should I read? Thank you very much.

346. A good book about Henry's wives? I mean, not a biography of a single queen, but a book about this six marriages. Thanks!

347. What book would you recommend to someone who wants to learn the whole story of Tudor monarchs by reading only ONE book?

348. Is Antonia Fraser's "The wives of Henry VIII" a good book?

349. I want to read a book which tells the whole history of the Tudors, from Henry VII to Elizabeth I. i have found a lot of books of that kind on amazon, but I don't know which one could be the best. What do you recommend me?

350. How come there is no information of Anne Boleyn`s date of birth? Were there no parties held in her honor for her birthday, or some kind of ceremony?

351. This is a little odd...but what was the motto of 'Bloody' Mary I? I can't seem to find it anywhere! Thanks for the help 🙂

352. Could Henry Percy's death have been the result of depression over Anne's execution? I know he fainted at her trial while the guilty verdict was being delivered and due to the fact that his wife tried to divorce him because of an alleged pre-contract existing between the two, its easy to see that Henry Percy may very well have continued to love Anne even after their relationship ended. Do you think the emotional strain of her trial and execution may have taken its toll and contributed to his early demise?

353. Did Elizabeth I ever talk about her father? Though he was her father, I imagine there may have been bad blood between the two, considering Henry executed her mother. Did she ever comment on her parents' relationship?

354. I have a few questions concerning how legitimacy was determined during the Tudor Era. I know Elizabeth I was born September 7th, 1533, which means she would've been conceived in late November or early December of 1532. Although Henry and Anne may have been married upon their return from Calais, it's believed that the first ceremony was null and void due to the fact that Henry was still technically married to Catherine of Aragon at the time, and that's why there was a second marriage ceremony in January. Even despite this second ceremony, Thomas Cranmer didn't declare Henry's marriage to Catherine null and void until May 1533. That would mean Elizabeth was conceived before Henry and Anne were legitimately married. Could she technically be considered illegitimate because she was conceived out of wedlock, or does it not matter if she was conceived out of wedlock so long as her parents were married by the time she was born? Thanks in advance for your answer, I adore your site!

355. Is it true that Mary Boleyn returned from French Court due to her naughty behaviour?

356. hey Claire my name is pooja shah and i wanted to talk to you about the Tudor times . can i please have your email id?? please its really important!

357. Where can I find information about the Shelton's that were related to Ann Boleyn?? Thanks

358. Is it true that Anne Boleyn's maids when she was a prisoner in the Tower of London were rude to her?

359. Why was Elizabeth I's reign a "golden age"? Thank you

360. Did Anne Have a French accent or an English accent.? I'm not sure if anybody ask thw question already there so many. Thankyou , Your fan Jessica Fletche aka QueenFletc82

361. Hi! I'd like to read a readable and good biography of lady Margaret Beaufort, what would you recommend me? Also I'd like to know a bit more about Elizabeth Woodville and Elizabeth of York. Do you know good books on them? Thank you Claire!

362. Have any of Anne Boleyn's clothes survived?

363. Hello Claire, I am a huge Tudor fan and have always wondered why Anne was so hated. I don't believe she wanted to marry Henry but did so because like all women in the 16th century she did what the men in her life told her to do. She did not have the option and we all know what happened if you said "No" to Henry. The people of England hated her but surely they had to have understood that this was something she had no control over. I think she was judged unfairly.

364. Which is the best biography for each Tudor personality (Henry, his wives, Edward, Mary, Elizabeth, Lady Jane Grey, Mary Boleyn, Mary of Scots, etc.)?

365. Which biography on Mary I is better? David Loades' "Mary Tudor" or Linda Porter's "The Myth Of Bloody Mary"?

366. Dear Claire: I have just discovered your site and am really thrilled with it! I have been a fan of Anne Boleyn and very curious about her life and times since I was in high school and saw Anne of the Thousand Days. I have a couple of questions for you: I looked at the photos taken at the Tower of London, and cannot figure out where Anne's last lodgings were. I've been there three times (once on May 19th!) and the warders have all kind of waved off to the distance and said that the tower she stayed in was destroyed and was kind of "over there." But, I never could figure out where "over there" was. And, they said that the site which is now commemorated as where she and others were executed really isn't the site, but in the area. As in, the Tower Green was used and maybe her scaffold was elsewhere along it. What do you think? Were your guides able to throw more light on this subject? Thank you, Sandra

367. what do you think should have happened to Anne instead of being executed, and why?

368. Is it true that Anne Boleyn exclaimed "Now I am, indeed, a queen!" when she heard about Katherine of Aragon's death?

369. What sort of toilet facilities would Anne have been familiar with and used? Would she have had her own en-suite garderobe for example?

370. Are the any reports hum a log of what was said by all that were their and spoke for and against Ann during her trial? Would love to read any transcripts if possible i hope links can be posted - hugs

371. Is Peter Ackroyd's "Tudors" a good read

372. Best biography/es on Anne Boleyn and/or members of her family?

373. Best non-fiction books on Henry VIII?

374. Which is/are the best biography/biographies about queen Elizabeth I?

375. Which is the best biography on Mary I?