Anne Boleyn Words

This section contains:-

  • Poetry about Anne – Poems by Esther Hyams which tell Anne Boleyn’s life story.
  • Thomas Wyatt Poetry – The poetry of Tudor poet, Sir Thomas Wyatt, who was a friend of George and Anne Boleyn and who also loved Anne at one time.
  • Execution Speeches – The execution speeches of Anne Boleyn and the men executed for adultery with her.
  • Anne Boleyn Letters – Letters written by Anne Boleyn.
  • Anne Boleyn Poems – Poems attributed to Anne Boleyn.
  • Anne Boleyn Songs – Text and MP3 of Greensleeves which was once thought to have been written by Henry VIII about Anne Boleyn. This page also includes two other Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn themed songs.
  • Writing of Anne Boleyn – Anne Boleyn’s signature and handwriting, and the inscriptions she made in her Books of Hours.