Sir Francis Weston

Weston Esq. of Sutton, Surrey

Weston Esq. of Sutton, Surrey

I wrote two articles about Sir Francis Weston, one of the five men executed for committing adultery with Anne Boleyn and conspiring the death of the King:-

  • Sir Francis Weston Part 1 – Explores who Sir Francis Weston was, what his role at court was and whether he was a “libertine”.
  • Sir Francis Weston Part 2 – Covers why Cromwell actually conspired against these five men, the arrest , trial and execution of Weston, and what happened to his family.

2 thoughts on “Sir Francis Weston”

  1. Borsha says:

    You often boast to me that you have the king’s ear and often have fun with him, freely and acidorcng to your whims. This is like having fun with tamed lions often harmless, but just as often there is fear of harm. Often he roars for no known reason, and suddenly the fun becomes fatal.’Similar to your bear analogy.

  2. Michael Spencer says:

    Sir Francis Weston is my 16th great grandfather. I am amazed at this discovery. My grandmother always told me that we were related to Anne Boleyn, but it seems like our family history became distorted along the way. It turns out we are related to Sir Francis Weston. Another interesting fact is that Queen Catherine Parr, King Henry VIII’s last wife is my 16th? Great Aunt.

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