Anne Boleyn Pictures

Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn:

Anne Boleyn:

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  1. Matterhorn says:

    Quite a good-looking woman, even if not a conventional beauty by the standards of her day. My favorite is the Hever Portrait where she is holding the rose. I must say she looks really lovely there. And I have always liked dark hair…

    By the way, you are most welcome to visit my site, if you wish. It is on Belgian royalty.

  2. TheBoleynSisters says:


    These pictures are lovely and thank you for including them. I truly love the new Ludlow protrait. However, this is another amazing portrait of Anne I don’t think you’ve included…I’ve included the URL here… …sorry if I sound pushy or anything, but it’s really a very nice portrait! Love your website.

  3. Claire says:

    Thanks, I’ll add that one. I love the H &A necklace Anne has got on in the portrait, she’s normally pictured with her signature B pearls. Lovely portrait!

  4. Melissa says:

    For some reason my computer doesn’t want me to look at these. When I click for a closeup, the picture looks weird and it won’t let me scroll down, it just keeps moving the picture down. And every few moments (as I’m trying to write this) a popup of all the pictures comes up. Is this a site issue or just my computer?

  5. Claire says:

    Weird, it’s ok on my computer so I don’t know. I tried clicking for close ups and I picked slideshow and it all worked fine. I’ll look into it – thanks for letting me know. Actually just tried doing it a second time and it’s now doing that for me too! Have let my web designer (husband!) know that his head is at risk unless he sorts it out so we’ll get it working soon!

  6. Tim says:

    You’ll be happy to find that image “close-ups” now work in both Firefox and Internet Explorer. The software is now fixed and you should be able to click on the images of Anne without any problems.

  7. JUNE DECK says:

    Whenever I look at the many renditions of Anne, I am struck by the fact that some of them do look like different views of the same woman, and yet some not at all. I have read that some portraits of Anne may indeed be instead Jane Seymour, and just looking at these I really can see this may be true. In all cases though I am not able to see her as I think she must have truly been, I see no beauty, or the magnetism I am sure she possessed. I wonder if that is quite deliberate? It is as if the artist or artists chose to focus on her less compelling traits and deliberatly enhanced her less attractive features, as in her face being long. I used to think it was the art of the period, but I have seen portraits of women of the time where their looks were and can still be considered conventionally pretty or attractive. I know that she was not considered to be pretty for her time, but I am struck by all of the mystery that surrounds her and I conclude she must have been a beauty and she must have possessed charisma that is not evident in her portraits. She did after all keep a King interested in her as well as other courtiers for many years. That she looked different from the accepted beauties of the time I can believe, but I think she must have had a more compelling beauty and presence than any of the portraits offer. One resounding comment, or put down, by her enemies, was that she “is all hair and eyes” is not eveident in the portraits, her eyes as rendered are not beguiling at all. I would love to travel back in time for a glimpse of her!!!!

  8. Claire says:

    I love the Lancelot de Carles description of her eyes – “…eyes always most attractive which she knew well how to use with effect. Sometimes leaving them at rest and at others, sending a message to carry the secret witness of the heart. And, truth to tell, such was their power that many surrendered to their obedience”. I think that she was different to the classic English Rose and she is often described as having dark eyes and dark hair. I also think she had sex appeal, rather than “prettiness”. I wrote some blogs a few months ago on her appearance – see and

  9. JUNE DECK says:

    Ok, so here I go again.! I was thinking of Anne as I was dozing, I work midnites so sleep is elusive, but I suddenly realized that Anne was much like our beloved Diana. You probably think I am nuts, but when first seeing Diana I did not think her particularly beautiful, or even for that matter pretty. She seemed a very ordinary looking girl, nice and certainly not uncomely, but very ordinary. Well, that was so far from the truth, she had a magnetism that was extraordinary, the camera loved her, for sure, but so did the people she met, she exuded something that is as elusuve as a dream, even though her personality it seems was given to instability, it never mattered, you loved her, her lovely way of looking up thru her lashes and so many other things that became trademark Diana, well I cannot expand on what we all know, we loved her. She had more years to mature and become more and more beautiful, and in the end I did think her a beauty, not a Kate Moss beauty but a natural woman of intense draw. I think Anne may have been like this, I want to believe that anyway, it explains alot to me!

  10. Claire says:

    No, I don’t think you are nuts, there was definitely something about Diana that stopped people in their tracks and made them take notice of her and I can quite believe Anne causing heads to turn. Some women just exude a certain “je ne sai quois” and command our attention.

  11. sandra says:

    The engraving by Bertozzi is actually Anne of Hungary-Bohemia, the wife of the Emperor Ferdinand I. You can see that she is wearing German clothing. Just google her and you will find the portrait on which the engraving is based.

  12. Julie says:


    Could you please tell me if this is the same portrait or not?? I just found this on a random website and it looks like the same as on of her other portraits, but different.
    Okay, so copying and pasting isn’t working for this website……How do I get you this photo?????

  13. Claire says:

    Hi Julie,
    You can email me the portrait at and then I can add it to the gallery if you like.

  14. Annie says:

    Is there a bigger resolution of the first full-body portrait?

  15. Laura Stijnen says:

    It does not allow me to check the portraits’ close-ups, it opens them but it shows them small and the slide show is “squashed” and small. Is the problem in my computer? I am using Google Chrome, not Internet Explorer…

  16. Melissa Crisp says:

    I was qiute unaware of the many other people of my time who are so interested in the woman. I absolutely love the website. I can not explain in words why I am so drawn to Anne…. She is extraordinary and fasinating! She was a woman of Charm and Wit, a woman who knew what she wanted and didnt stop until she got it….. I hope that I live to see the day that her name is cleared. Rest in peace…..

  17. Jan says:

    I must say she was/is beautiful. Your site is very interesting so much information on Anne Boleyn. I have long been interested in Tudor history and I’ve learned so much that I didn’t know from your site. Anne Boleyn was charming, gracious, and inocent of the false charges againts her. Rest in peace Queen Anne Boleyn.

  18. Michelle says:

    I’m also having problems seeing a larger image of these portraits, when I click on them they remain the same size…and I was very intrigued with the first image which I’d never seen before, would love to have a closer view…!!!

  19. Boleyn says:

    I think the John Hoskins portrait of Anne is really beautiful..

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