This blog is written and managed by Claire Ridgway, a full-time author, researcher, history lover and champion of the underdog, from England – land of the Tudors, Shakespeare, green fields and yummy fish and chips. I now live in sunny Spain near the historic Alhambra.

I wanted to share my journey into the annals of history with other people who have an interest in Anne Boleyn and the Tudor period, and thought that a blog would be the perfect forum.

I released my first book The Anne Boleyn Collection in 2012 and since then have written eight more history books – phew! These include The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown, On This Day in Tudor History, The Anne Boleyn Collection II, George Boleyn: Tudor Poet, Courtier and Diplomat, and The Life of Anne Boleyn Colouring Book (with artist Dmitry Yakhovsky).

I fully admit to being addicted to Anne Boleyn and Tudor history, and I am on a crusade to debunk the myths surrounding Anne Boleyn and educate the world about the REAL Anne Boleyn. I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Please contact me if you:-

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82 thoughts on “About”

  1. JaneGS says:

    What a wonderful site, Claire. Truly a labour of love. As we all know, history is written by the victors, and just as Richard III was painted darkly by the Tudors, I’m pretty sure Anne Boleyn was as well.

    I’ll be visiting often to explore.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Jane, it is a labour of love and actually keeps me sane because I love writng about history. History is one of those things that we can argue about and have opinions about, but most of the time we don’t actually know the real answer, what REALLY happened.

  3. "Matterhorn" says:

    What an interesting site you have, congratulations. Although I have to say that I prefer Catherine of Aragon, Anne was certainly a fascinating, elegant, very intelligent and brave woman, and I love learning about this period, so foundational for England and Europe. Thank you for your work on this topic, it must be very difficult as most accounts of Anne are probably distorted one way or another.

  4. Claire says:

    Thank you for your kind words, “Matterhorn”!

  5. I’ve been fascinated with Anne for years…nice piece of work this.


  6. Cate says:

    I love your site! I have become completely obsessed with Anne and the rest of the Tudors after reading “The Other Boleyn Girl.” I moved onto watching “The Tudors”, which I absolutely love also and think that Natalie Dormer plays the character of Anne remarkably! I was just very upset they didn’t elaborate more on Mary Boleyn and her story, but I guess there was not enough time for that. I enjoy reading the forums on this site and also finding books that I can read for a more historically accurate depiction of Anne and the Tudors!

    1. I have watched the other Boleyn girl too

      1. Gaill says:

        And it was full of lies

    2. Clare Webb says:

      Hi Cate, have you ever watched “Anne of a thousand days” with Genevieve Bujold and Richard Burton?
      She is my favourite Anne of all time!!!

  7. Nicole-Elizabeth says:

    I can’t tell you enough how much I LOVE this site.

    I have had a crazy love for Anne Boleyn since I was 11 and more recently a deep interest in her sister Mary.
    If you are just told their story and left out the names, it’s the most dramatic,amazing,tragic and engrossing story!
    Can it even be true!?
    The fact that it is indeed, then holds quite some power!

    This site is very educational and yet so FRIENDLY!
    Which I can not say for many other forums that seem to be filled to the choke point with academic snobbery. For as much as those people think themselves better, it’s really quite sad.

    SO I’m quite thankful to find this place and I’m certain I’m not alone in that thought!
    I truly think if you make education meaningful,interesting and even fun it really can inspire both children and adults to change their lives in many ways.

    Keep up the GREAT work!

    All the best,

  8. Claire says:

    Hi Nicole-Elizabeth,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and I’m so pleased that you love the site. I hate academic snobbery too and people definitely don’t learn anything when they are made to feel uncomfortable or feel that they cannot contribute. Everyone is welcome here and we can all learn from each other – nobody knows everything!
    You’ve made my day (probably also my week, month and year!) with your comment, so thank you x

  9. Nicole-Elizabeth says:

    No problem!
    I was simply stating the truth.

    I worked in a summer school program and some of the kids started reading “Innocent Traitor” By Alison Weir
    And of course the critics are always first to spurt some nonsense about “dramatic license”, in my eyes that is what makes it great.
    After they finished reading the book many of the kids wanted to learn more about Jane Grey and The Tudors.
    I just think things like this are great, it opens new doors for many of us and brings history alive and keeps it alive(where in my eyes it should be!).

    Take Care,


  10. Maya says:

    I just stumbled across this website by accident, and I am so glad I did – it looks amazing! I am obsessed with all things Tudor – particularly Anne Boleyn – and I can’t wait to explore your site; it looks terrific. Thank you!

  11. Hayley says:

    Hi Claire,

    Can you please tell me what font was used for the headings in the free Anne Boleyn booklet>

  12. Claire says:

    Hi Hayley,
    The name Anne Boleyn is written in a font called “Scriptina” and the other words are written in in “Segoe Script”. Hope that helps!

  13. Hannah says:

    Hi Claire! I just wanted to thank you for creating such an interesting website. I am currently a high school student, and Anne Boleyn has been my heroine for years. I am always reading, and from the time I read The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn by Robin Maxwell when I was twelve, I was obsessed. Now I am hooked on watching The Tudors and read anything I can get my hands on about this fascinating era in history. Because of my great love of history (especially Anne and the Tudors), I have decided to make it my college major and life’s work. I am so glad to have found a site full of people like me! Thanks so much! 🙂

  14. Linda Walsh says:


    I have been a big fan of the Tudor period for many years. I read all the books about the period I can get my hands on- biographies and novels. I saw the article about your web site in USA Today, and immediately went on it! What a wonderful web site it is! I find myself going on it almost every day. Keep up the good work! The research and time you have put into it is very much appreciated.

    P.S. I have just finished re-reading “Queen of This Realm” by Jean Plaidy. One of my favorite Tudor books-I highly recommend to other readers interested in the Tudors.

  15. Leigh says:

    Hi, Claire:
    I just discovered this site a couple of weeks ago, and I think it is terrific! I ‘m really impressed with how you have incorporated so may different aspects of Anne Boleyn’s life here…this site really has everything. I’m a huge fan of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, and I’m also happy to see that you have fantastic articles about people whose names don’t automatically come to mind. Thank you so much!

  16. Lizzie says:

    Hi Claire

    Like many others, have just discovered this site. Fantastic and informative for Tudor junkies like myself. I hope to visit it often. I’m reading Alison Weir’s new book The Lady in The Tower at the moment. One of the best books I’ve read in a long time.

    I was interested to read your review on G W Bernard’s controversial new book about Anne. Very balanced review – thank you.

    Congratulations on a wonderful website.

    Greetings from Ireland!!!

  17. Jessica says:


    I think this website is so cool! I’ve been interested in Anne for years ever since I read a brief mention of her in my middle school textbook. Now I’ve done my senior thesis on her, a speech, and I even dressed up as her for Halloween (complete with Boleyn peal necklace that I made myself)

    I kind of thought I was the only one who was so passionate about her. I get a lot of weird looks, especially when I talk about The Other Boleyn Girl and how inaccurate it is.

    I’ve always found Anne to be a great woman who has earned respect from history, respect which is not always given. People can call her the other woman, but you have to admit that she was way ahead of her time. She was intelligent and honorable, and it’s unfortunate that people don’t always see that.

    Not only that, but she was the mother of one of England’s greatest monarchs. Elizabeth I mirrored much of Anne when it came to her intelligence and interest in the arts.

    One day I’d like to go to England and visit Hever Castle and Hampton Court and see Anne Boleyn’s grave in St. Peter Ad Vincula’s chapel. I don’t know how close I would get to her tomb, but it would still be cool just to be near it.

  18. carol stevenson says:

    Hi Jessica,
    I went with Claire this past May on the Anne Boleyn Experience. Please try to go if you can. It was lovely. Hever Castle is so beautiful. When I went up the staircase to Anne’s bedroom, I touched the walls (knowing she must have touched them a thousand times). And at St. Peter Ad Vincula’s chapel I did the same thing, touched her sad gravesite tile on the floor. Chills ran down my spine. Claire is a wonderful person and lovely guide. We had 5 days of nothing but Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII ! The first night we ate in Anne’s actual dining room of the castle. It was surreal. Henry VIII’s huge gold lock was there on one of the doors. Imagine how many times he touched that! And a tapestry of his was mounted right over the huge fireplace. So impressive. If I didn’t have my photos of the trip, I wouldn’t believe that I actually went. It was a dream come true. I can’t say enough about the tour. It is the best thing I ever did for myself!
    Warm regards,
    Carol Stevenson

  19. Aidan Meller says:

    You are an inspiration to us all. I have loved looking through your site and impressed by your dedication and hard work. You have really brought the Tudor world to life for me. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  20. dearheart says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  21. Justin says:

    Just found this website while looking for a few quotes of Anne’s. I first fell in love with Tudor history after reading Anne Somerset’s Elizabeth I. I have reread it so many times I have to purchase a new copy as all the pages are starting to fall out. While I first fell in love with Elizabeth, I now devour any book or article I can find on the Tudor’s and when I can’t find one I just reread my old books, which is why I am so glad I found this forum so I can give my books a break. I have finally found a group of people who are clearly as passionate and dedicated about Tudor history as I am and I look forward to commenting on some of the things you have written.

  22. Claire says:

    Thank you for all the kind comments, it’s so heartwarming to know that people enjoy using this site.

    Welcome to the Anne Boleyn Files, Justin, I’m glad that you found us. My copy of the Anne Somerset book fits that description too!

  23. Sarah Griffiths says:

    This is a wonderful website with really interesting articles. I came across the site recently, having just discovered that my family on my mum’s side is related to Anne Boleyn and her family (going a long way back). I thought this was incredible since I have always took a keen interest in Anne Boleyn since I was a child, and I remember one of my junior school teachers commenting that I reminded her of the Holbein portrait of Anne……. and all this was years before I found out that I was related to her!
    With best wishes
    Sarah (Cumbria, UK)

  24. Suzanne says:

    I absolutely had to post on this site. This has got to be the most wonderful, informative and creative site I’ve checked out in a long long time. Claire, thank you so very much for being so interested in history to give us this. Anne B. was a woman before her time hence why I think a lot of us can and do relate to her so much. I just wanted to thank you for giving us a place to go and read, enjoy, think and maybe do some shopping! Thank you Claire.

    1. Claire says:

      Hi Suzanne,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment and give your feedback, I really appreciate it. I love running this site and it is really heartwarming to hear how much people enjoy using it. Thank you x

  25. MissusBlack says:

    I really love your site! I read it often! 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  26. Shoshana says:

    We know that after her coronation, Elizabeth I never again set foot in the Tower of London; but is there any evidence that during her imprisonment or during her stay prior to her coronation that she visited her mother’s final resting place? I can’t imagine that she would not, if she could possibly do so in secret, however; I have no doubt she would not want it widely known she honored her mother by visiting her grave.

  27. Michelle says:

    I was so happy to find this! I am totally obsessed with Anne Boleyn and Tudor history. So glad I am not the only one! I am fascinated and always searching for more informaton

  28. Bess says:

    Hi Claire, you probably get this a lot but the Anne Boleyn files is truly the best historical site i’ve ever seen (and I have seen a lot of them).
    Your articles are funny, clever and contains relevant facts.

    Your BIGGEST fan
    // Bess

    1. Claire says:

      Hi Bess,
      Thank you so much, it really is heartwarming to hear that people love the site and find it useful. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. x

      1. Bess says:

        I was only stating the facts Claire 🙂

  29. Erin says:

    I am so glad I found your website !I have just recently gotten intriqued by the Tudors after watching Elizabeth R and now I am watching The Tudors. As I watch these fun movies I hop on my internet and start to dig to find validity in anything! This past Friday I watched with anticipation and excitement as the Prince William married the lovely Kate Middleton. I don’t even live in England! I am an American, but I love history, especially since most of us originate from somewhere’s over seas! 🙂 Thank you for your blog! I look forward to visiting often!


  30. Jilly says:

    I’ve only just discovered this site today thru another that I found accidently n so far I love it. I too hav felt a strange “connection” to Anne since about age 12 then oneof my cousins mentioned we r related to her tho I’ve yet to get that far back in my 20yr on/off family history research. Anyway in the meantime I’ve got my 20odd books on “the family” from Edward 3rd down but The Tudors r my favourite. I look coward to exploring ur site more. Love from Australia xx

  31. Baroness Von Reis says:

    CLAIRES, I was so happy to find Anne Boylen Files,I came upone this as I was searching for a new gown.I signed up and can’t wait to get my e-mails, as not many people no that much about her unless you study English Histroy,I learn more new things evey time a mail comes in. All of your Items are so Lovely, I as you no go to Ren Fair every year in full costume. I will say if your going to start going to Ren Fair this is the site to go to.

    i f one desides to have a gown made I highly recomend they have one made by you I no I am.I have many gowns and yours are just LOVLEY! Also I trulely recomend the Penndent Rings ect. I have the Catherine Howard hand painted pendent and have just orderd the matching ring also have some of the Jane Seymours jewleryand I’m looking forward to another gown for next year. Sincerley Barones Von Reis.

  32. Baroness Von Reis says:

    Claire, My Ring was stunning as well as the pendent of Cathrine Howard,sad she died so young .I can olny praise your work and it is truely Art,these are highly collectable and one should try to start there own you won,t regreat .Please thank all off your staff for the wonderful care that goes in to each and everything. I so look to see the Heart Of The Ocean in my collection. Kind Regards Baroness Von Reis.

  33. Suzanne says:

    Amazing site! I am going back to school to study for my MA in History, with a focus on British Studies. The Tudor period is the most entrancing to me, and as I have been a quiet history addict for several years I have decided to ‘come out’ and return to school! I am so excited about all the great blogs out there, but so far this one is the most interesting, thank you so much!

  34. rana says:

    great website !!!!! love it

  35. Dona Olds says:

    Hi Claire, I haven’t spoken to you in awhile! How is everything? How is your next project going? I ‘m actually working on a small project of my own as well regarding the tudors. I so wanted to tell you something about my trip a few months ago. I had purchased that T shirt, to support the restoration of Anne Boleyn painting. It says Team Boleyn estabished 1533. While we were traveling about, I happened to be walking about for a bit myself and this older gentleman approaches me. He is clearly in his 60’s…if not older. He asked me if I was American. My southern slang of such words like “Bag” tend to give it away! LOL! We say “bahag.” He reads my shirt and he says “Whatcha Boleyn for?” I was kind caught off guard, I said “pardon”? He actually makes a motion with his hands like he is bowling, with a ball. Again, he says “Watcha Boleyn for?” I nearly laughed myself silly. It took a few seconds for me to stifle my giggles and explain to him….”Im not bowling for anything.” Then explained the History behind the T-shirt. He knew all about Henry’s wives but never thought anyone one find any of them interesting. I did tell him he needed to read about each and everyone. Henry VIII was actually the dreary….his wives were what made it all interesting. Then he snorted. He actually snorted at me. “So YOU think” he said. I was like WOW! I just walked off. My husband laughed even harder than I did at the Bowling but to his defense he had been drinking a very good port! LOL!

  36. Dave Lazerow says:

    Just finished watching ‘The Tudors” and was impressed! Henry had a huge effect on all of us both historically and personally and paved the way for the expansion of the reformer ‘heresy’ though he wasn’t a reformer himself. So many were executed for their beliefs during that period for what seems to us to be minor doctrinal differences but there was much more at stake for the nobility if they chose to disobey the King’s religion. He was head of the Church, after all! Great site! Thanks so very much for your work and dedication!, Claire. You would make any King or Queen proud.


  37. Scott says:

    I think I’m trapped on this website. It’s fascinating, and endlessly informative and interesting. How much time must you have devoted to this? Thank you for doing all this, and compiling all this information in such an accessible way. Personally, I’ve always loved Anne of Cleves, and struggled to find much information devoted to her. But I’ve learnt more about her here on this website than I have on any other. I didn’t even know she was blonde before!

  38. susan says:

    Hi claire i have only just found your site and i love it !There are so many questions in my head that i would like answers too .Sometimes i drive myself mad that we cannot answer them all There is one that plays on my mind i think we all know that with out the help of ann boylen ladies in waiting it would have been impossible for her to have committed adultry ! So why did none of anns ladies in waiting be executed with her !.When lady rochford was sent to her death with katherine.Why was this issue not raised when the court was full of spies !i cant understand why ann never spoke of this at her trial ? and if ann and henry were never married it was not valid how did ann commit adultery ?

  39. Mary Jenkins says:

    I was just wondering what the citation in MLA format would be for the picture of Arthur, Prince of wales? Thank you so much for making this website by the way, it’s grand ! xx

  40. Gemma says:

    Having been a little obsessed with Anne and her story since I first knew of it, I was so pleased to find your website……how I didn’t come across it before I will never know!! I really enjoy reading your updates although I must say, it has made this year’s run up to the anniversary of her death all the more poignant! You’ve done a fantastic job, I even have a link to your website on the home screen of my phone so I can dip in when the children are entertaining themselves for a few minutes! Your book is on my ‘to buy’ list also!

    Thanks again,


    1. Claire says:

      Hi Gemma,
      Thank you for your very kind comments. It means so much to me when I hear that people enjoy what I write and that they spend their free time dipping into the site and having a good browse. The forum is quite active if you’re interested in getting to know other Tudor fans and discussing things, they’re a friendly lot.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  41. I too love this site and am very glad I found it. I also am a Tudor fanatic and even had my wedding dress etc., as Tudor as I could!!
    Only thing I am a bit concerned about reading the posts that I think everyone, ‘specially those who are teaching others, should be careful about films like THE TUDORS which was not correct historically. The costumes etc. were absolutely wrong for the period and the head dresses were laughable, just made up to look pretty for the series. And although Philippa Gregory is a super writer and tells great stories – these are novels, and not always factual. Enjoy them by all means but if you really want to learn – go to the historians -Eric Ives, Chris Ridgeway, Starkey etc. Especially with Anne Boleyn – facts should outweigh romantic concepts.

  42. Lolli Green says:

    We recently inherited a piece of art from our in-laws. The piece is titled The Coronation of Anne Boleyn by H. Fleesom ,1903. We have searched the Internet for information on this 4×6′ beautiful artwork, but have had no luck. If anyone has any information on this piece or its value, I would be interested to know.
    Thanks so much.

  43. Gemma says:


    I am just reading Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel which is written from the perspective of Cromwell. Have you read it and if so what do you make of the portrayal of Anne? I have always liked Anne since being little and first learning of the Tudors- I am finding it difficult to read this version of her.

  44. James Yates says:

    As a confirmed Anglophile, this wonderful site that you have created and nurtured gives a world history teacher the extra nuggets of “Truth” that I crave and my students find interesting. I thank you again for your tenacious spirit and the love of truth.

  45. Nora says:

    I grew up in the South Bronx, NYC. My safe haven was the library. I was and still am an avid reader. I discovered the Bronte sisters, Jane Eyre etc. I devoured anything English. Yes it was hard being a little Puerto Rican girl trying to explain Wuthering Heights to other girls who were more interested in getting pregnant at 15 or doing drugs. But I survived became an RN and continued to love British History and writings. Today at 64 I am fascinated by Anne Boleyn. I try and read anything I can on her. I would love to get videos done on her life but can’t seem to find much. I am just finishing Susan Bordo’s book The Creation of Anne Boleyn. This is how I learned of this blog. Really enjoying it and understanding her point of view. I even went to Netflix and saw again episodes 8,9 and10 of season two of The Tudors. Hard to watch Anne’s angst and horror of what was heading her way.

  46. Terry says:


    I came across this site while I was looking for information on the Internet regarding what killed the true queen to Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon.

    While I detest Anne Boleyn because of her conduct, disregard and disrespect toward the Queen, it is interesting to learn more about the Tudor period. This is a very informative site. The “About” page stated that you want to “debunk” common views about Anne Boleyn. I’m curious as to what tools you use to ferret out information that is not already in the public domain and known.

  47. Anita says:

    Thank you for this site – love reading it. Delving deeper into interesting characters (good, bad and in-between) leads you to ever more interesting pieces of history. Do keep up the good work!

  48. Lorrie Woods says:

    Love your site. I was able to travel to London for 9 days this year. BEST time of my life! I have wanted to visit since I was a teenager and for my 50th birthday, I was given a trip by my husband. Words can not express how I felt while there. My favorite was Hampton Court! I would love to go back,so much to see and experience!

    Please answer this question for me if you can:
    Throughout history, there has been so much fighting for the throne of England. Why is there no competition currently? What changed in history to make this happen?
    Thank you.

  49. Thank you so much for existence!!!! I have adored Queen Anne Boleyn for over 40 years now, and I feel in my heart that she was totally innocent of the charges she faced. I am so glad to see that there are others out in the world who also love/like/respect the Queen. I liked all of the other wives of Henry VIII, and felt that each once was “innocent” in their own way (yes, Katherine Howard, too) and believed that each one was truly a Queen, no matter what the King said. Katherine of Aragon I include, as well. However, I fully acknowledge that the King took over the ruling of the religious life of his kingdom. Therefore, he divorced Katherine of Aragon, which is so sad after so many years of life and love, sorrow and gladness, together. He did what he felt he had to do. He met Anne Boleyn and fell in love her with and realized she might be able to give him the son he so craved. So, I do respect and think well of all of his wives. But Anne is so tragic and she is the one I’ve been drawn to the most. He waited so long to marry her, and then had her killed within three years. It’s just amazing. I’m glad to see her image has been, for the most part, “rehabilitated”, and that the overwhelming majority of people believe her to be innocent. Shame on any author who would believe that such an intelligent woman as the Queen would even think of committing adultery! Thank you, again, for your site. Now I wish I could find web sites honoring three other women of history I adore: Lucretia Borgia (what an innocent victim of slander), Madame duBarry (a beautiful woman with a kind heart), and Empress Josephine (another kind woman). The license plate on my car, at one point, had JOSFEN on it in homage to the Empress Josephine.

  50. Davetee says:

    I also believe she was innocent, but unfortunately she played the dangerous game of politics with people more experienced than her, made enemies of them, and she lost.

  51. Ursula_82 says:

    Hola! I’m Veronica and I’m from Argentina. I want to thank you for all the information about Anne Boleyn and Tudor time !!! Since I was young (11 years old) I love Anne Boleyn. I’m not very good writting in English but I understand it. I have a lot of friends who wants to read about her and the Tudors but they don’t speak English. So I wonder if you had written something in Spanish.

    Thank you for everything!!!!


  52. Daniel says:

    I am reading “Six Wifes” of David Starkey. Being french your website provides an easier understanding about few matters. Many thanks

  53. Ask one history junkie to another, I loved your site.

  54. Ross Raymond Aldrich, Jr. says:

    I am descended from the Boleyns and was excited upon finding your site. Beginning with Edward Aucher, Esq., then Sir Anthony Aucher, James Aucher, John Aucher, Alecia Boleyn, and Goeffrey Boleyn, I. and Alice Bracton. From that marriage came Sir Geoffrey Boleyn (m. Anne Hoo), then William Boelyn (m. Bargaret Butler, then Thomas Boleyn (m. Lady Howard), and finally Anne Boleyn.

    My wife Teresa and I plan a visit to Englan and Spain to visit all the castles and manors of my ggg…..grandparents. We would love t meet you. Do you think you might have time?

    Ross Raymond Aldrich, Jr.
    111 Marian Lane
    Terrace Park, OH 45174
    U.S. land line (513) 831-1775 or cell (513) 235-1584 (Teresa) in the U.S.

  55. Ross Raymond Aldrich, Jr. says:

    I am descended from the Boleyns and was excited upon finding your site. Beginning with Edward Aucher, Esq., then Sir Anthony Aucher, James Aucher, John Aucher, Alecia Boleyn, and Goeffrey Boleyn, I. and Alice Bracton. From that marriage came Sir Geoffrey Boleyn (m. Anne Hoo), then William Boelyn (m. Bargaret Butler, then Thomas Boleyn (m. Lady Howard), and finally Anne Boleyn.

    My wife Teresa and I plan a visit to Englan and Spain to visit all the castles and manors of my ggg…..grandparents. We would love t meet you. Do you think you might have time?

    111 Marian Lane
    Terrace Park, OH 45174
    U.S. land line (513) 831-1775 or cell (513) 235-1584 (Teresa) in the U.S.

  56. Lady Jules says:

    Greetings Claire!
    I have only recently found your wonderful site and being a Tudor-Lover can’t believe my good fortune. Your articles are so well written, very informative, interesting and great fun. Anne Boleyn, was in my opinion, a misunderstood yet fascinating female in the wrong place at the wrong time. I always believed that she and Henry VIII had a special romance, the kind of romance that takes your breath away and leaves you lingering until you see that special person again. Unfortunately, so many written accounts do Anne damage. That is why I so enjoy reading all your articles and I can’t wait to start on your books. Thanks for putting your heart into the Anne Boleyn Files!

  57. joykeana111 says:


  58. Debra Woychak says:

    I saw Anne Boleyn’s grave inside the church at the Tower of London when I went to London the first time two years ago. Fresh flowers lay on top of the tile showing her grave. As I walked up to the alter to show my respect, I could feel her presence. Not only there but on the lawn where she was executed. We were stranded inside the tower where she was held (at least I believe she was somewhere there) due to a very heavy thundershower. Lightening bolts above and rain coming down so hard we all were confined inside. We and the few people inside were talking about feeling Anne’s presence and her disturbed everlasting peace due to being unfairly treated. I feel she was a victim of politics and the climate in and surrounding the court at that time. She is one of my most favorite historical figures and I am always looking for new and interesting information about her. This is a wonderful website, thank you for all your information and knowledge!

  59. Jennifer Lawler says:

    Where does the story of the black marble come from as Katharine of Aragon’s tomb, in the quote from Sweeting, was a simple one and the stone work described by Sweeting can be seen in the cathedral? ‘The only monument, strictly so called, of which there is any
    record, was a low table monument, raised on two shallow steps, with
    simple quatrefoils, carved in squares set diamond-wise. Engravings of
    this shew it to have been an insignificant and mean erection. A few
    slabs of it were lately found buried beneath the floor, and they are now
    placed against the wall of the aisle.’

    1. Jennifer Lawler says:

      A very interesting website thank you.

  60. peter says:

    Let us now redo the faulted 1536 trial! I, we can foresee the results of that trial. Our Beloved, Brave, Queen Anne Boleyn, Not Guilty; Henry and Cromwell, guilty as charged of all counts. Anne would have banished them,under guard, to live the rest of their lives, to monasteries on the Isle of Skye. Anne would have become one of England’s most wonderful, fair, Passionate monarchs, with her daughter, Elizabeth,and served until she was old and gray! All England could have cried, and we cry, May God Save our Eternal Good Queen Anne! Amen

  61. I like to know all about Anne Boleyn the real her and athe family connections

  62. Ann Marr says:

    Stumbled on your site while checking on the genealogy of Chief Justice John Baldwin (a supposed ancestor of mine). I thought it was interesting that Baldwin seemed to be a favorite of Henry VIII.

    From Sumner, Edith Bartlett, compiler; Ancestry and Descendants of Amaziah Hall and Betsey Baldwin. American Offset Printers, Los Angeles, CA. p. 4-5
    … He [John Baldwin] was of Bucks in 1510… In 1520 he was a man of sufficient mark to be nominated on the sheriff roll… In 1529 he was on the commission to hear causes in chancery committed to them by Cardinal Wolsey… In 1530, on the Cardinal’s fall, he was selected to hold inquisitions as to the extent of his property in Bucks. He sat in the House of Commons once, being burgess for Hendon in Wiltshire in 1529. In 1530 he was appointed attorney general for Wales and the Marches, and also of the county palatine of Chester and Flint. His patent as serjeant-at-law is dated Nov. 16, 1531. According to Dugdale he and Thomas Willoughby were the first serjeants-at-law to receive the honor of knighthood. This was in 1534. In 1535 he was appointed chief justice of common pleas, and almost the first cases in which he acted in a judiciary capacity were the trials of Bishop Fisher and Sir Thomas More for treason, He also acted in the same capacity at the trials of Anne Boleyn…

    … he was given the manor of Dundridge in Bucks by Henry VIII shortly after 1541..

  63. Penny L. Luckenbaugh says:

    Anne Boleyn was a woman far too intelligent and assertive to have been appreciated in Tudor times.I would say that her worst fault was ambition, but I also realize that she was supposed to do what she could to advance her family. She was brought up to believe that was her primary duty, until her reason for existing was to produce a male heir. Instead she gave us Elizabeth I, surely one of histories most remarkable women.
    Women of her class were pawns, used by their families to raise the families social standing and wealth through advantageous marriages. I have always felt that the happiest and most liberated women of that time were the women of the merchant and skilled trade class. They were sometimes allowed to marry for love and,helped run the businesses . They may have lacked formal education, but I think many were shrewd negotiators in business and made vast contributions to the success of their families.
    Anne Boleyn was a victim, and I have never accepted the charges of adultery that cost her life. She had become an “inconvenient truth” and with Jane Seymour, by all accounts a much more sedate and biddable person, waiting in the wings, she had to be gotten out of the way.A newer, younger trophy wife awaited and had Jane Seymour failed to give the king the male child he was obsessed with, her fate would likely been the same.
    As someone once said of Elizabeth I “Would you trust men if you would have had her father?” No wonder she was the Virgin Queen.

  64. dana davis says:

    Was Anne involved in encouraging Henry to break his ties with the Pope (like it is depicted in The Other Boleyn Girl)?

    How much does the Anne Boleyn Course as there are prices but they are from two years ago?

    Is the course one that you can go at your own pace?

    1. Claire says:

      Hi Dana,

      Anne played a part in Henry realising that rulers were answerable only to God, and not to the pope, as she shared with him literature that said that, but she did not make him break with Rome.

      The Life of Anne Boleyn online course is $75 for lifetime access to it. You can start and finish when it suits you, there are no set times and it’s completely online. See https://medievalcourses.com/overview/ for details.

  65. Phil Crawford says:

    I love this site it is the best again keep up the good work claire

  66. Freddie says:

    Hi Claire, a question has just come to mind. Did Thomas Cromwell watch Anne Boleyn’s execution form the crowd? Thank you.

      1. Freddie says:

        Thank you for your response. I love watching your YouTube channel. And I love how you’ve done so much research for your interest about the Tudors.

  67. MA Hernandez says:

    Hi Claire! Can you provide some info about the posies who accompanied Anne to the scaffold? Who were they? Did they ever speak of it after? Thanks!

    1. Claire says:

      The ladies? We don’t know which ladies actually attended Anne on the scaffold, whether they were the same ones who attended her in the Tower, who acted as spies, or whether she was allowed to have some of her usual ladies that day. No names are given.

  68. Debra Gaita says:

    Hello Claire!

    Thank you for this wonderful site that I’d accidentally come across while researching Anne. I have become Anne Boleyn obsessed over the years so it’s a blessing to have come across this!
    I intend to keep researching, studying and obsessing over Anne so I will be here enjoying this website quite often and plan on starting the course on her right away..I live in North Carolina and in general there are no formal classes near me to attend so all of my research has to be online.
    Again, many thanks for this wonderful site!

  69. Phil says:

    Thanks for being truthful with your information you are the best keep up the good work Claire I love the English history I am a big fan.

  70. Michelle Danson says:

    Love watching you on YouTube. I am going to London in May 2022 with my family. My 10th grade history teacher opened my eyes to the Tudors. I have been fascinated ever since. My older brother and my mother are both big Tudor history buffs too. Can’t wait to see Heaver Castle…
    Keep entertaining us with your videos and blog.

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