The Fall of Anne BoleynShameless advertising, I’m afraid, but then it is my book and it is quite good, although I am rather biased!

For those of you who have never heard of it, The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown tells the story of Anne’s fall a day at a time and is based on the primary sources, i.e. contemporary evidence. Here is the book blurb:

During the spring of 1536 in Tudor England, events conspire to bring down Anne Boleyn, the Queen of England. The coup against the Queen results in the brutal executions of six innocent people – Anne Boleyn herself, her brother, and four courtiers – and the rise of a new Queen.

Drawing on sixteenth century letters, eye witness accounts and chronicles, Claire Ridgway leads the reader through the sequence of chilling events one day at a time, telling the true story of Anne Boleyn’s fall. The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown is presented in a diary format, allowing readers to dip in, look up a particular date, or read from start to finish. Special features include mini biographies of those involved, a timeline of events and full referencing.

  • Why was Anne Boleyn executed?
  • Who was responsible for Anne Boleyn’s fall?
  • Was Anne Boleyn’s execution a foregone conclusion and was she framed?

Praise for The Fall of Anne Boleyn:A Countdown:

“With this book, Ridgway gives Queen Anne Boleyn the justice she was denied almost 500 years ago. She has performed a service for history.” – Jeane Westin, Author of His Last Letter: Elizabeth I and the Earl of Leicester

“…Claire has somehow managed to synthesize all the facts associated with the coup against Anne and the Boleyn faction in 1536, and presented it in a a hugely readable and concise format that deserves applause…A great addition to any Anne Boleyn fan’s book shelves!” – Sarah Morris, Author of Le Temps Viendra: A Novel of Anne Boleyn

Amazon Reviews: 4.0 out of 5 stars, based on 146 reviews

Paperback: 348 pages
Publisher: MadeGlobal Publishing/CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 30, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 147526612X
ISBN-13: 978-1475266122

It’s been a bestseller so thank you to all those who have purchased it, read it and reviewed it – thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It is available as a paperback ($12.59/£8.09 on Amazon at the moment) and as a Kindle version ($2.99/£2.05). Here are links for where to buy it in the UK and US but it’s also available on the Amazon international sites (Spain, France, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Japan etc.):

The book also has a website with an interactive timeline of the events of spring 1536 and various other extras – see

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22 thoughts on “The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown”
      1. I use Amazon quite regularly as do my family quite often and we do not seem to have a problem with them the only issue we had at times is where they would put are orders into different shipments being sent out separately and also at times put as well as place a customs charge on certain said orders when it came to ordering over seas but apart from that no problem.

  1. Hi ABFriends,I highly reccomend if you have not read ,Claires Books I urge you to pick both of them up!!they our excellent and I know you will learn so much,Great Reads!!!! Thanks Claire!! Baronesss xx

  2. Excellent book, Claire. I am thankful that you have taken the time to research and find the facts behind Anne Boleyn, and then share them with all of us in such enjoyable books (and website ;).

    BTW, I read this article on BBC today – fascinating! Wouldn’t it be wonderful for an “unknown and unrecorded” painting of Anne to show up at an auction like this one of Elizabeth?!

    1. I’ve done a few already but I am organising a competition to commemorate 19th May and will be offering signed copies of my books as part of the prize.

  3. I bought Claire’s book on for my nook it was on the nook website thought it was very interesting included all the facts about Anne and was well researched

  4. I’ve been a Henry VIII fan for what seems like my entire life. I know so much about him, yet knew very little about his wives. I was not a fan of Anne before I read this book. Fantastic book Claire! I’ve got it on my kindle and have been thinking of reading it again! Thank you for writting such a wonderful book! Will there be more in the future!??!

  5. Claire, you write such wonderfuls books, I have two on Kindle. I’ve loved history for over 30 years. I was wondering if this good place to ask you a few questions, I want to write fiction with Anne Boleyn and company. So when I do my research, which books to avoid and which ones to use. And someday I’ll write my own bio on the Wives with all the right stuff!

  6. I look forward to reading it. I have read Alison Weir’s well argued account. I’ll try the Kindle version. After erasing the Alison Weir, I felt sure that Anne Boleyn was framed.

    1. Thank you. My book examines Anne’s fall a day at a time, drawing on primary sources, and I also believe that Anne was framed. There certainly isn’t any evidence that she was guilty of the crimes she was charged with.

  7. I just finished reading it. I must say it was hard
    to put down. I totally agree that Henry, Cromwell,
    the Seymours, and the Catholics were all
    responsible for Anne & the men’s deaths. I also
    agree that Henry bears most of the blame in Anne’s

    1. “Cromwell, the Seymours and the Catholics were all responsible for Anne and the men’s deaths ‘

      So all 3.5 million people in England at the time basically. No Henry Viii was responsible for the death of Anne Boleyn and Thomas Cromwell as a willing servant and collaborator, not the Seymour family or anyone else.

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