For information on Anne Boleyn’s badge or crest, please read my article “Anne Boleyn’s Badge“.

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5 thoughts on “Anne Boleyn’s Badge”

  1. David says:

    Claire, do you sell reproductions of the badges of all of King Henry’s wives??

  2. Lisa Johnson says:

    I just visited the Tower on Thursday past, and I asked our Beefeater Mark Anderson where Anne’s Badge was inscribed and he said there was none, that I must be thinking of Jane Grey’s. He told me this twice! I had to look through your website to find this information because I knew that I had read it here! I will be printing this and taking in back on my next trip to the Tower on Oct 23rd!! 🙂

    1. Claire says:

      We have photos to prove it! How funny! He probably just doesn’t realise it’s there as the Lady Jane Grey one is more famous. Tim, who has been recently, says that it is in the alcove on the right hand side of the big fireplace upstairs in the Beauchamp Tower. In my photo of it, there is a number 31 just to its bottom right, but I’m not sure whether it’s the number of that carving, or the one next to it, but it should help you find it. I’ll email you my photo.

      1. Allison Croton says:

        Correct me if I am wrong, but was one of the men accused with Anne who carved her badge in the stone wall of the cell? It is there, I seen many documentaries who show this; and it is also a way of telling who was in the tower, their form of graffitti. Even Elizabeth I scratched a poem on the window of her room at Woodstock where her sister kept during Wyatts uprising. These carvings are a useful testament to history and dates and can be used as a kind of verification of the inmates.

        1. Allison Croton says:

          Please excuse the mistakes, I meant to say was it one of, and i’ve seen, and where her sister Mary kept her!!! Sorry about that!!!

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