Sir Henry Norris, or “Gentle Mr Norris”, was one of the men convicted and executed for treason in the coup against Anne Boleyn. You can read more about Sir Henry Norris in the following two articles:-

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  1. Baroness Von Reis says:

    Claire,Why does this bio say, Sir Henry Norris Part1 and Sir Henry Norris Part2 If as you said he was never Knighted?? It’s on this site?? Baroness ?

    1. Claire says:

      If you look, you can see they were written and published in 2009, before the current investigation we carried out into whether he was knighted. Also, the result of the investigation was that historian Leanda de Lisle found that Henry Norris held the position of Black Rod, an office of the Order of the Garter, in 1526 and this position was only open to knights so he was in fact knighted. See Leanda’s comments under
      Hope that helps!

      1. Baroness Von Reis says:

        Claire, I did read this on Norris thats why I was confuzed??? THX Baroness x

  2. Alexandra Collard says:

    Hi Claire, I am currently writing an historical fiction novel about Sir Henry Norris and am following your information with considerable interest. (Sir Henry is my 12th great grandfather). I am gathering information about his life and events from numerous sources but not quoting anything directly. Do I need an appendix listing my sources? Also, if I use a particular resource, do I need permission if there is no direct wording and the work is fiction? In addition I have been following your discussion about Henry’s knighthood (whether or not he was actually knighted) and I tend to believe he was a knight based on his position of Black Rod and the order of the executions, but there is no list I can find anywhere that shows him as a knight. Thank you Alexandra

    1. Claire says:

      Hi Alexandra,
      Some historical novelists do add a bibliography listing their sources, but others don’t. It is not necessary with a work of fiction. You don’t need permission unless you are including very long quotes or are using images.
      Regarding Norris being a knight, you can see historian Leanda de Lisle’s comments regarding this at She believes that his post of Black Rod required him to be a knight. Leanda also cites her sources in her comments on that thread.
      I hope that helps!

    2. Alexandra Collard says:

      A follow up to my last comment. It appears I am related to Sir Henry, but not as directly as I was led to believe. After following several genealogy websites, it seems there were some serious errors in their research. The good news is I am a direct descendant of Reverend Edward Norris of the Salem Witch Trial fame. Guess I’ll write about him next 🙂

      1. Lesley Ann Cox says:

        Hello Alexandra,
        I have followed/researched this Henry Norreys/Norres for well over 50 yrs. I have never come across him as anything other than Henry Norres Esquire in any primary documents. There is mostly ‘recent’ historian’s putting ‘Sir’ with no reason.
        Blackrode was part of the lands of the old Norreys family of Speke, Lancashire. Is that where the link arises? quite possible.
        There is a document of Henry’s lands and offices in the National Archives.
        Good luck with your research. 🙂

    3. Sara Bartlett Saja says:

      He is my 12th great grandfather too and I am obsessed with studying him!! Would love to communicate sometime, and also buy your book!! Sara

  3. Alexandra Collard says:

    Thank you for the helpful information. After reading through Leanda’s comments and all the other information on the page, I’m still as confused as ever regarding whether or not Norris was knighted. Of course I want him to have been a knight and he will be in my book, but it is odd that no official lists have his name.If he wasn’t, he certainly should have been.

  4. Alexandra Collard says:

    Leslie Ann Cox. Thank you for your good wishes. I have since published my book on Amazon and there is a disclaimer as to whether or not Henry Norris was actually ever knighted. Since my book is historical fiction, I took the liberty of knighting him. I based this primarily on his position in the Black Rod which generally comes with a kighthood… It is interesting that you mention the Norreys family of Speke as I found them in my own genealogical research. I would be very interested in your findings.

    1. I bought your book and just started reading it.
      He is my 12th great grandfather. So you have found you aren’t related? Great book nevertheless

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