Mary I was the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon and she reigned as Queen between 1553 and 1558. You can find out more about her in the following articles:-

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  1. Lady Brooke says:

    Hello everyone,
    I recently ran into a article about Jane Dormer, Duchess of Feria (1538–1612) was an English lady-in-waiting to Mary I. I ran into it reading something about the Dormer family. I have never heard of Jane Dormer; one of the links that I ran into said that because of the timing, and resources of a few English books, that Jane Dormer was one of the few people that actually new Anne’s death. Every link or info I have looked up, ends in a dead link. There is a portrait of who we think she is by Antonis_Mor. Claire, or anyone really, has anyone looked more into her, or know anymore about her? I am new to her, but she was a playmate of the young Edward vi Tudor, and was the duchess after Mary I death. Anyway, you can find her through Wikipedia. I would love to hear more. Thanks guys
    Lady Brooke

  2. Charlie Elizabeth Hayden says:

    I Read opinions and accounts everywhere that Mary I was an evil woman and a horrible Queen ect… But after a life long love of the Tudors, an after understanding the world in which they lived compared to modern times, I can only think o Mary I as a tragic figure in history. Am I the only one who feels that way, and thinks that her actions are understandable in the context of her era and with the way her life was and the way things were back then? I mean, I still love Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth, but I also understand and sympathize with Mary.

    1. Elley says:

      I agree with you.

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