As I write bios and articles on Tudor character I will add them here:-

12 thoughts on “Bios”

  1. Deb says:

    Hello, I love your website. You should add a bio of Charles Brandon 1st duke of suffolk, since he was great importance in the fall of Anne Boleyn for all the influence he had on King Henry VIII.

  2. Sandra says:

    Can you add any info you have on Charles Brandon? He is one person I don’t know too much about! Thanks! I love your site!!

  3. Niki says:

    No Thomas Cromwell on here! I’m writing about his right now.

  4. Lela Goodale Fellows says:

    Dear Claire,

    I should like to read more about Anne’s mother. What do you recommend ? I read that
    Elizabeth accompanied her daughter after Anne’s marriage. Henry’s Mother-in-law at Court? Could be uncomfortable.

    I have read wonderful comments about The Fall of Anne Bolyen and will place my order
    tonight from The Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver.

    Your article stated that Anne was barefoot at her coronation. Why?

    I appreciate you.


    1. Lela Goodale Fellows says:

      I am hard on myself when I make mistakes. My correction: The Fall of Anne Boleyn.

  5. Delilah says:

    What about the one Boleyn who started it all? You forgot about Mary Boleyn. Since she was the first Boleyn/Howard to have relations with Henry the 8th, because of her Anne was able to win the affections of the king. Remember, Mary was his mistress for 2 – 5 years before she wed William Carey. Some also believe that her first son Henry Carey was indeed the kings son.

    I personally think that Mary was the most interesting of the Boleyn family.

    – Delilah –

  6. M'lady says:

    You should add a bio on Princess Mary. I would like to know the circumstances when she took over, and what made her become ‘Bloody Mary’. Keep up the good work!

  7. Rhonda Lenoir says:

    Are there any books written from Henry VIII’s point of view?

    1. Claire says:

      Only fictional, of course – Margaret George’s The Autobiography of Henry VIII.

      1. Jan Marie Brown says:

        Margaret George’s “The Autobiography of Henry VIII: With notes by his fool Will Somers,” is a fabulous read! It takes you from the beginning to the end of Henry’s life.

        Factually correct, meticulously researched, and written from Henry’s point of view. I found it not only a great read, but a great history lesson, as well. And, it opened up some ideas to me of Henry, the man.

        Her Book “Elizabeth I” is a great read, as well. With the same level of research. A fantastic way to learn the history of the two icons in history. I read these years ago and have been thinking of reading them both again recently.

  8. Dear Claire,
    Have you ever been to Kentwell Hall in Suffolk? They do Tudor re- enactments and we are two re- enactors. We are 13 and 12 and we love your blog. Please could you write some bios on some ladies- in- waiting to Anne?
    Beth and Esther

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