Tudor Family Tree

Here is the family tree of the House of Tudor:-

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17 thoughts on “Tudor Family Tree”

  1. David Hoover says:

    If ancestry.com and my mom are to be believed, Anne Boleyn is my 1st cousin 12 times removed. I am a direct descendant of William Howard, brother of her Highness’s mother, Elizabeth. You probably have a lot of people like that on here.

    1. Teresa Strickland Proctor says:

      I want to know who the descendents of Addie Lucinda Batts were. She grew up in Pinetops North Carolina. Her husband’s name was Johnny Batts

  2. Valerie Cheney Summers says:

    My direct relative is Sir Laurence Cheney 1396-1461. He married Elizabeth Cokayne. They had Elizabeth Cheney who is the great grandmother to Anne Boleyn. Does this make me 3rd from the throne? Is Anne and her daughter Elizabeth I a great grandmother to me?

    1. Isaac summers says:

      We may be related.. I am also a descendant of Ralph Shelton.. I didn’t exactly know what to believe when my grandparents explained how we we’re related when I was a child… it seemed far fetched.. but I am related to the Shelton family, my ancestors migrated to Ireland and eventually America..

  3. Linda Boyes says:

    Anne Boleyn is my great grandmother 11 times removed. I am a direct descendant of the Howard family. Elizabeth I would be my first cousin 12 times removed. This has been a fun discovery.

    1. Claire says:

      Do you mean great aunt? For her to be your great great… grandmother, Elizabeth I would had to have children. It must be exciting to find out that you’re a Howard, they were an amazing family.

    2. Zachary Littlefield says:

      Hey there,
      Anne Boleyn is my 14th great grandaunt,
      And Queen Elizabeth 1 is my 1st cousin 15 xr.
      I come through the Lincoln line.

      Robert Lincoln is my 13th great grandfather. He married Margaret Albereye who is Anne Boleyn’s niece.

      My 14th great grandmother

  4. Sir John Shelton says:

    I am a decendant of Sir Ralph Shelton first lord of Norfolk and so on until Sir John Shelton married Anne Boleyn (the Aunt of Queen Anne Boleyn) then her decendant Peter Shelton came to Virgina in 1610 really cool discovery. I’ve always been fascinated by Anne Boleyn and where my family came from

  5. Sherri Taylor says:

    If you go far enough back, most people seem too have royal connections. My family (Whitney) were give a castle in the Welsh marshes. They (of Course) lived at Whitney on Wye. One of the family married Sybil Baskerville who was a relative of Walter Devereaux who was a decendent of a Plantagenet. The Whitneys came from Flanders and are in the Doomsday Book. Considering the Tudor family tree I see no reason Anne’s family would be anything that would be questioned. Wasn’t her grandmother married to the Earl of Ormand (sic)? I would think her family was a match for the Tudors.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I Come from the line of Anne Boleyn who married Sir Henry Heydon.
    This Anne Boleyn was Queen Anne great Aunt
    So that would put me as 2nd cousin with Queen Anne, and 3rd cousin to Queen Elizabeth 1.

    Queen Anne Boleyn great grandfather, sister is my great, great, great,great grandmother (forgot how many times removed)

  7. G Moore says:

    Ann Boleyn is my 13th cousin.

  8. Rachel Bowen. says:

    It amazes me that there are so many people who claim to be “descended from” persons they could not possibly be descended from. The poor grammar, worse reasoning and use of idiotic, superfluous words like “out there” .
    It makes reading the posts very dispiriting.

    1. Claire says:

      But many people who comment on this site are using a language which is not their own native language. I don’t want to put off anyone from commenting on this site, so all comments (apart from spam and offensive ones) are welcome.

  9. phil says:

    would any one know any thing about Honour Baskerville d1717 m Abraham Rakestraw,Cornwood

  10. Mary Boleyn is my 13th great grandmother. Is there any way to really know who my 13th great grandfather would be

  11. Pat Scherzinger says:

    Hi Claire. Wanted to check in and tell you how much I have enjoyed the coloring books as have my grandchildren. Wonderful illustrations and bios telling about each Royal you are working with. Have done mostly shading with as royal colors as possible. Looked all over for a blue and finally found one that I thought came as close as I was going to get. Wish that there were some pens and pencils that had the Royal colors in. Surely would love for that to happen. Maybe the powers that be will consider such a project. Have enjoyed your videos and reading all the different thoughts and information folks have left for you. I have enjoyed doing my family research and yes I to am a relative of all the folks you are talking about. My DNA says I am 87 per cent ENGLISH so I am bound to in there some where. You have a wonderful day. Thank you for your dedication and love of the Royals you study and learn about. I have surely enjoyed your messages to all. Thank You. Later Pat Scherzinger

  12. mark upton says:

    This is for Sherri Taylor, if she still checks at the site?
    My line of Boleyns was Capt. Thomas Boleyn of Dublin, formerly Bluxhall, (‘Blaxhull’), Suffolk, line of Rev. Richard Boleyn and Rev. William Boleyn of Suffolk.
    Daughter Maria of Capt. Thomas and Jane Graves was Col. Thomas Whitney… his origins in Ireland or England are a mystery, maybe it was the Whitney’s on Wye???

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