Unveiling Tudor Inspired Tattoos! Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, and More!

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you to share your Anne Boleyn and Tudor tattoos with me, and the response has been incredible! Thank you to everyone who emailed me and gave permission to showcase their stunning ink.

If you missed out or forgot to give permission, please email me at claire@theanneboleynfiles.com

Let’s dive into this amazing collection of Tudor-inspired tattoos!

Featured Tattoos:

  • Bill Wolff: His first tattoo, featuring a Fleur de Lys and Tudor Rose, honouring family heritage and his beloved wife.
  • Janet Clark: A unique design incorporating Anne Boleyn’s iconic B necklace and a King chess piece.
  • Ashley Silveous: An Anne Boleyn tattoo from 2015, celebrating her love for English history.
  • Elizabeth Roberts: A stylised Tudor Rose, designed by her son, Andrew, symbolising her passion for Tudor history.
  • Melissa Bryson: A beautiful B necklace tattoo.
  • Tina Kurtis: Two meaningful tattoos featuring Anne’s “most happy” motto and “remember me when you do pray” quote.
  • Julianne Boucher: A decade-old, still beautiful Anne Boleyn tattoo.
  • Beth von Staats: A collection including Anne’s signature, a Tudor Rose, a Canterbury Cross, and a red dragon, done by her son, Stephen von Staats.
  • Nanci Cole: An entire arm sleeve dedicated to Tudor history.
  • Aimee Cole: Anne’s quote from the Book of hours, symbolising hope.
  • Erin DiCola: Anne Boleyn’s motto with added hearts for her kids.
  • Hibah: Two tattoos celebrating her love for Anne Boleyn.
  • Jillian Aprati: A touching B necklace tattoo in memory of her cat, Bindi.
  • Danielle Capozzi: A work-in-progress sleeve dedicated to Anne Boleyn.
  • Alli Lavigne: Henry VIII’s signature, symbolising her complex feelings about his legacy.
  • Abigail Wilson: A tattoo featuring a peacock feather, a Tudor rose, pearls, and a pocket watch.
  • Rachael TreeTop: Anne Boleyn’s falcon badge and B necklace.
  • Linn Widén Boije from Stockholm: A beautiful Anne Boleyn portrait.
  • Kenzie Anne: A lovely tattoo of Elizabeth I.
  • Anna Marland: A striking Tudor rose design.
  • Alana Weir: Two tattoos, one with her favourite Anne Boleyn quote and another inspired by Natalie Dormer.
  • Lindsey Lee: An Anne Boleyn tattoo by Erica Flannes of New Orleans.

I’m so impressed by all this Tudor-inspired ink! Clearly, Tudor history means a lot to so many of you. Thank you for sharing your stories and tattoos with me – it’s been wonderful to see them all!

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