1553 Coronation of Mary I
1452 Birth of Richard III

1501 Catherine of Aragon lands at Plymouth

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1547 Birth of Miguel de Cervantes, poet, novelist and playwright, and author of Don Quixote

1514 Mary Tudor marries Louis XII of France

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1542 Death of Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder, poet

1549 Arrest of Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset

1537 Birth of Edward VI
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1586 Trial of Mary Queen of Scots began

1565 Death of Sir Thomas Chaloner, statesman and poet

1537 Christening of Edward VI

1582 Catholic Countries adopted the Gregorian Calendar

1555 Burnings of Bishops Ridley and Latimer, the Oxford Martyrs

1586 Commission finds Mary Queen of Scots guilty

1586 Death of Sir Philip Sidney, English poet
1541 Death of Margaret Tudor, sister of Henry VIII, wife of James IV and mother of James V.

1555 Elizabeth granted permission to return to Hatfield

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1537 Death of Jane Seymour

1529 Sir Thomas More made Chancellor
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1586 Parliament met, agreed with conviction of Mary Queen of Scots and demanded her execution

1485 Coronation of Henry VII

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