I was aiming to get this book out in time for Christmas, but life got in the way! It’s just in time to keep you occupied (and your mind off chocolate!) for Lent though!

It’s called The Tudor Puzzle Book: Word Searches, Crosswords and Fiendish Questions.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the very best fun you can have is Tudor fun, so this book will definitely help you with that.

Here is the blurb:

Think you know about Tudor history – this is the book for you! – The Tudor Society

With over 50 word searches and crossword puzzles, this book is packed with enough Tudor questions to keep any history buff happy. Whatever your level, this book will be a challenge for the mind, and is the perfect Tudor knowledge quiz book.

  • How many of Henry VIII’s marriages were officially annulled?
  • What is the Grey family home?
  • Which word did the dying Elizabeth say “is not to be used to princes”?
  • Where was George Boleyn arrested?
  • Which man was sent from London with forces to apprehend Mary?
  • Which Christmas vegetable made its debut in England in the late 1580s?
  • And lots more…

The Tudor Puzzle Book is available as a paperback from Amazon’s international sites. You can find it on your country’s Amazon site by using this link – http://getbook.at/tudorpuzzlebook

It’s only just come out so stock levels will fluctuate.

You can see the book ‘in the flesh’ in this video:

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8 thoughts on “My new book – The Tudor Puzzle Book: Word Searches, Crosswords and Fiendish Questions”
  1. Sounds the perfect gift for Tudor buffs, I must add that I received your book ‘The Illustrated Kings And Queens Of England’ for Christmas Claire, and it’s a truly beautiful book, I’m going to order your other book ‘Sweating Sickness In A Nutshell’ as I’m very interested in the plagues which afflicted our unfortunate ancestors.

    1. Oh thank you, Christine! I’m so glad to hear that you liked Illustrated Kings and Queens, I very much enjoyed putting that together and the colorising was quite a family project.

      1. Yes I saw your daughter Verity was involved to, it’s nice when all the family get involved – a joint project, I mean to buy your book on George Boleyn to there’s quite a few biographies on Mary Boleyn but think your book is the only biography on George, and like you have said before, he really is just as fascinating as his more famous sister Anne.

  2. Looks excellent. Yes, the brain requires testing in order to get going. Looking forward to adding it to my collection. I am terrible at cross word puzzles, probably because I am impatient but word searches, quizzes, that’s my forte. Congratulations on the new book.

      1. Neither is Steve a great history buff. He is interested and asks plenty of questions, to which he gets detailed answers, but it wasn’t his greatest subject at school. That’s why he had to marry me. Someone has to keep the universe in balance.

        I was just saying this afternoon, when we are old, we won’t be telling people the same stories of our childhood over and over again, we’ll be telling stories about Anne Boleyn as if we were there over and over again.

        1. Just received my copy from Amazon, really looks great. Thanks for doing the printing big, really helpful and easy on the eyes. Nobody is allowed to write in it, answers on paper only. No cheating and a plenty of good fun for years to come.
          Thanks for putting it together.


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