The Anne Boleyn Day Competition Winner is…

May21,2013 #competition

Anne Boleyn day competitionCongratulations to Mikaela Thompson whose correct entry was picked randomly to win the Anne Boleyn themed bag of goodies in our Anne Boleyn Day competition. I have also picked two runners-up who each win a signed copy of my book The Anne Boleyn Collection – congratulations to Sanna Turakka and to Dina. I will be contacting all three of you for your addresses.

Here are the correct answers to the competition questions:

  1. In what year did Claire Ridgway start The Anne Boleyn Files? – 2009
  2. What nationality is Claire? – British
  3. Who was Anne Boleyn’s Master of the Horse? – William Coffin ( I also accepted other variations of his surname)
  4. Which ambassador referred to Anne Boleyn as “the concubine”? – Eustace Chapuys
  5. How many Tudor books has Claire written? – 3 (The Anne Boleyn Collection, The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown, and On This Day in Tudor History)
  6. Sandra Byrd’s To Die For tells Anne Boleyn’s story through which woman’s eyes? – Meg (Margaret) Wyatt
  7. Where does Sarah Morris’s title Le Temps Viendra come from? – From Anne Boleyn’s inscription in her Book of Hours. I also accepted answers referring to Sarah Morris’s personal reasons for the use of the title.
  8. Susan Bordo’s The Creation of Anne Boleyn is described as “Part biography, part …” (2 words) – Cultural History
  9. Which Tudor queen did Katherine Longshore’s first Tudor novel feature? – Katherine Howard
  10. Where is Anne Boleyn’s resting place (be specific)? In the Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula at the Tower of London.
  11. Where was Anne Boleyn crowned queen? Westminster Abbey
  12. Which movie had a scene in which Henry VIII visited Anne Boleyn in the Tower and Anne told Henry “MY Elizabeth SHALL BE QUEEN! And my blood will have been well spent!” – Anne of the Thousand Days

Thank you to all those who entered and to those who also sent messages regarding the website and the competition – you’re all lovely and I wish you could all win. I received exactly 250 entries!

Thank you once again to the authors who donated prizes for the competition.

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