#PortraitTuesday – Anne Boleyn in the Tower by Édouard Cibot

Anne Boleyn in the Tower by Edouard CibotThis week’s #PortraitTuesday treat is a well-known 19th century Anne Boleyn portrait.

The Anne Boleyn in the Tower portrait dates to 1835 and was painted by French painter Édouard Cibot (1799-1877). It is housed in the Musée Rolin in Autun, Burgundy, France.

It’s a beautiful painting and I have used it a lot here on the Anne Boleyn Files to illustrate posts about Anne Boleyn’s time in the Tower of London in May 1536. I always wonder, though, which of the two women depicted in the painting is Anne. I’m inclined to choose the seated figure because of her black dress, black being an expensive colour of fabric, and also because she is wearing more jewellery. She just strikes me as more “queenly”. What do you think?

I love the Book of Hours or Bible that you can see in the background, something that would have given Anne comfort in her last days.

You can click on the portrait to enlarge it.

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4 thoughts on “#PortraitTuesday – Anne Boleyn in the Tower by Édouard Cibot”
  1. I agree. I think the lady in black is Anne. Have you heard who the kneeling woman is supposed to be?

    1. I always assumed the kneeling lady is Anne, surely? The lady in black has her face hidden and the emphasis would be on the subject of Anne, moreover she is richly dressed and is depicted with long brunette tresses, a servant would have her hair bound.

      1. I think the female on the ground is younger, hence the loose hair, and I’d say the lady in the background is much more richly dressed if you look at her jewellery and the fact that she is wearing the most expensive colour of fabric. Who knows? It’s an interesting question.

        1. Yes I see where your coming from, black was a costly fabric and only worn by those of high status and she is wearing more jewellery, I just always assumed the kneeling lady was Anne as she dominates the picture.

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