Advent treats from the Anne Boleyn Files Advent Calendar!

Posted By on December 1, 2019

Every year, I organise an online Anne Boleyn Files Advent Calendar offering you Tudor treats every day from 1st to 24th December, and you’ll be glad to know that I’ve done it again this year – yay!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the historians, authors, poets and bloggers who have kindly contributed this year. It’s going to be a wonderful calendar!

Number 1 is waiting for you to enjoy – thank you to Catherine Brooks. You can access the Anne Boleyn Files Advent Calendar by clicking here or by clicking on Anne Boleyn’s speech bubble on the image at the top of the website. Doesn’t Anne look nice and warm?!

Please do check back every day and enjoy the daily Tudor treats.

I’m also offering some special treats on YouTube from 1st December to 24th December with my little canine helper (just two weeks ago, she was on the streets of our village!). These are on top of my “on this day” videos. Here’s the first treat and please do subscribe to my channel to enjoy the videos and community posts.

Tudor Society members can also look forward to a new ebook that will be added to the Tudor Society Ebook series very soon!

6 thoughts on “Advent treats from the Anne Boleyn Files Advent Calendar!”

  1. Michael Wright says:

    Thank you Claire for including Teasel in this video. She is quite the cutie.
    I’d seen war dogs in movies but had no idea this was a real thing.

    To those of you who have never visited this Advent calendar before be sure to come back every day between now and Christmas. Each day is a fun little goodie and you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Christine says:

    What a beautiful dog such a lovely face and it’s great that you gave her a home Claire, some dogs and cats are wandering the streets starving and miserable and frightened because their owners have thrown them out, my friend rescued a dog from Rumania a few years ago, she’s beautiful and she had been rejected by her family, some people are so cruel, she’s happy with her new family and her other pets have accepted her, it’s so lovely when you can give an animal a home.

  3. Michael Wright says:

    Thank you Natasha. I very much enjoyed the ballad.

  4. Christine says:

    I loved Natasha’s ballad, it was very clever and one would think it was copied from an original 16thc poem, whilst reading I was imagining the bowling scene with Wyatt and Henry V111, their jests at each other which were full of hidden meaning, Wyatt was respectful to his monarch yet made it known he wished to win Anne, and Henry was equally determined she should be his, they were of course both married but unhappily, not that Henry’s marriage was like Wyatts, and he was not unhappy in so much as being rather bored with Katherine and she had not given him a son who lived, she was a good queen, I think Anne dazzled him because she was so different from his staid demure wife, it was partly due to her vitality I believe and it was something which also drew Wyatt to her as well as Henry Percy.

  5. Michael Wright says:

    Thank you Ms. Gaston. I must say in that scene you can cut the tension with a knife. It really makes you think about the historical relationships between a monarch and their consort when they are alone. Love the cover of the book.

  6. Michael Wright says:

    This is in regards to boy/choir Bishop. This is such a beautiful tradition and it is so wonderful to know it is still being practiced in some places. Thank you.

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