Reminder – Grab your Anne Boleyn goodies before the end of 30th November!


Hello! I know I haven’t been posting much recently but I’ve been busy preparing the Anne Boleyn Files Advent Calendar as well as settling in a new dog that we’ve just rescued from the streets – busy, busy!

I just wanted to post a reminder about the Anne Boleyn goodies that I’m giving away with my latest book, The Anne Boleyn Collection III. They’re available until the end of 30th November, so do act quickly. It’s just my way of thanking my valued readers.

All you have to do is buy The Anne Boleyn Collection III before midnight on 30th November 2019 (kindle or paperback) and you can get:

  • “The Life of Anne Boleyn” online course (18 video/audio lessons, worth $75) which includes the audio book version of my best-selling The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown
  • And two digital magazines: The Boleyns Tudor Life edition from May 2019 and Anne Boleyn Tudor Life edition from May 2015.

You can order The Anne Boleyn Collection III on Amazon – click here to find it on your country’s Amazon site – and then come back to this post and fill in the details in the form below. You’ll find your order number in the confirmation email Amazon sent you or in the “orders” section of your account on Amazon.

I do hope you enjoy these gifts.

By the way, if you’ve read The Anne Boleyn Collection III, then I’d really appreciate an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads – thank you so much!


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7 thoughts on “Reminder – Grab your Anne Boleyn goodies before the end of 30th November!”
  1. I had noticed that you hadn’t posted much, but you have rescued a dog and so all is forgiven! Is the dog to be named Purkoy?

  2. Hi Claire! I love your site and just received the email of the items to purchase by November 30th. I forgot what date it was today, December 1st, and purchased the online Kindle book thinking I was still going to get the online course. I was wondering if I could still get the online course?? I was really looking forward to doing that, I just had my days mixed up! Thank you!!

  3. There isn’t any form for me to fill out to receive my freebies. I purchased your book on the 29th ,and I’ve tried a few times to contact you via email to find out what I need to do to receive your offers.
    I know the holidays are upon us and you must be very busy,but could you please take a moment and direct me in receiving what I purchased?..p.s. I enjoyed your book,just completed it.
    Thank you
    Happy holidays.

      1. I replied to the original email you sent to me offering this deal! When I clicked on the link in the email you sent me,it took me to Amazon,I paid the $3.99 received my ebook..and that was it!!
        No form at the bottom of your email like it stated it was..NOTHING.
        I like your books..But,I would not have paid that much for so few pages of reading,if you hadn’t have offered the freebies! I would just have waited for it to eventually go on sale to purchase!
        I saved the original email you sent me and I’m going back into my email and Am going to forward it to the address you left in the reply to my latest attempt to get help receiving the things I paid for.
        I have to say I am not very happy about this,feel like the wool has been pulled over my eyes.
        Expecting a repy soon.

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