Anne Boleyn gifts for you!


If you saw my post last week, you will know that my latest book, The Anne Boleyn Collection III, comes out this Thursday, 14th November, on Kindle and in paperback. Yay!

The Anne Boleyn Collection III is available to pre-order at the moment on kindle – click here, and a big thank you to all those who have pre-ordered it because it shot to Number One in new releases in the History of Renaissance Europe category. Thank you!

The Anne Boleyn Collection III isn’t a biography or history book as such, it is a collection of articles and is my way of celebrating 10 years of the Anne Boleyn Files. I can’t believe that I’ve been posting articles and videos here for 10 years. Time really does fly when you’re having fun, and the very best kind of fun is Tudor history fun, don’t you think?

This site wouldn’t have lasted these ten years without your support and interactions, and I certainly wouldn’t have even one book published without you, so I’d like to thank you, valued readers, by giving away some Anne Boleyn-themed gifts with The Anne Boleyn Collection III. Pre-order or order The Anne Boleyn Collection III before midnight on 30th November 2019 (kindle or paperback) and you’ll get my “The Life of Anne Boleyn” online course (18 video/audio lessons, worth $75) which includes the audio book version of my best-selling The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown, AND two digital magazines: The Boleyns Tudor Life edition from May 2019 and Anne Boleyn Tudor Life edition from May 2015. You’ll be ‘Boleyned’ out! I do love being a Tudor fairy and sharing the Tudor love.

To get these Anne Boleyn gifts, simply order The Anne Boleyn Collection III on Amazon – you can click here to find it on your country’s Amazon site – and then fill in the details in the form below. You’ll find your order number in the confirmation email Amazon sent you or in the “orders” section of your account on Amazon. If you ordered last week, you can still find your order number in your Amazon email or account online, and enter it here. I do hope you enjoy these gifts.


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