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1560 Death of Francis II of France
6 7
1545 Birth of Henry, Lord Darnley
1542 Birth of Mary Queen of Scots
9 10
1541 Executions of Thomas Culpeper and Francis Dereham
11 12
1574 Birth of Anne of Denmark, wife of King James VI/I
1542 Death of James V of Scotland and accession of Mary Queen of Scots at just a few days old

1577 Sir Francis Drake left Plymouth to circumnavigate the globe

1558 Mary I buried at Westminster Abbey
1485 Birth of Catherine of Aragon in Alcalá de Henares, near Madrid

Catherine was born during the night of the 15th/16th

1485 Birth of Catherine of Aragon in Alcalá de Henares, near Madrid
1538 Henry VIII is excommunicated
18 19
1562 Battle of Dreux between Catholic and Huguenots
20 21
1549 Death of Margaret of Navarre (Marguerite de Navarre, Marguerite d’Angouleme), Queen Consort of Henry II of Navarre and famous figure of the French Renaissance
22 23
1588 Assassination of Henri de Lorraine, the Duke of Guise, at the Chateau de Blois
24 25 26 27
1539 Anne of Cleves arrived in England, at Deal in Kent
29 30
1546 Henry VIII named Edward VI his heir in his will
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