Find out about a special New Year’s gift Anne Boleyn commissioned from Hans Holbein the Younger for Henry VIII in my short video below and/or click on the links to articles I’ve written to read more about it.

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3 thoughts on “#WednesdayFact – Anne Boleyn commissioned a special gift for Henry VIII from Holbein”
  1. I assume Holbein didn’t leave any drawings of the fountain or you would have shown them. What a shame! I’m afraid I find the description a bit strange. Nowadays a fountain with the water squirting out from the boobs of three ladies seems a bit tacky, but no doubt back then it didn’t cause comment. Maybe it was an in-joke.

  2. Must have been beautiful and how sad it is no longer with us, Anne bestowed this on the king as a sign of deep respect of the honour he had bestowed upon her, maybe after her fall from grace he had it destroyed along with her paintings, must have cost her a great deal of money.

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