#portraittuesday – The Hever roundel portrait of Anne Boleyn

May2,2023 #Anne Boleyn

This week’s #portraittuesday is a gorgeous portrait from Hever Castle’s collection.

P.S. It’s usually in the Queen’s Chamber but there’s a special exhibition on at the moment “Catherine and Anne: Queen, Rivals, Mothers”, so it might have been moved.

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One thought on “#portraittuesday – The Hever roundel portrait of Anne Boleyn”
  1. This portrait of Anne is another one my favourites, I did suspect that it was of a later date because of the style and it is indeed beautiful, she seems to come alive in this portrait her skin looks animated and any minute I expect her to open her mouth and move her eyes, one of the portraits I spied in the video was said for many years to be that of Catherine Howard, but research has shown that the sitter was quite possibly Elizabeth Seymour, Jane Seymour’s sister, her apparel is too plain and she wears little jewellery, I love the wax figures of Anne and her fellow queens, however I have an irrational fear of dummies, I always feel they are going to come alive any minute, how I would hate to be in a room after dark with them! Enjoying these videos very much Claire, I will say happy coronation to you as no doubt you will be watching it on tv like millions of us in Britain and around the world!

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