The John Hoskins Miniature of Anne Boleyn

Posted By on February 22, 2012

Hoskins miniature of Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn miniature by John Hoskins

As today is the anniversary of the death of miniaturist John Hoskins in 1665, I thought it was only right to share with you his beautiful miniature of Anne Boleyn.

This miniature, although painted in the 17th century, is said to have been based on “an ancient original” and Anne Boleyn’s biographer, historian Eric Ives, puts forward the idea that Hoskins may have had access to a lost Holbein portrait of Anne Boleyn, a full-length portrait known to have been in the possession of Lord Lumley in 1590 and known to have existed as late as 1773. Ives believes that this miniature “is the best depiction of Anne we are ever likely to have, failing the discovery of new material”, so it is an important work of art.

Isn’t it beautiful?

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Notes and Sources

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