Which colours did Anne Boleyn like?

| February 5, 2021

In this edition of my series on “Questions about Anne Boleyn”, I consider which colours Anne Boleyn liked. It’s impossible to say what Anne Boleyn’s favourite colour was, but we do know the colours Anne chose to wear and the colours she chose for fabrics for Elizabeth’s nursery and clothes. Find out which colour fabrics […]

What did Anne Boleyn look like?

| February 22, 2019

I have just published the latest instalment of my “Questions about Anne Boleyn” series on the Anne Boleyn Files and Tudor Society YouTube channel. This one answers the question “What did Anne Boleyn look like?”. In my video talk, I look at Nicholas Sander’s description of her from 1585 and then look at how Anne […]

Anne Boleyn and the Lady in the Garter image: The Arguments

| May 4, 2017

Phew! It’s been an exciting few days! My scheduled work has gone out of the window and I’ve been debating a 16th-century image and doing research related to it. Schedule be gone! This is much more exciting! If you’ve missed it all, this story all started on Tuesday 25th April when art historian and author […]

An update on Anne Boleyn and the Lady of the Garter image

| May 3, 2017

You may remember that last week I shared an article by art historian and author Roland Hui regarding an image from The Black Book of the Garter attributed to Lucas Horenbout, which Roland Hui believed might well be Anne Boleyn. Roland made the following points: The Black Book was created in 1534, while Henry VIII […]

Another contemporary image of Anne Boleyn?

| April 26, 2017

Thank you to art historian Roland Hui for letting me know about an article he has just written on his blog. The article is about an image in the Black Book of the Garter, a beautiful illumination of a queen consort presiding over a meeting of the Order of the Garter. As Roland says, in […]

A facial reconstruction of Anne Boleyn? No!

| June 7, 2016

I’m not sure how it started, but a photo of a wax model of Queen Anne Boleyn keeps being shared in social media as a facial reconstruction of Anne Boleyn, done from her skull. I keep commenting to correct this, but it doesn’t seem to change anything, so I thought I’d write this post. Please […]

Lady Bergavenny turns into Anne Boleyn?

| April 14, 2016

On Sunday 10th April 2016 Anne Boleyn hit the news with articles in the Sunday Times and Mail Online claiming that a copy of a lost portrait of Anne Boleyn had been found by Alison Weir.1 Now, this wasn’t news to everyone as Weir had shared her eBay find on her Facebook page and that […]

What did Anne Boleyn look like and does it really matter?

| February 23, 2015

Historian and author Conor Byrne discusses Anne Boleyn’s physical appearance, primary source descriptions of Anne and the controversy over her appearance in an article over on The Tudor Society website. Here’s an excerpt and you can just click on “more” to read the rest of the article. Every aspect of Anne Boleyn’s life is controversial. […]