In this edition of my series on “Questions about Anne Boleyn”, I consider which colours Anne Boleyn liked.

It’s impossible to say what Anne Boleyn’s favourite colour was, but we do know the colours Anne chose to wear and the colours she chose for fabrics for Elizabeth’s nursery and clothes.

Find out which colour fabrics were ordered for and by Anne Boleyn in this talk.

Glossary of terms:
Sarsenet: a fine, soft silk fabric.
Buckram: a coarse linen or other cloth stiffened with gum or paste.
Damask: a rich, heavy silk or linen fabric with a pattern woven into it.
Cloth of gold: a fabric made of silk or wool interwoven with gold threads.
Miniver – Used as a trim, usually from the red squirrel, but its white part/winter coat.
Ermine – Fur from the stoat.

You can see cloth of gold at, that’s my friend Bess Chilver who is a re-enactor and costume expert.

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