#portraittuesday – The 1534 Anne Boleyn Medal

Posted By on May 16, 2023

This week’s Anne Boleyn portrait is the 1534 medal, a contemporary image of Anne Boleyn.

See http://www.lucychurchill.com/anne-boleyn-moost-happi-medal-reconstruction/ for more on Lucy Churchill’s reconstruction of the medal.

1 thought on “#portraittuesday – The 1534 Anne Boleyn Medal”

  1. Christine says:

    This medal is so exciting because it is a contemporary piece and survived the wasteful destruction of Henry V111 after his second queens death, the medal also resembles many of the portraits done of Anne with the sitters long oval face and high cheekbones, the medal struck in her honour was also another sign of the kings deep love and reverence for her.

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