The Turbulent Crown: Anne Boleyn’s execution

| May 19, 2017

As part of Anne Boleyn Day 2017, our commemoration of Anne Boleyn’s execution on this day in 1536, art historian and author Roland Hui is sharing an excerpt from his book The Turbulent Crown: The Story of the Tudor Queens about Anne’s execution. Roland’s publisher, MadeGlobal Publishing, is doing a special giveaway of two hand-painted […]

New history books on queens and queenship

| January 16, 2017

As if we haven’t already got enough on our “to read lists, 2016 ended and 2017 began with the releases of more books that look as if they are must-reads for anyone interested in the lives of medieval and Tudor queens. I suppose there are worse ways to ‘go’ than being drowned by books! Huge […]

In Celebration of International Women’s Day

| March 8, 2015

To celebrate International Women’s Day, I wanted to draw attention to some articles on this site about Henry VIII’s wives and some other high-profile women of the Tudor period. Catherine of Aragon – The Boring One? Anne Boleyn – The Mysterious and Maligned One Jane Seymour – The Meek and Mild One? Anne of Cleves […]

Celebrating The Six Wives and Tudor Women

| March 8, 2010

As today is International Women’s Day, I thought it would be good to look at the women I’ve come across in my research into Anne Boleyn and Tudor times and to celebrate their lives. These women inspire us so much – whether they give us creative inspiration, act as role models or just feed our […]