Happy St Patrick’s Day!

| March 17, 2016

Happy St Patrick’s Day to all those in Ireland or with Irish ancestry, or to anyone who celebrates the feast day of St Patrick. Have a wonderful day! To celebrate, here are some articles about the Boleyns’ links to Ireland: The Clonony Boleyn Girls Anne Boleyn’s Irish Roots – Lady Margaret Butler and the Butlers […]

4 March 1522 – Anne Boleyn and the Chateau Vert Pageant

| March 4, 2016

On Shrove Tuesday 1522, 4th March, Anne Boleyn took part in the pageant of “The Château Vert” at York Place, a property owned by Cardinal Thomas Wolsey. This was her first recorded public appearance at court since her return from France in late 1521. The pageant was part of the Shrovetide celebrations which began on […]

Anne Boleyn and Mary Boleyn – Two Sisters

| October 1, 2015

Recently, I asked my Facebook followers what aspects of Anne Boleyn’s life they’d like me to write more about on The Anne Boleyn Files, and one that was mentioned by quite a few people was Anne’s relationship with her sister Mary. People are, understandably, intrigued by these two sisters, particularly as there have been very […]

20 July 1524 – Queen Claude of France dies

| July 20, 2015

On 20th July 1524, Queen Claude of France, wife of Francis I, died at Blois at the age of just twenty-four. She was temporarily laid to rest in the chapel there, but then moved to the royal abbey of Saint-Denis just outside Paris in 1527. At Easter, Tim and I visited Saint-Denis and I was […]

Anne Boleyn’s Love Life prior to Henry VIII: Henry Percy and Thomas Wyatt

| September 19, 2014

Anne Boleyn’s Love Life prior to Henry VIII: Henry Percy and Thomas Wyatt

Before Anne Boleyn became romantically involved with Henry VIII, her name was linked to two courtiers: Henry Percy, son of the Earl of Northumberland and a member of Cardinal Wolsey’s household, and Thomas Wyatt the Elder, the famous Tudor poet. I want to share with you today two videos I did as sample “Claire Chats” […]

Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII – When did they get together?

| September 17, 2014

The Tudors series would have us believe that Henry VIII first noticed Anne Boleyn at the Château Vert Pageant, just after Anne had made her debut at the English court, but the first solid evidence we have of Henry VIII being in love with Anne is Henry’s request to the Pope in August 1527 for […]

The Negotiations for Anne Boleyn to marry James Butler

| September 2, 2014

In today’s part of my series on Anne Boleyn’s life, I’m going to examine the negotiations which aimed to marry Anne Boleyn off to James Butler, son of Sir Piers Butler, and to settle the dispute over the title of Earl of Ormond. This article is based on a chapter of my book The Anne […]

Anne Boleyn Plays Perseverance – March 1522

| August 22, 2014

The next part in my Anne Boleyn’s Life series… As I mentioned in my article Anne Boleyn and the French Court 1514-1521, Anne Boleyn was recalled from France in late 1521. We don’t know when she arrived back in England or when she arrived at Henry VIII’s court, but she was there by 4th March […]