Happy Easter to you all!

| April 4, 2021

He is risen! Happy Easter! On Easter Sunday in medieval and Tudor times, the candles in the church and around the Easter sepulchre were extinguished, and then the church lights were re-lit by the priest, from a fire. The sepulchre was opened, and Christ’s resurrection was celebrated with a special mass. The Easter Sunday mass […]

He is risen! Happy Easter!

| April 21, 2019

Happy Easter to all Anne Boleyn Files followers! I hope you have a wonderful Sunday whatever your plans are. You can read about how Easter was celebrated in my article from last year – He is Risen – Easter Sunday and the Tudors. Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday – He is risen from death

| April 16, 2017

Today is Easter Sunday and Christians around the world will be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Tudor times, an Easter sepulchre had been prepared on Good Friday. This sepulchre represented the sealed tomb Christ had been laid to rest in following his crucifixion. It consisted of a stone or wooden niche filled with […]

Easter Sunday – A celebration of Christ’s Resurrection

| March 27, 2016

According to the Gospel of John, it was on the first day of the week, the Sunday following Christ’s crucifixion on the Friday, that Mary Magdalene came to Christ’s sepulchre and found that the stone sealing it had been rolled away. She ran to tell the disciples and came across Peter and John, telling them […]

Christ is our Easter Lamb

| April 5, 2015

Happy Easter! One of my favourite books in my collection of history books is a copy of French Reformer Jacques Lefèvre d’Étaples’ book Epistres et Evangiles pour les cinquante et deux semaines de l’an (Epistles and Gospels for the 52 Weeks of the Year). It is a special book for me because Anne Boleyn was […]

Good Friday – How was it remembered in Tudor times?

| April 3, 2015

On Good Friday in the sixteenth century, people would attend a church ceremony known as “Creeping to the Cross”. Jesus Christ’s suffering and crucifixion, and what it meant, were commemorated by the clergy getting down on their hands and knees and creeping up to a crucifix held up before the altar. This “creeping” would culminate […]

Maundy Thursday

| April 2, 2015

Today is Maundy Thursday, the feast day that commemorates the Last Supper, that final meal that Jesus Christ had with his disciples before his arrest, so I just wanted to share with you some articles I have written on the topic: Maundy Thursday Anne Boleyn and Maundy Thursday 2 April – On this day in […]

Good Friday

| April 18, 2014

Today is Good Friday, the day when Christians like me remember Christ’s sacrifice in dying for our sins on the cross. On Good Friday in Tudor times, people attended the ceremony known as “Creeping to the Cross”. Christ’s suffering and crucifixion, and what it meant, were commemorated by the clergy creeping up to a crucifix […]