World Poetry Day 2017

| March 21, 2017

World Poetry Day 2017

A Facebook post by the BBC has just alerted me to the fact that it is World Poetry Day today. How can I be a literature lover and not know that? Oh dear! I love so many poems, but because I have a rather soft spot for Thomas Wyatt the Elder I will share one […]

St David’s Day and the Tudors

| March 1, 2017

Happy St David’s Day! Yes, 1st March is the feast day of St David (Dewi Sant), the patron saint of Wales. Why am I posting about that on the Anne Boleyn Files? I hear you ask. Well, one reason is that I’m half Welsh and my Welsh roots are important to me, but the main […]

Happy Shrove Tuesday!

| February 28, 2017

Happy Shrove Tuesday!

Today is Shrove Tuesday, the last of the three days of Shrovetide and the last chance to enjoy yourself before Lent, which was a period of fasting (no meat, eggs, cheese or sex) in Tudor times. As I said in my post yesterday, Shrove Tuesday was marked with court celebrations and entertainment such as jousting, […]


| February 26, 2017

Today is Shrove Sunday, the seventh Sunday before Easter and the beginning of Shrovetide. Shrovetide comprises three days: Shrove Sunday, Collop Monday and Shrove Tuesday. The word “Shrove” comes from “shriving”, the confession of sins and the receiving of absolution for them, and Shrovetide was time to prepare for Lent and the last opportunity to […]

Goblin Alert!

| February 2, 2017

Goblin Alert!

No, I haven’t gone mad and I’m not drunk, I just felt that it was my civic responsibility to alert you to the risk of goblins today. Now I know that the shops have been full of Easter eggs since New Year [sigh…], but the Christmas season does not officially end until the Feast of […]

Friday 13th

| January 13, 2017

If you haven’t already noticed, today is Friday 13th, the so-called unlucky day which has given its name to slasher movies and leads some people to change their plans for the day. I’m not very suspicious, although I will occasionally say “touch wood” after saying something good, but I do find superstitions interesting. I did […]

Epiphany and a royal wedding

| January 6, 2017

Epiphany and a royal wedding

Today, 6th January, is Epiphany, the feast day celebrating the visit of the Magi to the Christ Child, and a day which brought the Twelve Days of Christmas to a close in medieval and Tudor England. Epiphany at the royal court was celebrated with feasting and pageantry, and you can find out all about it […]

Happy New Year 2017

| January 1, 2017

Happy New Year to you! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that 2017 brings you all that you could wish for! Thank you for following the Anne Boleyn Files, it means so much to me. Now, as I’ve explained before – click here – the 1st January was not the start of the […]