20 December – Christmas Countdown

Nativity crib scenes are very popular at Christmas today, but how far do they date back?

Find out in this special video…

See https://belendearena.es/en/ for some photos of beautiful sand Nativity scenes.

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One thought on “20 December – Christmas Countdown”
  1. Over here the shop windows are dressed up with their own items draped in baubles and other Christmas decorations, large glittery stags and gonks and trolls, I used to love seeing the windows in Harrods and Selfridges they often had a fairytale theme, one Christmas Selfridges had Alice In Wonderland going down the rabbit hole, and I took my young nephew to Harrods where they had scenes from Aladdin in their windows, we only see cribs in churches and cathedrals in Britain and at the Salvation Army when they have their Carol concerts.

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