Happy Easter to you all!

Posted By on April 4, 2021

He is risen! Happy Easter!

On Easter Sunday in medieval and Tudor times, the candles in the church and around the Easter sepulchre were extinguished, and then the church lights were re-lit by the priest, from a fire. The sepulchre was opened, and Christ’s resurrection was celebrated with a special mass.

The Easter Sunday mass marked the end of Lent, a period where people’s diets were restricted, so it was only natural to celebrate it with good food. Dairy products and meat were back on the menu, and people enjoyed roasted meats like chicken, lamb and veal.

I love reformer William Tyndale’s translation of the New Testament and thought I’d share with you John 20, which, as she owned a copy of Tyndale’s New Testament, I’m sure Anne Boleyn would have read on Easter Sunday. The spelling is the original.

“The morow after the saboth daye came Mary Magdalene erly when it was yet darcke vnto ye sepulcre and sawe the stone taken awaye from ye toumbe. Then she ranne and came to Simon Peter and to the other disciple whome Iesus loved and sayde vnto them. They have taken awaye the Lorde out of the toumbe and we cannot tell where they have layde him. Peter went forth and that other disciple and came vnto the sepulcre. They ranne bothe to gether and that other disciple dyd out runne Peter and came fyrst to the sepulcre. And he stouped doune and sawe the lynnen clothes lyinge yet went he not in.

Then came Simon Peter folowynge him and went into ye sepulcre and sawe the lynnen clothes lye and the napkyn that was aboute his heed not lyinge with the lynnen clothe but wrapped togeder in a place by it selfe. Then went in also that other disciple which came fyrst to the sepulcre and he sawe and beleved. For as yet they knew not the scriptures that he shuld ryse agayne from deeth.

And the disciples went awaye agayne vnto their awne home. Mary stode with out at the sepulcre wepynge. And as she wept she bowed her selfe into the sepulcre and sawe two angels in whyte sittyng the one at the heed and the other at the fete where they had layde the body of Iesus. And they sayde vnto her: woman why wepest thou? She sayde vnto the: For they have taken awaye my lorde and I wote not where they have layde him. When she had thus sayde she turned her selfe backe and sawe Iesus stondynge and knewe not that it was Iesus. Iesus sayde vnto her: woman why wepest thou? Whom sekest thou? She supposynge that he had bene the gardener sayde vnto him. Syr yf thou have borne him hece tell me where thou hast layde him that I maye fet him. Iesus sayde vnto her: Mary. She turned her selfe and sayde vnto him: Rabboni which is to saye master. Iesus sayde vnto her touche me not for I am not yet ascended to my father. But goo to my brethren and saye vnto them I ascende vnto my father and youre father to: my god and youre god. Mary Magdalene came and tolde the disciples yt she had sene the lorde and yt he had spoken soche thinges vnto her.

The same daye at nyght which was the morowe after ye saboth daye when the dores were shut where the disciples were assembled to geder for feare of the Iewes came Iesus and stode in the myddes and sayd to the: peace be with you. And when he had so sayde he shewed vnto them his hondes and his syde. Then were the disciples glad when they sawe the Lorde. Then sayde Iesus to them agayne: peace be with you. As my father sent me even so sende I you. And when he had sayde that he brethed on them and sayde vnto the: Receave ye holy goost. Whosoevers synnes ye remyt they are remitted vnto the. And whosoevers synnes ye retayne they are retayned.” John 20: 1-23

Picture: Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Raphael, 1502.

19 thoughts on “Happy Easter to you all!”

  1. Christine says:

    Happy Easter to everyone hope you enjoy your hot x buns and chocolate eggs!

  2. Banditqueen says:

    Happy Easter Weekend and Happy Liverpool River Lights Festival.

    No I am not mad, we are out and about in Liverpool. Covid controls are in place so its safe and you can see 11 light shows until tomorrow across our River front. We have a 30 meter rainbow and butterflies and many fantastic lights, easter eggs and talking heads. Gor the local people only, a wonderful walk and very happy. Free at last. Six people from different houses can mix outside. Circles mark out the bubble space on the grass on Chavasse park. Sunshine and we are all very happy. Check out our pictures on Twitter and across social media and at Visit Liverpool website.

    Happy Easter to one and all. Happy Resurrection Day and Passover.

    1. Christine says:

      Wow sounds great fun, I was invited round my sisters for lunch, she ordered fresh home made sandwiches cakes and scones, and I took round some Asti, weather was beautiful so warm not a cloud in the sky, was lovely to meet up after so long.

      1. Banditqueen says:

        I know. Easter Day Services again, although with restrictions of course and there will be several events tested to see if they go ahead safely. This was the idea here, it was good, but there were a lot of people came later and they were not local. A steward was showing people the alternative routes to avoid the crowd. Both sides of the docks have a narrow bridge only and that causes a problem, but there is another route which is quiet, if you know it. It takes you out, then along the Strand to the Albert Dock. We have the best water front in the entire world. Its one big bloom of colour and culture. It was great to be out in the sun and it was a warm evening. The event will ve back in October and November but extended. The art works are all made locally. Next week the shops open and you can sit in a beer garden or cafe outside space. It’s good for some normality. I will not be going to the shops until the first week as you know what will happen, the world will be there. The sun is just rising. Its windy but so clear. Spring is here.

        Its nice you could sit down with your friend after such a long time. Sounds lovely cake and drinks. I was so worn out I just had a quiet day. I have contorted my hip which is causing groin pain and my osteopath put it back but it takes four weeks to heal. It was having a party yesterday. I use some essential oil massage rubs as they get to the heart of the matter. Pain killers seem to go in the other direction. I think tomorrow it will be take away coffee and a light walk. We are going down to see another display that we missed today, and have something to eat at the bus outside buffet. Its all takeaway but with seats close by. We will be going early so will avoid any crowd. Its being extended until the end of the week so no rush.

        On Chavasse park there are circles on the grass to mark out bubbles with space in between. That will allow social distancing. I hope they repair the lifts though as they and the escalators are off. There is a path up but its a bit steep. O. K coming down but Liverpool One have obviously not thought about wheelchair users. Its a real suntrap and a beautiful open area. It cost 4.5 million pounds and was paid for by a local benefactor. Hence Chavasse Park. Apart from shops there are cafes and restaurants and water ways and wide paths and always something different to see. There is landscapes and brilliant views over the Albert Dock and the River Mersey and its lovely all year round. The waterfront has of course the Three Graces, they now have many new buildings around them, the canal, several museums and art galleries, the Pier Head and the ferry of course. The lamb bananas are very colourful and the Tate is unique. The floating bridge is still there and of course its just beautiful lit up at night, especially at Christmas. It was especially beautiful in June 2019 when several hundred thousand people lined the routes for the football club. We were denied our party last year because of Covid but we intend to have it in June. The Giants have walked the famous Strand, which is being remodeled by the stupid council. Its a film set several times over. I may be biased but there is no water front to compare with ours. Maybe you can visit sometime.

        Anyway Happy Easter and have a good Bank Holiday.

        1. Christine says:

          A friend of mine has always wanted to visit Liverpool (she’s a Londoner like me), so I said one day we will visit, I’m sorry you have some aches and pains Bq, hopefully you will feel better soon, that’s the trouble when we get older our joints wear out, ah well that’s one of the joys of ageing !

        2. Banditqueen says:

          Hi Christine, from next week you can unofficially visit as the stay at home is lifted and we can meet outside so maybe you can both contact me and I can give you a tour. If you are vaccinated and Covid free its OK and I will say you are my sister if asked. 6 can come now. The unofficial day trip is allowed. When you come just give me an email a few days before and I can book if the museum is open or for a coffee or the ferry. It will be a pleasure to meet you both and have a nice day out.

  3. Banditqueen says:

    I have just been to visit Cardinal Wolsey’s Hampton Court and on a tour of Rome and Italy at the turn of the 16th century circa 1503 to 1515. Well not literally but on a Zoom talk with Dr Jonathan Foyle. He did some reconstruction of how the Palace looked at the time, the influences on Cardinal Thomas Wolsey as a young churchman and scholar when he first built the Palace and it was even more beautiful than the rebuild by Henry Viii. The Great Hall was much more colourful, the Watching Chamber dedicated to Jane Seymour was blue not gold and it showed how the Minstrel Gallery should look. The Roman Emperors were even more colourful and on the inner court and the gate house was twice its current house. The building originally belonged to the Knights Templar and the haunted gallery is from the eighteenth century to the 21st because it was rebuilt many times. The interior is closer to those seen in the portraits of Henry Viii and his family. I must admit the Hammer Beam Hall is one of the finest I have seen and Henry Viii was looking back to the Middle Ages Renaissance of Richard ii. It is similar to the Hall in Westminster Palace.

    The main influences are of course Rome and Italy through the connections established by King Henry Vii who employed several Italian artists, architects and artists here and paid for the English Palace in Rome. He also established the English Cardinal Protectors in Rome who were people who represented England in Rome and he was the first to do so on Europe. Through this many connections came to England, many texts came to England and much Italian influences on our Royal Palace and Church decoration and design. Even the tomb of Henry’s parents, Henry Vii and Elizabeth of York is Italian as was the original tomb for Cardinal Wolsey, which was pinched by Henry Viii. The Bardo tomb was too elaborate and never finished. It was dismantled and bits are in various Churches and as we all know, the sarcophagus was used for Lord Nelson in Saint Paul’s. The early Popes under Henry Viii were Renaissance men and they very much favoured him. Julius II in particular encouraged Henry Viii to go to war against Louis xii of France and Leo X named him Defender of the Faith. Wolsey maintained personal contacts with both France and Italy and he was the architect of the Field of the Cloth of Gold in 1520 and the idea of Universal Peace. He was also a war minister but most importantly he knew the best people and books to use in the building of Hampton Court and his other properties. Henry Viii built for pleasure, Wolsey built for beauty.

    One thing we have had as a constant theme in all the buildings we have been looking at for the last twelve weeks has been the red and white roses all over the place. These represented Mary and have been a theme since the 12th century. Henry Tudor pinched them. They have nothing to do with either the House of York or Lancaster, but dont tell anyone. Now I do actually know the House of Lancaster never used any red roses. The symbols of the white rose did have some kind of association with York, but so did many like the Sun in Splendour, followed from the 12th century as well, not the para Helion. Edward iv painted it on the ceiling at Tewkesbury. His young enemy was actually buried underneath. Edward of Lancaster was just seventeen when he was killed there in 1471. The red rose was used by Mary as one of her symbols and as everyone was a Catholic they both used all of her symbols. So called Tudor Roses decorated Churches, guilds and many other places long before the Tudors pinched them as an official symbol. Having united the two sides in a war, a symbol of peace was needed, thus the Tudor Rose was designed with the marriage of Henry vii and Elizabeth of York. Its merely a beautiful myth. But that was how you conveyed a powerful message. You used symbols, you painted everything gold and silver and you said look at me, I’m powerful, I am making my mark, I have got style.

  4. Christine says:

    Aw that’s so sweet of you Bq, itl probably be in the summer now maybe June or July, a weekend would be preferable as well, yes we will definitely sort something out, if you put your email address down il be able to email you, take care xx

    1. Banditqueen says:

      Yes, its [email address removed by admin] and yes, June or July will be the best time. We have a lot to look forward to, I think. Did you have snow today? We did, later on about six p.m.

      1. Christine says:

        We had a flurry yesterday afternoon but not since, it was freezing Monday cold yesterday but not as bad as Monday, not sure about today will venture out later.

        1. Banditqueen says:

          Hi Christine, I think Tim or Claire hid my email because its a public place, so if you ask them, they will let you have it. I will email them in the morning to say its OK. Its for privacy that its not shown as anyone can see it.

          It was very odd weather on Monday and Tuesday. I was asleep and it was cold but sunny and then woke up as there was a sudden icy wind. I got up to put the fire on and close the window over when I realised it had gone white and grey and then it was snowing. Not even on the cold days over the winter have we had snow. Its very rare in Liverpool because of the Pennines and the Pendal Hills. It usually turns around and goes back again but we do get it occasionally. In 1995 we had the great freeze when it snowed for a full week and then just fronze solid on the ground. I don’t believe I took my boots off all winter. That was also the year I dyed my hair for the first time and never looked back. It was very odd. Its the last real snow we had. We get a day or two but nothing like that. Its an event, especially in April, although to be honest its still just Spring.

          Have you heard about the vaccination passport?

          There have been rumours for weeks and most people thought it was a joke and they meant the card you get. Then the government came out with them and the rumours went viral. There was a big fuss as its not about travel, but going to the pub or restaurant or even the shops. Everyone was going mad. Of course this was just media hype as usual and you don’t need it for anything like that. They are trialling them at the football at Wembley next weekend. Not that anyone will actually have one by then. Its a pity it’s not Liverpool supporters, not one person would have one. Scouse not English was trending on social media and that’s a bad sign. Its a call for civil disobedience. Its not a call for protest, just none compliance. The minister was wanting to make people get one to go to the cinema or theatre or any entertainment venue. He also said restaurants and bars and other places but several businesses said they would not take part as it will cause discrimination and difficulties and civil rights groups complaining and health charities as its a violation of privacy in health records. We don’t yet know what is going on but 70 Tory MPs will vote against it. It really has caused a lot of confusion as the vaccination program won’t be finished before the end of July. Its utter nonsense. At least they realised its not practical to need such a thing to go out to eat or socialising. Just keep places Covid safe like they have been. Believe me a lot of cafes are cleaner now than they have ever been. Benches are actually clean. Its taken a virus for things to be cleaned. Trollies are clean now as well. Can you imagine going to the supermarket and being asked to show a vaccination passport? For one thing the staff have enough to do and don’t even enforce social distance let alone this. It would cause a lot of distress and anger. The government soon said that is not going to happen. You don’t need one for the hairdresser either.

          My hairdresser rang me yesterday and I have a facial and hair appointment next week. I was booked in before lockdown so am on the list. I am looking forward to the attention.

          I have been watching Robin of Sherwood, the series from the 1980s, repeating on ITV4. I love the music by Clanaed. Its really beautiful and haunting. Robin the Hooded Man. Those outlaws wore the original hoodie. Its full of magic and mystery but its great escapism.

        2. Claire says:

          Hi BQ,
          I’ve just emailed Christine with your email address. Yes, it gets removed as otherwise you may end up with people spamming you – not nice!
          Hope you’re well!

          Claire x

        3. Banditqueen says:

          Thanks for that Claire. I forgot I wasn’t on a private forum with a DM for a moment. I have just sent you an email so thank you for sharing it with Christine. I am well but having to wrap up again as now its cold again. I am signed up for a Hist Fest over the weekend and booked up for two days. I also have Jonathan Foyle on Sunday and the last of his talks, on the Bed of Henry vii and Elizabeth of York. He has been talking about various buildings for the last ten weeks, including Hampton Court, Lincoln Cathedral, Windsor, Beverly Minster, Exeter, Canterbury and so on. I am not sure I ever want lockdown to end lol.

          Its amazing what you can do with technology. Maybe we can zoom a talk one month. Then we can all wave to you and share our animals and a glass of wine. It will be lovely to see Christine and her friend, after chatting for so many years. Its grand to be seeing the city open again.

          Take care and stay safe. See you soon.


  5. Christine says:

    Hi Bq, I was going to say that I cannot access your email address, but yes I have received it now from Claire, I will email you over the weekend.

    1. Banditqueen says:

      That’s great. Claire sent it to you. Looking forward to seeing you.

  6. Christine says:

    Yes I have heard about the vaccination passports but I don’t know if itl be a good idea or not, like you mention they won’t have the staff to carry out checks, your right places are cleaner now than they have ever been, people use the disinfectant to wipe shopping baskets and trolleys, I don’t do that because to me it’s a faff, I just make sure I use my hand sanitizer, the shops and other places are opening from the 12th, so I’m looking forward to going back to work again, itl be lovely to nip across the road and have my usual tea and cake as well, it was my boss’s birthday on the 5th the one who died of covid last year, and her Facebook was flooded with tributes, we still cannot believe she’s gone and we hope to celebrate her life with a big party, for those of us who couldn’t attend her funeral but of course it all depends on the lockdown rules, they say we may well be wearing masks for another year to, I’m just waiting for my second vaccine, the first time I had it my arm was very sore and I felt very tired for a few days, they say it’s a good thing because it means your immune system is working well, that was about eight weeks ago now so hopefully won’t have to wait to long, I had it before my sister who’s eighteen months older than me, and lives in Chingford, I was told Enfield was ahead than most other boroughs, I got a few friends who are unsure though, one of them has lots of allergies so she’s worried about having the jab, and the other one reckons they are not 100% safe, but as the scientists say, the safety of them far outnumber the risks involved.

  7. Banditqueen says:

    The vaccination is safe for people who are immune suppressed so any allegies and you should be given a different one. I would get the facts from her doctor and discuss which one is best. I know it depends on where you go but your friend should be able to go where there is a suitable one. I was actually given the AZ because Phizer wasn’t suitable. I think they are all similar but maybe they have slightly different things in them. My second one is 20th May. I have an online friend who’s granny had hers in Westminster Abbey. I am having my second one in a shopping centre and the shops will be open then, so any excuse to go to Waterstones afterwards and Pizza Hut. I don’t eat Pizza but they do fantastic pasta with chicken and bacon.

    It will be lovely to remember your friends birthday and have a cake in her honour. It will be nice to have a drink to her. It was so sad to hear when you told us about her passing and a lot of people have been taken prematurely. My mum has had both jabs. She is 93 and looking forward to going out with us to a cafe in a couple of weeks when we have some nice weather as its cold again. The beer gardens are open and we are going to book for a walk around Speke Hall grounds in a couple of weeks. Your friend will be watching over you and be with you at your work and celebration of her life. Its so good to be able to actually sit at leisure and not just have a takeaway coffee. Here’s to the next steps to freedom.

    1. Christine says:

      Two other friends of mine lost their father to it just a few days before my boss, it’s coming upto the anniversary of his death soon and Paula died on the 20th of this month, so itl be a sad day for them as well, my other friends mum died of covid to she was about 86 in a care home, she was dying of cancer but it doesn’t make it any less tragic and her boyfriend to, bless her also caught it and died, I didn’t know her but my elderly neighbour died to, so that’s three people I know of who died from it, all four of them died in April so it’s not a nice month for them, I lost my sweet mother on the 13th April 2008 she suffered from a rare cancer, so yes it’s not a very nice month for me and my friends south of the border, but I will drink a toast to them all and as for ourselves, we have to be lucky we are still alive, must mention of course the sad passing of Prince Philip, the queen must be bereft but at least she haa her family round her for support, in the Mail they say that Harry is going to return I’d be too ashamed if I were him!

  8. Banditqueen says:

    Hi Christine, yes you have had to say goodbye to a lot of people and I am sure you miss them terribly. Its been a very difficult time of loss and sorrow, but hope as well. I think your friends are watching over you and will have a big tea party in heaven. Its so sad reading about and hearing all the stories this last year or so. However, life goes on and its nice to recall the good times and raise a glass in their memory.

    The Queen has been married to Prince Philip since 1947. She will miss him terribly and I am sure she is bereft despite his great age. They were devoted to each other and seeing some of the films of them with their children from the 1970s makes you realise they are just like all of us in many ways. Its sad for the Queen and we all wish her well. If Prince Harry comes home, this may bring about healing and forgiveness and moving on. We don’t know what really happened but it has torn the family apart and that’s always sad, especially at a time of illness and stress. Hopefully the family can heal. My thoughts are for the Queen, as it would be for anyone who has lost a loved one. Let’s hope she can find peace and the strength from the love they both shared.

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