He is risen! Happy Easter!

Apr21,2019 #Easter

Happy Easter to all Anne Boleyn Files followers! I hope you have a wonderful Sunday whatever your plans are.

You can read about how Easter was celebrated in my article from last year – He is Risen – Easter Sunday and the Tudors.

Happy Easter!

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6 thoughts on “He is risen! Happy Easter!”
  1. Happy Easter everyone, it’s so lovely here I’m planning on doing some much needed gardening, then I will be resting later with my chocolate Lindt bunny and a cup of Rosey Lee!

  2. Happy Easter Everyone! The rain has finally stopped here in Portland Oregon. Should be a beautiful day. I’ll enjoy the chocolate bunny through you Christine ad I don’t need the sugar but I am enjoying a cup of tea.

  3. Here we’ve had nothing but warmth and sunshine for a week, it’s the hottest Easter for 77 years, I can recall some Easters with rain hail and sleet! you enjoy the sunshine Michael, I should watch my sugar intake really but trouble is I have a sweet tooth!

    1. Funny, we’ve had the coldest spring I can remember. Usually the rain stops by mid March and it starts warming up. Been in the low-mid 50s except for Friday it was 75. 63° today but I think it’s now dry. I’m gonna enjoy it.

  4. It has been hot here too all week although last weekend it was cold. Had the heating off for three weeks, then on again for two days. Spring does seem to have arrived now. The pollen count is high but it was lovely in the park. A lot fresher tomorrow, but still warm.

    Happy Easter everyone! Have a lovely weekend and holidays. He is Risen, Hallelujah!!

  5. Happy Easter to you also. Finally got my computer fixed today thanks to my son in law David Young who is a whiz at computers. It was my sound. Never bothered me much before but now I want to hear all the info you have collected and are sharing with us. Was a day. Little sun, lots and lots of rain, and a couple of episodes of HAIL. My poor tulips. Looks like they will make it. Had family over and Easter dinner will all the trimmings. Then the baskets and egg hunts. Was wonderful. Hope everyone had a wonderful day too.

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