#PortraitTuesday – An 18th century portrait of Anne Boleyn

An 18th century oil painting of Anne Boleyn. She is depicted wearing an HA pendant.This week’s #PortraitTuesday treat is an 18th century Anne Boleyn portrait.

The artist is not known, but it is of the English School and is done in oils.

The artist depicts Anne Boleyn wearing a “HA” pendant on her pearl necklace just like the Loseley House portrait.

I love the warmth of the skin tone of this portrait, it really is lovely.

Find out more at Historical Portraits.

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One thought on “#PortraitTuesday – An 18th century portrait of Anne Boleyn”
  1. No I don’t like this one, although it is beautifully painted and her complexion is exquisite, she looks like she has massive shoulders and there is nothing of the temptress in this work of art that is apparent in some of her other more attractive portraits, her expression looks bland and her narrow jawline is quite jowly, somehow I don’t feel it does it justice to ‘our Anne’ but I will comment on her necklace, it is not the usual B initial that she wears in her other portraits so for that it is rather unusual, she is so often depicted wearing the same attire with the pearls so it is interesting as our host explains it’s the same as the Loseley House pendant, I do appreciate this painting but no I’m not that keen on it, but thank you for bringing it to our attention Claire.

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