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Today, we have a guest post by photography student, Meidan Edri – thanks, Meidan!

Project: “God Save The Queen” is a photography project by Meidan Edri made in 2012. The project is an attempt to restore the portraits of three of King Henry VIII’s wives.

My name is Meidan Edri and I am a photography student at Ort Igal alon school, Israel. The choice of the subject for your final project is one of the hard choices for any student who studies the art and photography subjects. But for me the choice was pre-ordained- The Tudors.

The first time I was exposed to the wonderful story of the Tudor (like many of you, I guess) was in the successful series of SHOWTIME- “The Tudors”. That was the point of no return – I fell in love with the story of King Henry VIII, I began to explore, watch videos, read articles and books about the subject and even to visit beautiful England.

The work process was very challenging and demanding high accuracy. In fact, the work process on a single portrait took between two to three months – From choosing the model and sewing appropriate clothing to deciphering the original portrait lighting and the studio shooting day.

As mentioned, many efforts were made to create the maximum similarity between the original portrait and the “new” portrait but to a certain limit. One of the advantages of photography over painting is that photography is much more faithful to reality and according to this principle the idea of the project was designed – to revive the portraits of the queens. Additionally, the choice of models was also involved in my personal interpretation – I was looking for women that by their appearance will take the character and nature of her life story best through the camera (even if I had to give up the eye color matched). Before shooting, I sat with each model and told her the story of the Queen that she was going to play – it was important that the models did not just dress like the queens but also act like them and look like them.

In conclusion, the project “God save the Queen” was undoubtedly the most challenging project I took part in, but also most the most interesting. Finally, I want to say how much of an honor for me it is to write for a community that likes exactly the same things I like.

For more information about the project, please visit the links below or write me an email: meidanedri1993@gmail.com

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12 thoughts on “God Save the Queen Photography Project”
  1. What a very interesting post, and what a very talented young woman you are too. The photographs have captured everything you set out to do, amazing. I find the resemblence in the Jane Seymore photo uncanny, quite remarkable. Well done Meidan, I think you wil have a wonderful career ahead of you.

      1. Oh, I am so sorry Meidan, then, you are a very talented young man

        How embarasssing Claire, hope he has forgiven us… 🙂

  2. This is a brilliant concept and very well executed. Thank you! As an amateur photographer and seamstress, I can appreciate the great amount of work you poured into your project. I love the way you explained the project ! “…(even if I had to give up the eye color matched). ” That’s another thing that The Tudors had to do with Anne Boleyn played by Natalie Dormer, her eyes were not darkened. French Hoods off you!

  3. I thought it was a really fun idea and a lot of preparing,love and thought went into this project; but it just doesn’t do it, for me. I don’t even think I know why! Maybe it’s some of the costumes,I’m not quite sure…”Jane Seymour” and “Catherine of Aragon” seem close, but the “Anne Boleyn”, as beautiful a girl as she is, just seems a bit “modern” and not quite suited for that portrait. The girl that was Catherine may have been a better choice for Anne. But the lighting was perfect! I’d like to see more from him! He’s onto something! I can’t wait to see how good it can be!

  4. Thank you for sharing your project. It is very well done! as an amateur photographer and seamstress I appreciate all your hard work. I particularly enjoyed your explanation as to why you did what you did …”that by their appearance will take the character and nature of her life story best through the camera (even if I had to give up the eye color matched). ”
    That is what The Tudors show did with Natalie Dormer. You did a fantastic job, well thought out and brilliantly executed. My French Hood off to you!
    (sorry if this post shows up twice; I thought I had submitted the first one, but it did not show up. User error, I’m sure)

  5. First of all, I would like to compliment you for embracing a most exceptional project. The Tudor period deserves this attention, especially Henry VIII’S wives. Those of us that are so “besotted” with this period appreciate any opportunity to bring it to life. Thank you for sharing

  6. Your project is really interesting and fascinating too. I will look to the links. It’s a great idea!

  7. Wonderful work. I could not take my eyes off of them.!!! What an undertaking. I think they are marvelous.

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