Just a quickie blog post to round up the week. Here is the latest news from The Anne Boleyn Files and the Tudor World:-

Hever Castle
Hever Castle
  • Only 10 rooms left now on The Anne Boleyn Experience 2010 so don’t miss out on this wonderful chance to stay at Hever, visit the Tower of London on Anne Boleyn Day, visit Hampton Court Palace, listen to great speakers and meet other Anne Boleyn Fans. See the Tour website for details.
  • New book out – Tracy Borman’s book “Elizabeth’s Women: The Hidden Story of the Virgin Queen” is out now, not on the 24th as previously promised. If you want to find out more about Anne Boleyn’s daughter then grab a copy – see yesterday’s blog Anne Boleyn’s Influence on Elizabeth I for more details.
  • Upcoming releases –The Lady in the Tower by Alison Weir is due out on the 1st October, “Anne of Cleves: Henry VIII’s Discarded Bride” by Elizabeth Norton is due out any day now and “Lady Jane Grey: A Tudor Mystery” by Eric Ives is due on 2nd October. If you know of any others then please add them as comments below.

  • The Elizabeth Files – Thanks so much for all your support with our sister site, The Elizabeth Files, it is going really well. Click here to read the latest post “Was Elizabeth a Jealous Old Hag?”
  • Podcasts and downloads – Tracy Borman is busy giving interviews to publicise her new book, “Elizabeth’s Women”, and you can listen to her BBC Radio 4 “Woman’s Hour” interview by downloading it from iTunes – just search for “Woman’s Hour” in the podcast section of the iTunes Store and download Monday 14th September’s programme – or you can listen to it on the “Woman’s Hour” website, just click here to go straight to that programme.
    Borman has also been interviewed on Elizabeth I’s jealousy by BBC History Magazine – you can either download it from iTunes (BBC History Magazine Podcasts) or you can listen to it on the BBC History Magazine’s website – click here to go to the right page. The first half of the BBC History Magazine is an interview with Dan Snow about the Battle of Quebec and the Tracy Borman interview is in the second half.
  • BBC History Magazine Quiz – Have a bit of Friday fun with the BBC History Magazine Quiz.
  • Mary Queen of Scots’ Last Letter on display – Elizabeth I’s arch rival’s final letter from 1587 is now on displat at the George Bridge Building of the National Library of Scotland, click here for more details.
  • Tudor Stone Lions return to Hampton Court Palace via a Surrey pub and French campsite –click here to read the full story in The Daily Telegraph.
  • The Burton Review Blog guest post by Anne Boleyn historical fiction author Robin Maxwell – see today’s Burton Review for details and book giveaways. Marie Burton will also be doing a guest Anne Boleyn themed guest post over at http://historicallyobsessed.blogspot.com/.

Well, that should keep you busy! If you know of any news, book releases, events etc. that are relevant to the Tudor period then please tell me in the comments below – thanks!

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3 thoughts on “Friday Round Up”
  1. Thank you so much for posting this for me.. I had so much fun this week for The Historical Fiction Bloggers Round Table Event. Lots of fun information and giveaways on HF stuff!!

  2. Hi Marie,
    It’s a pleasure! I’ve really enjoyed reading all of the special articles this week and well done on your Anne Boleyn one today. Thanks also for the mention, I appreciate it. Hope you can relax now!

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