Anne Boleyn Dress Hits the Stage!

Anne Boleyn dressOur Anne Boleyn Pembroke Dress, Pembroke Hood and gold-plated B Necklace have just hit the stage in a play called “Tower Ghosts” by Tom Marcello and performed by the Case High Theatre Company.

The play was performed at the preliminary and semi-final levels of the Massachusetts Educational Theatre Guild competition and won many awards so congratulations to the cast and crew.

You can see photos from the play at and I think you’ll agree that the actress playing Anne Boleyn looks fabulous in the Pembroke Dress.

It’s always wonderful to see people wearing our products!

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8 thoughts on “Anne Boleyn Dress Hits the Stage!”
  1. Hi Claire!
    Im really interested in ordering a dress / french hood BUT however I am Swedish andI don’t know if you can send products here 🙁

    1. Hi Fleur,
      We send our products worldwide so Sweden is not a problem. Simply choose GB/Europe shipping from the drop-down menu on the dress and hood that you want to order. 🙂

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