19 May: Anne Boleyn Day 2016 – Programme of Events

May18,2016 #Anne Boleyn Day

anneboleynday_logoAs you may have already seen, MadeGlobal Publishing is commemorating the 480th anniversary of Queen Anne Boleyn’s execution with a special programme of video talks given by some of your favourite authors and bloggers, including yours truly (yes, me!). There will also be a charity auction of an Anne Boleyn portrait and lots of giveaways too.

I will be sharing the videos as they are released here on the Anne Boleyn Files and also on The Anne Boleyn Files Facebook page, but the main place for all the goodies is https://www.madeglobal.com/ and the MadeGlobal Facebook page. You can also subscribe to the MadeGlobal YouTube Channel to catch the videos as they go live.

Here is the main programme, but there will also be giveaways. The times given are BST (British Summer Time) and the easiest way of finding out how that compares to your time zone is to simply Google “what is the time now in London?”.

  • 08:00 Opening Ceremony – MadeGlobal
  • 09:00 Anne’s Execution and Resting Place – Claire Ridgway
  • 10:00 Phoenix Rising – Hunter S. Jones
  • 10:30 Anne Boleyn Portrait Auction for Charity – Artist Gary Ransom, on eBay
  • 11:00 The relationship between Mary and Anne Boleyn – Sarah Bryson
  • 12:00 Struck with the Dart of Love and Truth Endures – BOOK LAUNCH Sandra Vasoli
  • 13:00 Anne Boleyn’s Letter from the Tower – Sandra Vasoli
  • 14:00 How the story of Anne Boleyn has been rewritten by fiction writers – Wendy J. Dunn
  • 14:30 Anne Boleyn’s portrayal in the media – James Peacock
  • 15:00 Where can we see Anne Boleyn? – Melanie V. Taylor
  • 16:00 “A great concert of recorders”: Music Anne may have known – Jane Moulder of the Renaissance music group, PIVA
  • 17:00 Why Americans are obsessed by Anne Boleyn – Beth von Staats
  • 18:00 Cranmer’s relationship with the Boleyn family – Beth von Staats
  • 19:00 A glimpse into life in Tudor London – Natalie Grueninger
  • 20:00 Anne and Henry at Whitehall, and Anne’s Coronation – Philip Roberts
  • 21:00 The men who died in 1536 – Clare Cherry
  • 22:00 A reading from The First Horseman and Anne’s execution – Derek Wilson
  • 23:00 Jane Parker, Lady Rochford – Adrienne Dillard
  • 00:00 Close of events – MadeGlobal

Don’t worry if you miss any of the videos as they are posted live, you’ll be able to catch up on them here on the Anne Boleyn Files or on the MadeGlobal YouTube Channel.

A big thank you to all those authors and bloggers who have given their time for this event, and to Tim Ridgway and Catherine Brooks of MadeGlobal Publishing for co-ordinating it.

Here’s the preview video:

and here’s the portrait that is being auctioned off for charity tomorrow:

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  1. ok everyone…I saw that comment about Americans!!! ha I am American AND Ann Boleyn is my 14th great grand aunt! So i guess that makes me Britishican or Ameritish.

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