Mary Stuart
Mary Queen of Scots

On this day in history, 14th October…

1536 – Pilgrimage of Grace – By the 14th October the uprising in the north “had become a large-scale rebellion”1. On the 13th October, Lord Darcy had reported to Henry VIII2 that the East Riding, West Riding, North Riding and “all the commons of Yorshire” were “up” in rebellion and on the 14th October William Haryngton, Mayor of York, and Sir George Lawson, wrote to the King asking for aid because “the commons… have rebelliously assembled to take York”3. For those interested in learning more, all the letters and reports cataloguing this rebellion can be found in Letters and Papers Volume 11 – see for the period 11th-15th October.

1565 – Statesman and poet, Thomas Chaloner, died at his home in Clerkenwell, London. Find out more about Thomas Chaloner in my article Sir Thomas Chaloner

1586 – The trial of Mary Queen of Scots began at Fotheringhay Castle in Northamptonshire. See The Trial of Mary Queen of Scots

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