15th October – On this Day in History…

Christening of Edward VI in "The Tudors"

On this day in history, 15th October…

1536 – Henry VIII writes to the Earl of Shrewsbury, the Duke of Suffolk “and others” with instructions on handling the rebellion which we now know as the Pilgrimage of Grace. The King also wrote to the rebels in Lincolnshire promising “to show them mercy if they leave all their harness and weapons in the market-place of Lincoln”.(LP xi. 715, 716, 717 and 718)

1537 – Christening of Edward Tudor, the future Edward VI, in the Chapel Royal at Hampton Court Palace . See “The Christening of Edward VI” for full details of this happy day.

1582 – The first day of the Gregorian Calendar (although the 5-14th October did not exist that year in some countries!), however, many countries ignored Pope Gregory XIII’s papal bull and carried on using the Julian Calendar. England, for example, did not introduce the Gregorian Calendar until 1752! See The First Day of the Gregorian Calendar”

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