11 May 1536 – The Grand Jury of Kent’s decision

Eltham Palace
Eltham Palace

Just as the Grand Jury of Middlesex met at Westminster on 10th May 1536 (click here to read about that), the Grand Jury of Kent met on 11th May in front of Chief Justice John Baldwin and six of his colleagues at Deptford.

They met to rule on the alleged crimes committed at Greenwich Palace, East Greenwich, and Eltham Palace by Queen Anne Boleyn, Sir Henry Norris, William Brereton, Sir Francis Weston, George Boleyn (Lord Rochford) and Mark Smeaton. Unsurprisingly, this was a repeat of the previous day’s meeting and it was ruled that the Queen and the five men would stand trial.

Click here to read more about the jury and to read a transcript of the indictment, which lists all of the charges.

Image: The Great Hall, Eltham Palace, © Copyright Peter Jordan and licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Licence, Geograph.org.uk.

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