Last week I blogged about The Festival of History’s Tudor Fashion Show which Anne Boleyn Files visitor, Molly Housego, was organising – see to read the full article and details.

Well, many of you from “over the pond” obviously couldn’t make the show and were begging for photos, so Molly was kind enough to make sure that photos were taken. Molly apologises for the quality of them (although I think they’re fine), as conditions were difficult and lighting was bad, but they allow you to appreciate the beauty of the costumes – well done, Molly!

[slideshow id=55 w=400 h=350]

In her email to me, Molly described how she, as Anne Boleyn:-

” (with the help of two Gentlemen of the Bedchamber) did undress Henry down to his shift, stockings and braes (underpants) which the crowd found highly amusing, especially as he played up to it, and there was much banter about the amount of time he was spending with the Seymour girl.”

I’m sad that I missed it because it sounds like it was a big hit. Enjoy the slideshow!

P.S. Molly is Anne Boleyn (with microphone!) and the photos also feature, Henry VIII, Holbein, Catherine of Aragon, Catherine Parr, Mark Smeaton, a lowly young fletcher, a wealthy merchant’s wife and ladies-in-waiting.

Molly is also wearing our Anne Boleyn B Necklace – what a claim to fame!

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One thought on “Tudor Fashion Show Update”
  1. These are absolutely stunning. Beautiful! Thanks so much for the pics! Isn’t it wonderful, too, to see people dressed in period costume that aren’t beating the hell out of one another for once with swords and lances! It reminds us that most of life in Tudor England was probably peaceful and normal, with people going about their business as people always do. Congratulations to all concerned!

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