The Ghost Queens of The Tudors

Posted By on June 25, 2010

I just found this YouTube video showing Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour returning in the final episode of The Tudors. SPOILER ALERT – Don’t watch it if you don’t want to know what happens! Thanks to the Natalie Dormer Facebook page for spotting it.

17 thoughts on “The Ghost Queens of The Tudors”

  1. Tamise says:

    Thanks for posting the link. That was fantastic! I am looking forward to the series being shown in the UK.

  2. laura says:

    It was AMAZING just perfect, I love how they appeared with their children. Specialy when Anne apeared. Natalie Dormer is the best Anne Boleyn, she brings so much to the character.

  3. Sheri says:

    Without giving anything away for those who have not seen the final season… I really enjoyed how they ended it! They did it in such a way that I felt an emotional attachment to Henry VIII that I hadn’t before. Of course, I think they should have kept going with the Tudor Dynasty (as I’ve seen others comment on here), but I will just have to happy starting over with the dvds!

  4. Ana says:

    I loved this part!!!! 😀
    Long live the Queen Anne!

  5. Sharon says:

    We have already had the pleasure of seeing this in the US. Although I loved seeing it again.
    Katherine may have had right on her side in her firm belief that Henry was and still is her true husband. However, even in death, she refused to see her own part in the pain her daughter Mary endured during her life. Mary suffered because of the damage done to her by both of her parents. Certainly not just her Father.
    Anne was grand, as usual. Anne went to her death thinking Henry had known the accusations against her were false. Threw me for a minute because I’m pretty sure he did know, but I guess there will always be that little niggling doubt, right? I loved the smile she gave him over her shoulder as she walked away. And I especially loved Henry saying “Anne, don’t…” I think he meant to say “Anne, don’t Go!
    Jane was remarkable! I was very impressed with this scene. I think we finally saw the real Jane and not the meeley- mouthed woman she was as Henry’s Queen. I still think she stepped on a dead Queen to become Henry’s wife. Henry did in fact treat Edward in the same way his Father had treated him as a youth. Why couldn’t Henry have seen that? Or maybe he did see it and thought he had turned out to be the most virtuous King ever and, therefore, Edward would follow suit.
    I missed Catherine Howard not showing up. Poor thing. But Anne did a fine job of reminding Henry that he had killed her beautiful young cousin. Another death on his hands without just cause.

    1. Helen Davis says:

      Why do you think KOA contributed to Mary’s suffering? I agree but am curious to know your opinion.

  6. Maria says:

    I don’t want to spoil the ending but it seriously brought me to tears. I especially loved the wives bit. You still see the special love that he had for every single one of them. I think that he had a different kind of love for every single one. I absolutely loved the ending! Endings always tend to go bad, but they did a really good job on this one!

  7. miladyblue says:

    Beautiful and eerie at the same time!

  8. carol stevenson says:

    I loved seeing Natalie Dormer again! I missed her so much and thought she was the whole show. I wish they would have had more of her in her scene with Henry. She is a talented, beautiful actress. I also loved the gown they had her wearing. It was solemn and elegant at the same time. I am crushed that the series has ended, but, that’s history!

  9. lisaannejane says:

    That was my favorite part of the show. I watched it on you tube but the bits that I saw are now blocked. I think a series about Henry VII might be interesting, showing how the War of the Roses finally ended and what Henry VII had to do to stay on the throne. I would like to see a really young Henry with his brother and his first meeting with Katherine of Aragon.

  10. Tudorrose says:

    I have yet to see season 4 of the Tudors as it does not air in England until august, I still have to await another month or two unfortunately but from the clips I have seen already it looks aswell as seems good but with a sad and tragic ending, what I really thought was good was the computer technology that was used in some of the scenes, plus some of the cast did a good job aswell as portrayal of whom they were playing minus the flaws in historical accuracy but all in all I though it a good show.

  11. Wow i never thought i’d feel sorry for the man who murdered my favorite lady (Anne) but this nearly brought me to tears! I reccon Henry being a religous man feared for his soul in his final hours, and there must have been feelings of guilt at what he did to anne!

  12. Thaïs Barbosa says:

    That was really amazing. I’m so sad that it finished. I love The Tudors so much and I do agree that the should have continued the story with Mary, Edward and Elizabeth. I hope we can see it in Brazil sooner.

  13. Sophie says:

    Loved it!!! Was really great to see Natalie back 😀 she done such an amazing job as Anne. I cannot wait till the series is shown over here in the UK. I can’t help but wonder though what Henry was going to say to her when she went, Catherine was good too and still remained dignified i think. Whereas with Jane, although it was a great performance I still preferred Natalie and did Jane have a little dig at Henry about him killing Edward? Thats not very gentle, sweet Jane like is it??? Hm maybe in death she shows her true colours.


  14. Josiah Duke says:

    Good to see my Favorite Queen Anne Again…I think Henry Missed her so much..that why he wants to stay her longer..xD

  15. Beth says:

    As much as I’ve seen the Tudors slammed, and they did make some odd historical inaccuracies here and there, I have to say – I adored the series, absolutely adored it. It’s still the most comprehensive media production of Henry’s reign thus far, covering many of the outside events and internal factional manouevrings, despite Henry’s two sisters being amalgamated into one and the show going with the “Daddy Boleyn is a pimp” trope *cue groan*. Even though Natalie Dormer doesn’t look like Anne (I was yelling at the tv for someone to give the girl brown coloured contact lenses) and she has to play that whole “Anne manipulated him into it” bit, she was stunning. I thought everyone was fantastic. James Frain as Cromwell gave me chills, he was so deliciously ruthless and sharply intelligent, and yet at the same time I actually shed a tear when we got to see his son and see that he was an actual human being with a family he cared about. I started off not caring much for Charles Brandon, but by the final series he was definitely one of my favourite characters, a voice of wisdom and sanity in an ever more backstabbing world – the scene where Edward Seymour goes to see him and make him get involved encapsulates that for me.

    For me, the final season was the real culmination of the series, the best season of all four, beautifully done, stylistically near perfect, and in so many places actually moving and touching. Words can’t describe how much I adored the final episode. I think it was arguably the best episode in the show’s entire run, it brought me to tears more than once, and without giving any spoilers away the ending was not what I expected but it was absolutely perfect and a great ending.

    I did so wish that they had continued, after all the show’s title was “The Tudors” not “Henry VIII and his Six Wives”, but my sadness at it ending was definitely uplifted by the news that the same people are now making The Borgias, which will come to us in the Spring… a fascinating family and bound to be every bit as dramatic and thrilling as The Tudors was.

  16. Catherine says:

    Ohh I am a HUGE fan of the tudor series, but I still have season four left to see, I just loved this clip and the scene with Annes ghost was just beautiful!

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