The Falcon Chronicles – Guest Article and Book Giveaway

Today we have a guest post by Lauren Elflein, author of the new historical novel on Anne Boleyn,”The Falcon Chronicles”:-

“About the throne, thunder rolls…
Before her is a sea of faces. These faces of men who are accusing her of crimes that she did not commit: adultery, incest, and compassing the King’s death. These expounded rumors, these wisps of conversation, these fractions of truths have blossomed into a plot so thick with lies and deceit that she knows she shall never escape them. They surround her heavily as the headsman turns his axe towards her, a sign that she is condemned to die. It is her fault she is thus treated; she helped change the nation of England through the rule of her husband, King Henry VIII. She is a wife, mother, and Queen of Christendom, she is Anne Boleyn, and this is her story.”

In my novel The Falcon Chronicles I have attempted to focus on Anne Boleyn’s life and story. I start straight at the beginning and attempt to give a glimpse into Anne’s young life – though not much is known of it. Nearly the entire novel is from Anne’s point of view; so many Tudor books will deviate from this and bring you the perspective of nearly every player at court – but what we as Anne fans are interested in is what she was thinking. I like to imagine how Anne may have felt at certain tumultuous moments, and to convey that through mere words is hardly enough, but for all of us in this century it will have to do.

I believe what endears Anne to all of us is this aspect of a tragic heroine. Not just because she captured the heart of the King of England, and ensnared the court in her charm and with her great legacy in Elizabeth, but also in that she was highly intellectual and had reformist ideas. She wasn’t some mistress to be swept into sexual intrigues or left courting her own disgrace; she was strong-willed and witty, she knew how to hold her own. She had intelligent beliefs and stayed true to them. She acted bravely in the face of danger and stood up for what she held as right. She was not a flippant individual, and did not run to the moral high-ground every time a battle ensued, but rather showed us that she was in fact human and had her faults as well. She was feisty and spirited; I truly believe this enigmatic character has drawn us all into her world. She has made us all care about what happened to her. To be blindly in love and filled with passion in this gold-glittering and jewel encrusted world, only to be cut down by a swift stroke of a swordsman. It is an abrupt and sad ending to such a vibrant life. We know Anne’s story has been told again and again, yet we cannot seem to get enough of her. In my novel, I attempt to stick as true to history as is humanly possible.

I think that because of the great tragedy and love story surrounding Anne Boleyn we sometimes attribute her with martyr-like qualities, but she in fact did not die for her faith. It is true she was sacrificed, but for entirely different reasons, and not by her own choice. We are also pulled to Anne like a magnet because of the injustice served upon her. She was betrayed by those she trusted and condemned for crimes she did not commit. The appalling bloodbath that ensued leaves us feeling resentful and a torrent of fury descends upon us. It is only human to feel emotion over a story such as this, regardless of it happening centuries ago. And thus in my novel I also steadfastly clear Anne’s name and let her spirited heart carry her through the hardest of times.

None can voice it better than Thomas Wyatt – “About the throne, thunder rolls…” For what else is more fitting than that friction-filled, electric, tempestuous court that made up the Tudor time period? What else could be more accurate than King Henry VIII as thunder? Anne was our fresh morning mist on a hot night, our cool moon, our diamond star thrown across a velvety night, and our bright sun shooting through prisms of rain after a downpour. She was our awakening to temper Henry’s ferocity. And she did not even give us her whole life. Imagine what more she would have achieved for the nation of England!

Thus only half-fulfilled we accept Anne’s sad and yet triumphant story. For none could have foreseen what her daughter, the future Queen Elizabeth I would do for Christendom. Because Anne could not finish her own life, could not finish telling her story, she let her daughter speak for her and fulfill all she could not do. Indeed, Elizabeth would be an embodiment of Anne that we never witnessed. And in this way maybe Anne cheated death.

Anne, she is the great falcon, soaring to greater heights than we will ever know.
About the throne, thunder rolls.

Lauren’s Book

You can read my review of Lauren’s novel, “The Falcon Chronicles” over on our review site – click here. I loved it.

Fancy a signed copy of The Falcon Chronicles? Well, Lauren has very kindly given me one copy to give away. All you have to do is to leave a comment below, by midnight Wednesday 1st June, confirming that you are on our list of subscribers and stating that you’d like the book and we’ll pick a name at random on Thursday. Not on our list of subscribers? Simply sign up for our FREE Anne Boleyn Files Welcome Pack on the left hand side menu bar. Easy peasy!

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127 thoughts on “The Falcon Chronicles – Guest Article and Book Giveaway”
  1. I would Love a copy!! I drool over anything to do with Anne, and a book from entirely her perspective would be very refreshing!

  2. I’d love a copy of it! Always on the lookout for Anne books which attempt to be historically accurate!

  3. Anne was truly “the sacrificial lamb”. It is amazing how Anne Boleyn has captured the hearts and minds of so many people…..and to think she was the mother of one of the most outstanding queens in British history.

    “The Falcon Chronicles” sounds a perfect title for this book’s content and would be an extremely interesting read.

  4. As a Tudorphile since the age of 9 ‘The Falcon Chronicles’ would be a welcome addition to my library. I love being a member of the Anne Boleyn Files and learning more about Anne and her world each day!

  5. Sounds like the sort of thing I would love to read. I think it is easy to say Anne died for her beliefs and I can’t wait to read this book.

  6. Sounds like an amazing and fascinating read. I’d love a copy. In any case, it has been added to my book list of must haves 🙂

  7. I would LOVE a copy…sounds fascinating. I need some new Anne material to read before I head off to Britain for my first-time-ever trip next March. Hever is on my list!!

  8. Hello, Claire! I would love to read a book from Anne’s point of view! Please add me to the list for the book. I hope my name is chosen! Wish me luck! Thank you, Leslie Brown

  9. I’m interested and would love a copy of “The Falcon Chronicles” to add to my collection of Tudor books

  10. I have always been fascinated by Anne Boleyn, whild a lot of people find her to be vain and cruel to those around her, I do not think she was. Wishfull thinking on my part. I would love to win a copy of this book. Can’t read too much about Anne Boleyn!!! Thank you!

  11. I have so many books about Anne Boleyn, & I have enjoyed every one!!!! Im so excited that there is yet another book about her. You are right…people cannot get enough. I certainly can’t.

  12. Hello there, I’m on the list and would definitely love a copy of the book. The more books on Anne the better!!

  13. As a new Anne Boleyn-fan I want to read as much as possible about Anne, non-fiction and fiction, and this book seems to be very interesting. Oh, and I also have a friend who only knows ‘The Other Boleyn Girls’ and thinks Anne is a b*tch, so I’d love to have this book 😀

  14. i love all Anne Boleyn books and am even attenpting a 50,000 word essay on Anne from the time of the great matter to her execution and would love this book

  15. Hey Claire, Count me in please! I have signed up several times for the Anne Boleyn Files welcome pack but have never received an e-mail etc. Just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Thanks again for the wonderful web site and all the great pictures of your recent tour. Love them.
    Tracy xx

    1. A fiction one? There’s “The Autobiography of Henry VIII” by Margaret George. I own it but haven’t read it yet, and I have heard lots of good reports about it. It has good reviews on Amazon.

  16. If Claire loves it, I’d sure like it too. Haven’t got any book on her yet. Should this one be the first? All I know from her I’d learned here (Yes, I’m a subscriber…)

  17. Would love a copy!! Sounds amazing! I can’t read enough Tudor books, and I welcome any from Anne’s POV:D

  18. I would love a copy.

    Anne did not die for her beliefs. She died because she didn’t provide Henry, ” the blood stained lecher”, with a male heir. How ironic that she did provide England with, who I think, was it’s greatest ruler — Elizabeth I.

  19. I would love to have a copy of this book. I am in the process of doing extensive research for a book that I am writing about Anne Boleyn. This sounds like a wonderful book and not only would I enjoy reading it but I feel that it would add to my research. I am a subscriber, too, and I believe that Claire’s website is an essential part of the lives of those of us who love Anne.

  20. I’d love to read what Lauren Elflein believes Anne’s personal, private thoughts truly were about her childhood, family, and Henry. Her life was never her own, nor were her choices. I want to know particularly what she couldn’t say aloud to anyone: “My sister is a wh*re, my father is cold and cruel, and Henry will kill anyone who dares speak the truth about him.”

  21. I’m a subscriber – love The Anne Boleyn files!
    I would love a copy of the Falcon Chronicles.
    Thank you

  22. I can’t wait to read this. I had started writing one several years ago with Anne’s personal thoughts. I thought it would be an interesting read.

  23. Claire,
    I would love this book. Hope I am the lucky winner! Being from the States, I feel far from the action!

  24. I’m a subscriber and would love to have a copy of this! Since the odds are against me winning the free copy, can you tell us where we can purchase this book? Thanks!

  25. I’m a subscriber. Sounds like a fresh take. I’d really like to read it. Please put me into the draw.

  26. I’m a subscriber and now that my History AS exams are over, I’d love a copy of the book to read even MORE about Anne!

  27. I too am a subscriber and a lover of all things Anne. I would love to add this book to my growing collection. I hope I win!!!

  28. A chance for a signed copy of this book? The above entry merely whets and sharpens my appetite to read MORE!!

  29. Haven’t been able to get enough of Anne Boleyn since the age of 5 ! I am currently
    re – researching subject thoroughly this year with a view to writing to fulfilling my life ambition of writing a novel on AB myself and it sounds as though your own volume is going to tackle exactly the angles I am also most interested in covering . I’m sure the book will be an absolute inspiration. Yes I’m a subscriber t. Good Luck and many thanks.

  30. (Sorry about the type errors -at least when it comes to writing the novel a Word document can be altered after saving!!)

  31. I love being part of The Anne Boleyn Files sorority!!!!!! I look forward to every posting and am trying to find a friend who will travel with me for one of your tours. I read everything I can about the Tudor period and Elizabeth’s reign. As an aside, I love CJ Sansome’s books about Matthew Shardlake and how he includes so many of the people who were prominent during that period of history. When I was a little girl, in the 50’s, my mother belonged to a book club and every month or so she would get a new hardback book in the mail. The first one that made an impression on me was about Anne. I can’t remember the name of the book nor the author, but that started my fascination with Anne and here I am 50 years later still loving her. I hope to receive THE FALCON CHRONICLES signed by Lauren, but if not I will definitely be purchasing it.
    Linda Johnson Crane
    An Anglophile in South Louisiana, USA

  32. I’m a new subscriber and soooo happy I found The Anne Boleyn Files!!! I would love a copy of The Falcon Files!

    A most happy subscriber

  33. Hi new subscriber here addicted with my ‘discovery’ of this site, dont like computers normally, usually got my nose in a history book in the evenings (more often than not Tudor history) thats all changed now. My hubby used to call me a technophobe, now he calls me a ‘geek’. Who cares I’m in the world of Anne Boleyn!! Keep up the great work I’m hooked. A new book on Anne, I cant wait to read it, its ashame it will still have the same sad ending……

  34. I’m a subscriber and would love to win a copy of the book. Please sign me up to possibly win a copy. Thanks!

  35. I’m a subscriber, I would love a signed copy of “The Falcon Chronicles.” It sounds awesome!

  36. I`m a subscriber.
    Love the site & would love to read this interesting story. Thnx for the chance!!

  37. Hello! I am an Anne Boleyn Files subscriber and lover of all things Tudor. I would love to have a copy of The Falcon Chronicles.

    North Carolina, USA

  38. I am a subscriber from the US, and I would LOVE a copy of this book!

    I love your website, Claire, and always enjoy the articles here. 🙂

    A lifelong Anne Boleyn admirer from Frederick, MD.

  39. I also am a subscriber and would love to add The Falcon Chronicles to my Anne Boleyn library. I think whether won or bought it will look great next to my books by Allison Weir and Eric Ives. I have accumulated quite a collection of literature about Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII and his 3 children. I’m excited to hear about a book sticking to historical facts and through the eyes of Anne. I am currently reading The Autobiography of Henry VIII With Notes by His Fool Will Somers by Margaret George. It is through the eyes of Henry VIII and quite enjoyable. I commend you Lauren for putting together what I am sure is a fascinating book. And thanks to you Claire for bringing these excellent new sources about Anne Boleyn to our attention!

  40. Hi Claire,
    I am intrigued by the life, the fall and how as women we have evolved from such an inspiring Queen and Lady Anne Boelyn.
    I live in rural Australia and spend most of my free time reading from the Anne Boelyn files. Sometimes waiting for my next book from Amazon.
    Thank you to Lauren Alflein, for another perspctive into the life of Anne, I can’t wait to be in the purchasing que.
    Regards Alison

  41. Ive read a lo of Tudors, Henry and Anne biographies. But what I do not understand is why if Henry loved Anne so much in order to make the things he did (getting divorced, being apart of the Pope, etc….) What happened with all his love that he finished killing Anne, and why he began to flirt with miss seymour.

  42. I have loved the story of Anne Boleyn since i discouvered History in school, then British History. In high school I wrote a paper on Henry Vlll and his six Wives.
    I have read just about every book written about Anne and would love this one!

  43. Anne Boleyn along with her daughter changed the face of the the world as we know it. If it was not for Anne, chances are that Henry would not established the Church of England. And Elizabeth I was probably one of the strongest rulers England ever had. Both are great role model’s for woman to show nothing is impossible.

    I would love to win a copy of your book.


  44. Dear Claire,


  45. I love the Anne Boleyn Files its a really great website
    I am a subscriber and i would love the Falcon Chronicles!!!!!!!!

  46. I am a subscriber and enjoy reading the information about Queen Anne Boleyn. I would love to win this book as I think it would be great to have to have and share with my friends who also love to read about the Tudors and England.

  47. I’m a subscriber, have been a Tudor buff since childhood, and have been fascinated by Anne for nearly 40 years (since Dorothy Tutin on The Six Wives of Henry VIII). Would love to read what sounds like a true-to-life story on this incredible woman.

  48. Im a Subscriber, I love Anne Boleyn, this book would be wonderful – I hope to earn enough one day to have a whole bookcase full of books about her but for now im just a poor uni student going to the library ha ha still its more than some ppl get in their lifetimes. Im blessed but would enjoy this book very much 🙂

  49. I have been fascinated by Anne Bolelyn for years and find it sad that so little information remains about this woman. She remains an enigma, mysterious and haunting. How abandoned she must havefelt as she realized what her fate was to be. How heartless of Henry to reduce her to groveling. How sad she must have been to know that she would not be able to protect her child, Elizabeth. Myheart aches for how she must have felt knowing what was to come. To be lifted so high and then to be dropped so low and so harshly. I would love to read this book to discover more about Anne. ,she will live forever in the hearts and minds of those who honor her.

  50. Wow, everyone wants to read this book, as well as I….I would love to have a copy of this book and I am a subscriber!

  51. That`s weird!! I posted my comment yesterday about The Falcon Chronicles, and I can`t find it! So I`m writing it again! The book would be a wonderful addition to my collection of Anne books and I would be most happy to have one!

  52. Hi, I’m Rita and I’m from Portugal (which I hope does not take my chances away of being able to win the book), and I am one of your subscribers. I love Anne Boleyn! And I would adore to read that book, because in my country there many or none books about her amazing story or anything Tudor related, so it would make so happy if I could have a copy of that book. Continue the great work on the site.

  53. Claire,

    I posted a comment yesterday as well. Hmmm, ghosts in the machine?

    I am a faithful Anne-fan here in Massachusetts and suffer with all of you when May rolls around every year! Good thing we can get past 19 May and start imagining all the good things of her life again. Anne truly was a remarkable woman, way, way ahead of her time.

    1. Because there are well over 100 comments – wow! – it’s only showing the last few, you can click on “Older Comments” below this comment box to see the older ones. Don’t worry, ladies, you’re on the list!

  54. I am a subscriber and diehard “Anne Fan” and would LOVE to have a copy of this book!!! 🙂

  55. The book sounds great and I enjoy all the postings here! Thanks Claire for the opportunity and all your work!

  56. I would love love love a book! It sounds so good! And I am on your list of subscribers =)

  57. I’m a subscriber and I’d love a copy of this book (just like everybody else on the website)!. Nancy

  58. I am on your list of subscribers and thoroughly enjoy being a part of The Anne Boleyn Files. I would be thrilled to get a copy of The Falcon Chronicles. I read your article about the book and believe that it would make an excellent new addition to my growing collection of Anne Boleyn novels. I only enjoy books that stick to history, as the author stated that she did. So, please, please, please….PICK ME!!!!!!

  59. I am a subscriber and would absolutely love the opportunity to read this! I’m always excited to hear about a new Anne Boleyn novel, and this one definitely sounds very intriguing! 🙂

  60. what makes this story even more fascinating than the facts is the possibility of hearing of them through the voice of such a woman.

    To feel what she feels…see what she sees….and experience what she did is, I suspect, a most wonderful read.

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