****NEWSFLASH – New Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn Resources Available – NEWSFLASH****

I did mention this in a p.s. on a blog post a few days ago but I really wanted to draw attention to these new online resources.

I know that many of you have been frustrated by not being able to access the National Archives collection of documents from Henry VIII’s reign, particularly those pertaining to Anne Boleyn’s trial and execution, well, worry no more. You can now browse through reams of documents and primary sources at the British History Online website – thanks Oraya for telling me about it!

Click here to go to the main page for the Letters and Documents from Henry VIII’s reign. From that page, you can browse them by date or use the search box to find specific dates and events.

Just make sure that you also have a life – it’s very easy to get lost in these documents and spend whole days reading them. Don’t blame me if you go insane!!

P.S. Make sure you ready today’s blog post – “The Tale of Two Coronations”.

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12 thoughts on “****NEWSFLASH – New Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn Resources Available – NEWSFLASH****”
  1. Wow I found these documents in giant thick book form at my college library two weeks ago.

    It was shelves of books dating from Edward III; Richard III; Edward IV and even after Henry VIII with Elizabeth and Edward. Didn’t see any Mary though.

    It was a fun two hours sifting through Anne’s years from 1527-1536 to see letters; the Pembroke post; the trials and things she and Henry bought.

    Its great to know that after I leave school I can still see the documents online. Thanks for that information.

  2. You’re welcome, glad I could help. You have a great site here, realy interesting. And I’ve spent a few hours over the last week reading comments etc. Thank you for providing it!

  3. I am, really enjoying it. And I will be honest there are few sites I book mark, but yours I have. Usually sites just reprint information over and over, and there isn’t really anything new. I love the way you give view points and write ups on the events, and how your users discuss. It’s a breath of fresh air!

  4. That’s so lovely of you to say that, Oraya, and I’m very humbled. The site, along with the new one on Elizabeth, is my life really and it is good that other people like you enjoy it so much – thank you.

  5. Wow, you weren’t kidding about getting sucked in and spending hours reading the documents! *happy sigh* Incidentally, I ran across the oddest little entry and didn’t know quite what to make of it:

    “Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 6: 1533
    Miscellaneous, 1533

    William Glover to Queen Anne.
    Once a messenger of Christ came to me, and commanded me to take a message to you, but I did not believe him. In three nights he came again, and I said I would do it, “if he were personally,” fearing he was my ghostly enemy. In three nights he came again, in “angel form,” and I promised to take the message, which was, “That you should have been quene of Inglande 10 yeres past.” I left it with John Averey, master of the flagons to the King. When you had become Queen he bade me let it alone, but told Dr. Bruton of the message. After your Grace’s coronation the messenger came again, and bade me tell you that you were with child. He said you were at Windsor, and went with a “woman [child] whiche shulde [be a prin]ces of the land.” I told this to Dr. Bruton, and told him also that your Grace should be delivered of your burden at Greenwich. Dr. Bruton then wrote about it to Mr. Gwynne, your chaplain. Mr. Gwynne brought your almoner with him to me ; but I was loth to tell them, and lay there three days. Now again the messenger has come to me, and commanded me to go or write to you, or else his master, Christ, would “stryke.” Signed : William Glover, “dwelling with Sir Henry Wyatt.”

    Weird, huh? It sounds like this is written after the fact (no date other than the year is given), but that he’s claiming he knew beforehand she was pregnant with a girl and would have the baby at Greenwich. Angling for a job as royal soothsayer? Garden variety suck-up? (“You should have been queen ten years ago! Even God says so!”) Although I’m still not clear on why God would tell him to inform the then 6 months-pregnant Anne she was with child. *rolls eyes*

  6. You won’t get anything else done now that you’ve found those archives! That is such a great entry! Love it! Just the sort of little treasure that I love to find. Perhaps he was trying to get a job, I can’t say I’ve heard of him. Let us know if you find any other mention of him.

  7. The tale of William Glover is mentioned in passing in the non-fiction work “Mistress Anne” by Carolly Erickson, pgs. 202-203:
    “Bruton put everything in a letter to Anne’s chaplain, Gwynne, who promptly came, accompanied by her almoner, to see Glover. But for some reason Glover was reluctant to speak of his experiences to the two clerics. Finally, however, the messenger appeared to him yet again and commanded him to either write to Anne or see her in person, threatening if he did not Christ would ‘strike.’ Hence Glover’s letter, whose sequel is, unfortunately, unknown.”

  8. Thank you, Claire! What a treat! I am sorry this is so late in coming, but it popped into the the box that I was going to read about Chapuys! Thank you! WilesWales

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