****NEWSFLASH – Any Anne Boleyn Questions?****

Missing Puzzle PieceI often get questions emailed to me about Anne Boleyn and Tudor History, and I love answering these, but I expect that there are many other people out there with exactly the same question. This is the reason why I have just set up the “Q&A” page here on the site, so everyone can benefit from one person’s question.

The New “Q&A”Page

You can use the “Q&A” page to submit a question and get it answered by me (Claire) and any visitors to the site. These questions will then be archived so that they are always there for people to see and learn from. I’ve seen this work well on other sites and I know we have a great community here of people with a vast knowledge of Tudor history, so it should work!

So, if you’ve got a question or are puzzled by something, just submit it on the “Q&A” page. It may take some time to show up, as I have to approve all questions and comments to stop spam and those nasty trolls, but you will get an answer, I promise!

Please don’t let this put you off contacting me, I always love hearing from you!

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