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As you all know (how could you not?!), Anne Boleyn, Queen of England and second wife to Henry VIII, was executed on 19th May 1536 at the Tower of London after being found guilty of treason.

After her head was taken off by one swift sword stroke, her ladies wrapped her head and body in white cloth and took her to the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula within the Tower grounds, where she was placed in an old elm wood arrow chest for burial.

Anne Boleyn did not have a burial befitting a Queen, instead she was most likely buried in a common grave, without any type of memorial, and was later joined by her cousin Catherine Howard and the teenage queen, Lady Jane Grey.

Anne Boleyn’s Remains Found

During the reign of Queen Victoria, the remains of Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard were discovered during renovations to the chapel. According to Antonia Fraser, their bones were discovered  under the paved area in the chapel chancel and were then re-interred in the crypt which you can see today. Around 1,500 bodies were found during the excavations and only 33 of them could be identified.

“Angelosdaughter” on “The Tudors” Wiki site found a book from 1877 by Doyne C. Bell (“Notices of the Historic Burials in the Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula in the Tower of London With an Account of the Discovery of the Supposed Remains of Queen Anne Boleyn” 1877, John Murray, Albermarle St.). In the book, it states that bones thought to be Anne’s were found with pieces of elm wood, from the arrow chest, and that they were examined and identified by a Dr Mouat who described them as follows:-

“The bones found in the place where Queen Anne is said to have been buried are certainly those of a female in the prime of life, all perfectly consolidated and symmetrical and belong to the same person. The bones of the head indicate a well-formed round skull, with an intellectual forehead, straight orbital ridge, large eyes, oval face, and rather square full chin. The remains of the vertebra and the bones of the lower limbs indicate a well-formed woman of middle height with a short and slender neck. The ribs shew (sic) depth and roundness of chest. The hand and feet bones indicate delicate and well-shaped hands and feet, with tapering fingers and a narrow foot.”

Although popular belief is that a sixth finger was found, Dr Mouat does not mention this.

Many people feel that Anne Boleyn’s body should be dug up so that we can learn more about what she looked like and to finally prove that she did not have six fingers, but why should we disturb Anne Boleyn’s final resting place for our own morbid curiosity? Let’s leave her at peace.

Anne’s Final Resting Place Today

It is possible to visit the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula at the Tower of London to see Anne Boleyn’s final resting place and also those of Catherine Howard, Lady Jane Grey and the Saints Thomas More and John Fisher. The Chapel is a place of worship, not just a monument, so either visit it on a special “Yeoman Warder Tour” or go after 4.30pm.

The chapel dates back to 1520 and is well worth seeing for its monuments, history and beauty, as well as to see Anne Boleyn’s resting place. Flowers are laid on 19th May every year as people remember Anne Boleyn and you may want to lay your own flower, or just pause and take in the serene ambiance of this chapel as you remember this queen.

Click here to go to the Tower of London website and find out more about its attractions, the chapel and tours.

Is Anne actually at Rest?

Many people (not me though!) believe that Anne Boleyn’s spirit is not at rest and that she haunts the Tower of London still today. In a Tower of London fact sheet, they state that witnesses have seen:-

“a headless female figure, she drifts from Queen’s House to the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula and leads a procession of dignatories down the aisle to the site of her final burial place under the chapel’s altar”

Personally, I am convinced that Anne is with her creator, just as she believed she would be, and that she has better things to do than haunt a place with such awful memories for her! What do you think?

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70 thoughts on “Anne Boleyn’s Final Resting Place”
  1. I’m sure you are right, Claire – ghosts don’t really exist. I found your information about the resting place of Anne Boleyn really interesting. I hope that if they ever over-rule the treason charges against her, that they will move her remains to a more dignified setting.

    Thanks for all you do!

    1. Don’t know about people seeing Anne Boleyn’s ghost or not. But you cant say that ghost’s don’t exist nor tell others what they have or have not seen. I personly have seen ghost on 3 different times in my life. And no one can tell me what I’ve seen because you’re not me.. They do in deed exist…

      1. No they don’t. You have a vivid imagination and your brain has played tricks on you. I have been to plenty of so called haunted places and never seen one. Psychology and para psychology and other science have proved they don’t exist and the reasons people think they are seeing a ghost. The stories are good for the tourists, nothing more.

    2. I think her remains are in a dignified setting. There is a proper marker and memorial, an alter and a proper Chapel. What about others buried there? What about Jane Boleyn or Jane Grey or Thomas More or John Fisher or the Seymours or many more? Are you going to desecrate the entire Chapel to satisfy curiosity and say the Royal Chapel of Saint Peter in the Tower is not a dignified place of burial and worship, even though its still a living Church for the Tower community today?

      Anne is buried in a beautiful place. Leave her alone. She is at peace and every 19th May flowers are put there. Where is more dignified anyway? There’s no way she will be in Westminster Abbey. The only place she could go is Hever. Its too long ago for her to be retried and what new evidence is there? We know the truth and and that’s all we need.

  2. Hi AnneWasFramed,

    Thanks for your comment and I’m glad you found the blog post interesting. Attempts have been made in the past to get Anne pardoned but the case is just too old to “resurrect”. I think that she is at peace where she is and that the setting is now dignified.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Claire x

  3. While I can’t say for sure that ghosts don’t exist, I’m fairly certain that Anne is not one of them. She was a deeply religious woman who went to her execution dignified and at peace with what was unjustly happening to her. A woman like that has no need to “haunt” anything.

    That being said, I would love to visit the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula at the Tower of London to see both Anne’s and Jane Grey’s final resting places!

  4. I definitely agree with you about Anne being at peace with what was happening to her. She knew she was innocent but there was nothing more that she could do. She prayed and knew she would go to Heaven.

    I hope you get chance to go to the chapel some day.

  5. Claire, have you been to the chapel? It is my greatest wish in life to get there! But I suppose I would look like a fool, I know I would weep. I tear up just thinking about it.

    I first read the passage from Dr Mouat a few months ago, and it is both haunting and fascinating. Sometimes Anne seems larger than life, almost a fantasy, but reading that was a reminder about just how real she was.

    1. I have been to the Chapel several times as I travel for work to London annually. It is a warm respected and reverent place. While not as majestic as other chapels where Royala are buried, it gets way more visits. The yeoman warders tell a good bit of the history and are respectful. I hope you can all visit soon

  6. Unfortunately not, Emma, well not as an adult anyway. It’s on my list of things to do and places to see, and yes, it would be a very emotional visit. I know what you mean about Anne being larger than life, sometimes it’s easy to forget that she’s not just some fictional character from our favourite book, but that she was a living, breathing woman with flaws just like us.

  7. I was just there a few weeks ago. I’m not sure if you are allowed to go in without being part of one of the guided tours or not. I went in with a tour group and was rather disappointed. Everyone had to sit in the pews (or stand in the back when the pews got full) and so you really couldn’t see or be near the place where they are buried. When the guide was done talking, everyone had to get up and leave. Tower Green is a beautiful little grassy area shaded by several large trees with a memorial to those who were executed there.

  8. Hi Sabrina,

    I’m sure you will go there one day.

    Hi Daphne,

    That’s such a shame that you went all that way, couldn’t see properly and didn’t have time to pay your respects. I’ve checked on the Tower website and it says that you can either go on a tour or go after 4.30pm. At least you could spend time on Tower Green at the memorial.

    Claire x

  9. Anne was buried in the chapel ajacent to the Tower of london.That chaple being St peter ad vincula.She is buried there with her cousin Catherine Howard.The co accused meaning the men accused with Anne and executed were buried outside the chaple grounds.I think that Annes brother should have been buried in the chaple aswell seeing as how he came from a noble familly and was the brother of a queen.

    1. And you should be afraid, trust me you don’t want to see them. I my self have witness ghosts in my life time 3 different times.. Very scary.

  10. I just stumbled across this lovely site, and just had to comment on this. By a wonderful coincidence, I wound up at the Tower just this past May 19th, and was able to stand by the memorial near the execution site, and to go inside the chapel. There was a lovely bouquet of flowers laid out, and they said “Innocent Queen Anne Boleyn” on them. Very sad, and I have to say, I teared up a few times during my visit! It was such a surreal experience, being there on the anniversary of Anne’s death, and I’ll always be grateful I had the chance!

    1. That’s wonderful that you were there on the anniversary. I know someone who sends roses every year and it is a beautiful thing to do to remember Anne and her innocence. I don’t blame you for tearing up, I cry when I simply read her execution speech!

  11. Thanks for that information, I am going to London in 2 weeks as there are lots of Henry VIII exhibitions on at the moment. Tower of London is one the places I am going as well as the Library and Hampton Court, so I shall try to visit where Anne rests. I must admit I think I am more excited about this visit than my wedding! ;o)

  12. I was fortunate to visit the Chapel on 2 different occasions and was able to get right up to the altar both times. I found it an immensely peaceful place despite its tragic background and I was also incredibly moved. I agree with other comments about her ghost. Anne was a deeply religious woman who embraced eternity in absolute certainty of gaining heaven. I do not believe her spirit would feel it necessary to linger. She is at peace and with her maker.

  13. There are times these past 30 years that I’ve been studying
    English history that the thought of Queen Anne comes into my thoughts. I decided to stop what I was doing, a lot of homework BTW, and google, “The Anne Bolynn Society,” I don’t know why but it seemed as though there should be one. Behold, the Files! I quickly emailed a dear friend who “knows” as I do, that we were living an incarnation at that time. I’m sure we’re not ht only ones to be drawn to this particualr epoch. My friend and I are not the least bit flighty or dramatic and are very sincere regarding these feelings of attachment to Queen Anne. Thank you for a wonderful site.

  14. Hi Melissa,
    I’m so glad that you and your friend found The Anne Boleyn Files and I hope that you enjoy browsing the site and finding out more about our heroine. Thank you for your kind words.

    Claire x

  15. May I say that this in a wonderful site and I could be here for an age reading all the reports,comments,and the like.
    Anne Bolyne has been of a intrest to me since I was around 8 years old,and I have always devowered up any books and facts about her and the Tudor period but mainly on Anne.

    I am pleased to say that I have been lucky to go to the tower a few times and inside the chappel that this brave beautiful queen was buried in and yes it is upseting when you stand there and think she should have been given a more dignafied burial,but standing there you do get the escence of Anne and it is not a negative feeling its like a soft breeze blowing near your cheek and I could even smell essance of Lavender water that she brings with her.
    I have a psychic sense and I can say that the feeling I picked up was not negative because of the way she died,I didnt even get the sense of a yearning for unfinished bisuness which is something that I can pick up on with a spirit or energy that has had their life cut short in the sense that Anne did,it was just so light and calm.
    Be assured that Anne is not haunting the tower or the church,or roming around in torment,she is happy and free compleatly at rest in the world of spirit. Its just sometimes her essance draws her to the church to bring around the sense of calm and peace to all
    In this life,especially on the day of her burial there.
    Her work was done after having Elizabeth,the greatest queen and monarch who ever lived and that was her purpose to give life to that great queen,and guide and whatch over her beloved daughter from the world of spirit.
    Anne Bolyne is one of the greatest people who ever lived,and one who is highly important to English history so its god bless this great queen.

  16. Hi Caroline,
    I’m glad you found the site – welcome! Devouring books is what I do and I’m presently drowning in them – love history books!

    It’s great that you felt that Anne was at peace. From historical accounts of her behaviour before her execution, she had definitely come to peace with her death and was assured that she would be meeting her Saviour in Heaven. I don’t feel that she would have any need to haunt anywhere!

    Thanks for the comment!

  17. As an irretrievable history nut I am drawn to the Tower a la moth to a flame,and then to that sad little area that was once the scene of such desperate drama.I refer of course to the patch of grass on which Anne Boleyn ended her life,grass which moments before had been green, but which now shone bright with the blood of a Queen.Still that deed troubles us.indeed will doubtless do so ad infinitum.Yet for me one question remains-why did not Elizabeth,when she became Queen,translate her remains to a place befitting her station?After all,did not James 1st re-inter his mother,Mary Queen of Scots,thus giving her the dignity she was denied in life?
    A Queen is a Queen,and therefore surely it is a national scandal she rests where she does.We should change it.

  18. Hi Ben,
    That deed does indeed trouble us and haunt us but Anne is at rest and with the maker she so fervently believed in. While I agree that her resting place is not exactly fit for a Queen, it is a peaceful place and it is a chapel and that tile on the floor does “speak” to people and make people think about her story so perhaps it is best that she remains there. I think that Elizabeth just wanted to let sleeping dogs lie and not bring attention to the fact that she was Anne’s daughter, after all there were so many people then who believed that Anne was a treacherous whore and that Elizabeth was illegitimate and should not be Queen. The locket ring and the way that she surrounded herself with Boleyn relatives show us that Elizabeth did think about her mother but I think that Elizabeth knew that it was best to keep her feelings to herself.

  19. So glad to have found this site.I’ve always been fascinated with English history-and especially with Anne Boleyn and Lady Jane Grey.Poor Anne had such a short life.Her intelligence and bravery have always impressed me, and I hope somehow she knew that she gave birth to one of the greatest Queens who ever ruled. I’ve never been able to stop myself from feeling that Henry VIII was a self-indulgent selfish pig.I know he had to worry about having a male heir,but he treated most of his queens so badly.

  20. I think Anne and her brother should be infact be buried either at St Mary’s Lambeth where the howard family vault (mothers grave) or be buried near to her father in Hever Church.

    With regards to King Henry VIII he was power crazy, his love was religion which he was interested in. After all most of the lineage before him were male rulers. I think he just wanted that to carry on. However i feel several attempts with 3 of his six wives for a male heir proved very difficult and stressing at times. With Edward dead at 17 and Mary in power , who would be the rightful heir after Mary died should Elizabeth have been given it or should it have been given to Margaret Tudors sons.

  21. Why should the throne of England have passed to the family of Margaret Tudor when Princess Elizabeth was next in line to the throne and was alive and perfectly healthy?

    Scottish-centrists support the idea that Mary Queen of Scots was the rightful heir to the throne of England, just because she was the grandaughter of Margaret Tudor.

    It’s like saying that Queen Margrethe of Denmark should be Queen of the United Kingdom, just because she is descended from Queen Victoria…well so is Queen Elizabeth II.

    The Mary Stuart Society supports that Margaret Tudor’s line should have inherrited the throne, but why? Margaret Tudor was an elder sister of Henry VIII. The succession passed through the male heirs, so Henry’s children came first as was proper succession rights, Elizabeth was next in line, not the Stuarts.

  22. Hello,
    I was recently reading another blog on the chapel and on Anne Boleyn herself, and I have a question:
    In this blog many people mentioned that when the chapel was restored in the 1800’s they found many bodies, including that of Anne Boleyn in an elm arrow box, they said that during the restoration the bodies were jumbled, and some put into a mass grave. Also, that the marker put in place for Anne does not lie over her final resting place, rather she is simply known to rest “somewhere in the chapel”. when i read this it made me extremely sad, I was wondering if anyone could clear this up, Im certainly hoping this isnt the case, I dont understand why they would exhume the bones and carelessly place them anywhere in the chapel.

  23. a simple “thank you” for your article. well researched, well written and most enlightening.
    may you continue to show us all your talent.

  24. A great article Claire!

    I have read that Anne is supposed to rest somewhere in the chapel but not necessarily underneath the marker but I sincerely I hope she does… so the grave is somewhat diginfyed.

  25. Just a few notes: I believe that it has been speculated by several forensic scientists and archeologists specializing in the Tudor period that the bones in which Dr. Mouat examined and determined as belonging to Anne Boleyn actually belong to Katherine Howard. In particular, his description of the facial and skull features, as well as the calculated height of the skeleton based on bone length, are more in keeping with what historians know to be Katherine Howard’s physical attributes, rather than Anne Boleyn’s. One must remember that Victorian-age forensics were practically non-existent and that Dr. Mouat’s conclusions are mainly speculative and circumstantial. While modern historians and scientists find Dr. Mouat’s examination notes to be quite valuable, they give little value to his conclusions. It is also worth noting that, in fact, we do not know the exact location of Anne Boleyn’s bones within the chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula. The chapel was heavily damaged during renovations in the late 1800’s and many bones were unearthed (including non-human bones). All were basically mixed and buried together elsewhere – the exact spot unknown. The bones are no longer under the altar, where they were originally buried. As you look at the altar, the bones were reburied somewhere to the left of the altar. You will see a plaque to the left of the altar commemorating the new burial site, but that sign does not reside over the burial site. The actual burial site is thought to be several feet away and underneath a wall (where it is protected from looting and damage from future excavations and renovations). It is believed that the bones of both Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard are mixed together in this site (as are the bones of many other peope).

  26. Not to ruffle feathers or anything but I’m a very spiritual person and I (in my own opinion and don’t mean to offend so please forgive this comment) believe that ghosts do exist. But what I don’t believe is that Anne is prancing around the Tower without her head. I believe she did make it where she could watch her daughter grow up into another very influential Queen like herself smiling proudly as her daughter ruled and didn’t take guff from anyone (mainly those pushing her into a marriage she didn’t want any part of. I, in my belief think that ghosts (mainly spirits as Anne should be) do not take on the form of when they pass on but take on the form of their most happy part of life. I also think that she is joined by her daughter. And I’m sure she is beaming knowing that people like the people here on this site still want to fight in her honor. To a strong woman I raise my glass to Queen Anne and pray that she knows that we know she was innocent. Rest well Queen Anne cant wait to see you on the other side.

  27. Where did you find that quote from Dr Mouat? I am currently researching the exhumation and, in reading the minutes recorded at the time, have these quotes:

    “young woman between 20 and 35 years of age” “perfectly formed jaw” “slender proportions” “not much doubt existed… that these were the bones of Anne Boleyn”

    Which, as you can see, are very different to what you have found!

    1. Hi Tiula,
      Directly from “Memorandum by Dr Mouat” from the minutes of the meeting of 11th November 1876 on p26 of . Doyne C Bells’s book, which is the report of the 1876 restoration works. Hope that helps.

      1. The words you’ve found are Doyne C Bell’s from p20-21 when he describes the finding on the bones after the pavement was lifted on the 9th November 1876.

  28. I’ve read up on the ghosts that are said to be in the Tower of London including Anne Boleyn. They describe her as “A young decapitated woman roaming the halls with her head tucked beneath her arm.” The thing is she is also said to haunt Hever Castle and Winsor Castle so we can’t say for sure. I for one don’t believe any of it. The one I have a Problem is the headless one. As for the whole thing about exuming her body I believe that when you die your spirit leaves your body and after that its just a body so if you dig her up I don’t think she’ll be mad but it wouldn’t hurt to have a priest or reverend there if they ever do dig her up. think of it like exuming a murder victim after 10 or 20 years.Maybe if they do they can finaly give her the “Queen’s burial” she’s way overdue for.

  29. I have been fascinated with the Tudors since my school days and especially Anne Boleyn.. I read everything I can find about her and it is very clear she was betrayed and wrongly executed.. I firmly believe that although all these years have passed that she should be pardoned.. I have visited the Tower but unfortunately not Anne’s final resting place but I will be putting that right very soon.. Hampton Court was a beautiful visit and I’m planning a visit to Hever Castle in the near future..
    I have only just discovered this website but I’m finding it very informative and interesting..
    Thank you very much..
    God bless you Anne x

  30. No, Anne Boleyn should not be pardoned or given a Queens grave. Why does no one actually consider that Anne (and Katherine) did actually commit treason against Henry? All of Henrys other wives have a Queens grave even though he divorced 2 of them. This suggests to me that there was something unacceptable about Annes behaviour as a wife of a King. We may not know exactly what she did but in my opinion she did not behave in a very loyal way towards him. She spread rumours that he was impotent, not something you should do to any man let alone a King! He treated Anne of Cleves very well after their divorce as he was impressed with the respctable maner in which she behaved and she came off better then before she had met Henry so stop going on about Henry treating women so badly, look at some of the facts and stop living in a fantasy world about Anne being so innocent perfect.

    HR HR HR

    1. Nobody is living in a fantasy world but the majority of historians, experts in their field, believe that Anne was innocent and even the imperial ambassador, Eustace Chapuys, who was an enemy of Anne, was sceptical and did not believe that she or the men were guilty. The dates on the indictments do not make sense and she was framed to get rid of her.

      Anne did not spread rumours about Henry’s impotence, she confided in her brother and sister-in-law, that is a big difference to spreading rumours.

      Catherine of Aragon was not buried as a queen, she was buried as the Dowager Princess of Wales and spent her last few years banished from court and separated from her daughter. Henry did not treat her well. Anne of Cleves agreed to the annulment because she was in fear of her life, poor Jane Seymour was warned not to meddle in state affairs and reminded of what had happened to the last queen, Catherine Howard was executed as a traitor and Catherine Parr was plotted against. None of them had a great life!

  31. Katherine Of Aragon is buried 4 miles down the road from where I live in a grave marked Katherine Queen of England, which is not something you can mark on Anne Boleyns grave as there is a chance that she is a traitor. Evidence from a poem written in 1545 by Lancelot de Carles suggests that Anne could have committed adultery and definately behaved in a manner which would lead people to be suspicious of her.Henry was obviously not that impotenet or how could he have fathered Edward VI. Anne of Cleves was given Hever Castle Henry and considered her to be his “Royal Sister” If Catherine Howard was executed for being a traitor then she should not have been a traitor! Catherine Parr was not plotted against by Henry hmself , but by some of the conservative members of his court who were concerned about her protestantism. This led to nothing.

    HR HR HR

    1. Yes, Catherine is buried at Peterborough Cathedral but, as I said, she was not buried as Queen. Her tomb was changed by George V’s wife, Mary of Teck, who felt that she should be remembered as Queen.

      Anne Boleyn was Queen of England, whether you feel that she was guilty or not. Anne is buried as Queen, that’s what is written on her memorial tile. As for Lancelot de Carles’s evidence, it is a poem written by a man who was secretary to the French ambassador, someone who would have been fed information from Cromwell. He was simply repeating “the party line”. Anne had not behaved in a suspicious manner, courtly love was a chivalric tradition that was well known at the Tudor court. This was twisted into something it wasn’t. There is NO evidence that Anne Boleyn was guilty in any way.

  32. Well she is not really buried as Queen because the exact location of her body in the chapel is not known and she only has a memorial not a grave.

    As for the evidence, no one has been able to prove that she did not commit any of these treasons. Personally, I feel there is some guilt.

    1. “As for the evidence, no one has been able to prove that she did not commit any of these treasons.” You cannot prove a negative!

  33. I visited the Tower yesterday, it was a very moving experience to take time out to feel all that history. Our history is second to none. I went into the Chapel and found Anne’s plaque and just sat in the chapel trying to take it all in.
    What a lot of people forget is that the England at the time that Henry V111 reigned was a very dangerous place and it is worth remembering all the innocent people that were tortured or executed for things they did not commit.
    I’ve always kind of viewed Anne as a figurehead by which all these people should be remembered.
    Also, to spend time on the green outside the chapel where Anne and the other people met their fate was numbing, I can’t think of another way to describe it.
    The fact that Anne is within the chapel and at rest together with other people executed at the tower the most important thing for me.
    Three hours before my visit to the tower I was fortunate enough to see our present Queen as she left Buckingham palace.
    To see our present Queen and visit the resting place of one of our most famous Queens in one day was a moving experience I won’t forget in a long time.

    As for the ghosties, What rubbish. Let Queen Anne rest in peace.

  34. Any way she deserve to die, I really felt for Mary what that girl must have gone through, she couldnt even see her mother, Mary is not Bloody she is a girl who wanted to be loved, as her father never loved her, once he got his hands on that whore Ann Boylen,
    when Mary became Queen it was pay back to all those people who hurt her and her mother ,
    lets not forget what ann did to get to be queen,

    Yes I am Mary Tudor’s Fan

  35. My belief after studying Anne history is she was Murdered by Cromwell greed for power within the court.When Anne came along he felt threatened by her and was jealous of her intelligence and wit and could see his power to the king was slipping away so she had to go. Remember Cromwell had already rid one queen for his master and knowing how easily conned the king was (lets face it here Edward was not exactly in charge of a full pound note) Cromwell was rubbing his hands together in glee. He even threw in some Incest For shock and awe to get rid of several other enemies(the six executed lovers?of whom he had other dealings with..Cromwell was without doubt a Bag of Snakes.The only befitting end to this Murderous times, was he got his too. Its a sad sad state of affairs for our history. What Has Changed.

  36. i was lucky enough to visit the chapel yesterday and even more lucky to get a private tour with a yeoman and it was beautiful and very moving x

  37. is it not possible to have pardons granted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2,to some of the victims of King Henry’s V111,after all Royal pardons have been exercised in matters of miscarrages of justice,and even soldiers shot at dawn,in the 1st world war ,have been granted pardons,all are victims of their times,their bearing and courage,in the final moments of their lives,rises above all else.

  38. Very interesting article! Anne Boleyn was certainly one of histories most noted ffigures but,HHollywood has made her out to be a pawn in Henry VIII problems. If you actually read history books from England, she had a lot to do with her own death. She was a very ruthless person when it came to power and gaining things for herself. She gave the court fuel for the fire that they set under her.

  39. I have always loved to read anything about Anne Boleyn. Your article is very interesting. Thank you for sharing. Diana

  40. I have always and I will always believe that Anne was innocent of the crimes against her. She was one of England’s great Queens and she was placed aside when Henry grew bored with her and reading about his past and knowing the type of man that he was, that boredom happened quite a lot with him. I am glad that Anne is now buried in a proper place, but it would be nice to see that she gets a Queen’s burial which is what she rightfully deserves and I hope that I am still around to see that when it happens.

  41. Henry took anything he wanted anyway he could…ruthless… He was easily bored and let his clever men of the court help him get whatever he desired. He was never faithful to anyone. Ann was no match for his ruthlessness. she knew this but still tried to please him and the royal house to gfet him a son. She paid with her life when he wanted someone else.

  42. Henry took anything he wanted anyway he could…ruthless… He was easily bored and let his clever men of the court help him get whatever he desired. He was never faithful to anyone. Ann was no match for his ruthlessness. she knew this but still tried to please him and the royal house to get him a son. She paid with her life when he wanted someone else.

  43. I have not seen a ghost (thank God, or I think I would faint out of sheer terror) but that does not mean I don’t believe in the possibility of their existence. I have read many accounts of very honest, truthful people who have seen “something”. I’ve also read accounts of people who died on operating tables and came back to life, and shared what they’ve seen. I’ve also read accounts that we are nothing more than biological beings and that when we die, we die, and that’s it. I’ve read accounts of miraculous cures being done at holy sites, such as Lourdes in France. I consider myself very open minded and do not close my mind to any possibilities. Now with saying that, I could only hope that, if there is indeed an afterlife and there is indeed such a thing as a ghost, that poor Queen Anne Boleyn would not be a ghost. Not after such a sorrowful end. However, I can certainly see her soul crying out in her innocence and then “could” be a ghost…I only can say I hope not. It is sad to think of anyone being a ghost. Life here on earth is rough for all of us; we are born to die, and to think of another time after physical death, being a ghost, is just to sad to even comprehend. Let’s all pray that Queen Anne was found peace, and she was the mother to one of the greatest monarchs that England has had. I just hope that Queen Elizabeth, in her secret heart, knew her mother was innocent, and that she was killed by politics and the lessening of the King’s love for her. But there is no way of exactly knowing really what Queen Elizabeth though regarding her mother; she mentioned her very few times, and then nothing very specific or direct.

  44. Went to the chapel on Friday. 10/04/15
    Anne’s resting place was pointed out by the warden, it was a very moving experience.
    I do hope she is left alone and in peace.
    No need to be exhumed. God rest her soul.

  45. I have been to the chapel & was very frustrated when I asked where Anne Boleyn was buried, & was told “oh somewhere over there” we don’t know for sure.

    I don’t understand that even if she was guilty of cheating, what’s wrong with cheating, isn’t that her right, free will & choice to do if she wants to do it. If the King did no like it to bad?

    Didn’t the king cheat, & have women on the side? I read that the king was having an affair with Anne Boleyn’s sister. If the king got Anne Boleyn’s sister pregnant and had a son would of that son of been the next King?

    I thought that many Royal marriages were for political reasons during history, they did not love each other & just went with who they wanted in private in the side?

    Anne Boeyn was raised in the French court, it seems like she would of had some of her own connections & seen this coming & escaped to the French court until Henry VIII died & came back as queen? Did not any of these people that the King was executing have money for their own army & to group up & unite, would it not be better to go down fighting in honor as a traitor than to be exicuted in humiliation as a traitor?

    Did the King have that much power, that everyone had to tolerate his behavior? I guess they had no impeachment process?

  46. I have been to the chapel & was very frustrated when I asked where Anne Boleyn was buried, & was told “oh somewhere over there” we don’t know for sure.

    I don’t understand that even if she was guilty of cheating, what’s wrong with cheating, isn’t that her right, free will & choice to do if she wants to do it. If the King did no like it to bad?

    Didn’t the king cheat, & have women on the side? I read that the king was having an affair with Anne Boleyn’s sister. If the king got Anne Boleyn’s sister pregnant and had a son would of that son of been the next King?

    I thought that many Royal marriages were for political reasons during history, they did not love each other & just went with who they wanted in private in the side?

    Anne Boeyn was raised in the French court, it seems like she would of had some of her own connections & seen this coming & escaped to the French court until Henry VIII died & came back as queen? Did not any of these people that the King was executing have money for their own army & to group up & unite, would it not be better to go down fighting in honor as a traitor than to be exicuted in humiliation as a traitor?

    Did the King have that much power, that everyone had to tolerate his behavior? I guess they had no impeachment process?

  47. I was so disappointed this summer that I went to the Tower of London. I was hoping to see Anne’s resting place (I wanted to look down and see her) but when I got in the tour which took my a while since the first and second one I took didn’t go inside, they didn’t allow us to step closer. There was a post or whatever separating the altar from everything else so I wasn’t able to see it, just feel it. It was disappointing since I travelled from Mexico, but oh wel!

  48. I have no idea if AB is with her Creator. If she believed that baptism is a part of salvation, then she will not end up in heaven.

    1. If you’re talking about the Christian God as Creator then I don’t see why Anne would not be in heaven with him. She had a personal Christian faith and believed the doctrine of justification by faith through the grace of God. I’m not sure what you’re referring to when you say about Anne and baptism. She would have seen baptism as an important part of the Christian life because of the commandment “He who believes and is baptised will be saved”. It’s a profession of faith. Can you explain what you mean by your comment?

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